Adam LZ Net Worth Everything You Need To Know

Adam LZ Net Worth

Adam Lizotte-Zeisler or simply known as Adam LZ is a well-known American BMX Automobile YouTube and video blogger. Adam LZ, an American YouTuber, is well-known for his BMX stunt videos, drifting films, and personal vlogs. Adam LZ has an estimated net worth of $1 million. In 2022, Adam LZ net worth is projected to be about $4.5 million. Other than that, he is a former professional BMX rider or open-wheeled single-seater racer. Adam LZ’s YouTube theme mostly depends on his racing career. He loves to build and customize drifting cars and show this whole thing as his daily life videos. Apart from that, he runs his own apparel business line called LZMFG. If you are one of his fans or subscribers, you may know all these things, but do you have any idea about his age and birthday? Are you aware of Adam LZ net worth or about his early life? If your answer is ‘no,’ then stay with us. We will let you know Adam’s latest net worth, daily and monthly earnings, and secret truth from genuine sources.

If you are really looking for that information, then don’t skip any part. Make sure you read the article until the end to know each and everything about Adam LZ. So, without wasting any other moment, let’s crush this.

Early life 

Adam LZ has been quite a hardworking kid from the early days of his life. He was born on the 5th of May, 1995, and grew up in Woodbury, Connecticut. He passed his early life in a tiny farming town and mostly spent his teenage days by wakeboard riding in the area.

Early life 

Soon he found love for this activity and created a passion surrounding this. Later he, along with his friends, created a BMX riding team. This activity helped him to move towards his passion and move out from the solo wakeboarding action.

Later on, he realized that his interest in riding BMX grew more strongly, and he decided to spread his experience with the world. From a very young age, he felt a deep attachment to creating videos about various stuff and uploading them on YouTube. For instance, at the age of 15, he started making video content like playing guitar and other stuff and kept posting them on the YouTube platform.

Later he moved towards making videos about BMX. Afterward, in the year of 2014, he created his first personal channel and named it LZBMX. Here he kept posting various vlogs and shared his experiences. But still, he revolved most of his content around BMX riding clips and similar topics.

But soon enough, he started getting a decent amount of audience on YouTube. Gradually the audience increased with his efforts and time. His core audience is the age group between 12-24 years old. Other than his passion for BMX riding, he has been academically concentrated from high school. Later he even completed his graduation from the University of Central Florida with a major in Business Management.

Adam LZ’s Career: 

He just started making BMX riding videos on YouTube with his friends just for fun purposes in the early stage. But later, he got a decent response from his audience and started to make videos on how one can do amazing tricks, for instance, barspins, bunny hop, 360’s, 180’s on riding BMX (Bicycle Motocross). While growing up as a teen, he was also fond of blogging on his YouTube channel so that his fans and audience can get to know him more about his personal life. As a result, his YouTube content now consists of both his professional work and personal activities. Slowly and steadily, his channel grew up to 3.2 million subscribers.

Other than this, he is extremely popular for his humorous approach to creating content on YouTube. He tries a bunch of safe pranks, hilarious riding content etc. Some of his videos got more than 10 million views. Also, his constant quality video uploading brought him massive popularity. Because of his consistent efforts, most of his videos get 300K to 800K on average. Besides, his content is more focused on making videos like car racing, BMX Motocross, reviews of cars & motors, sports, lifestyle blogs, etc. He has also made a bunch of videos on giving away gifts, Q&A sessions etc. Later on, by the year 2016, he became more focused on making content featuring car drifting and racing videos. From the age of 23, he became more passionate about extreme sports and cars more than ever.

How much money from YT

From credible sources like Social blade, he makes over $400,000 a year through various advertisements and video monetization on YouTube. Other than this, he gets money from partnership programs through Google’s YouTube where he gets around $2 to $7, per 1000 views. Also, he is one of the top 5% of the popular content creators. Moreover, he promotes his own clothing brand and earns through the business. In addition to this, he gets money through sponsored videos, for instance, DollarShaveClub. So we are estimating he makes $150,000 from sponsorship and gets a grand total of $550,000 per year.

How much money is made by Adam LZ annually?

A channel that relies on advertisements is paid for each thousand times one of their videos is seen. For every 1,000 views on a video, monetized YouTube channels can make between $3 and $7.

The marketing of their own products, taking sponsorships, and earning money through affiliate commissions are additional ways they make money.

Car collection 

Adam LZ has a good number of cars. The list is quite long, so we had to put some time into it. The interesting fact is he custom-made his cars. Anyways, he has like Mitsubishi Evo 5 – 400WHP, E92 BMW 335i Single Turbo – 750WHP, JZX100 Missile, JZX100 Chaser – 375 WHP, Porsche GT3RS, R32 Skyline Sedan – 600WHP and many more.

Value of cars 

The line and brand of cars Adam LZ has are enormous. Most of his cars are custom build. He buys the brand new cars and modifies according to his need. That’s why assuming the net worth is difficult. However, the custom-built cars price depends on how much buyers charge. Hence, we are highlighting some figures from the market price and research.

Adam LZ Net Worth

In recent days, he brought all the Toyota Chaser, calculated to be around $150000. Besides, The Porsche 911 GT3 is estimated $460,000. The Mustang and towing truck are about $100,000 each, but the other of his automobiles are difficult to appraise. Moreover, the drifting cars are somewhat around $50K each. To sum up, it is roughly over $900,000. Crazy, right?

Adam LZ Net worth

The term ‘Net worth’ is a basic parameter to know the value of a person or any particular organization. As Adam LZ is a well-known YouTuber, former drift racer, and an apparel business buddy, it will be very understandable to have a net worth of over a million dollars for him. The estimated net worth of Adam LZ in 2022 is approximately $4.5 million.

Let’s talk in-depth

The term ‘Net worth’ is a basic parameter to know the value of a person or any particular organization. Since Adam LZ is a well-known YouTuber, former drift racer, and an apparel business buddy, it will be very understandable to have a net worth of over a million dollars.

Here is the little summary

  • The first and foremost thing is Adam LZ’s YouTube channel. From his youtube channel, probably he gets over $2,000,000.
  • If you are one of Adam’s fans, then you may be aware of his merchandise. The valuation of his merchandise and apparel would be more than $110,000
  • His collection of drift and racing vehicles worth $850,000.
  • The advertisement and another financial side worth $150k more or less.
  • And finally, minus his charge of divorce from the total amount – $1,360,000 (-50% of everything he got) .
  • Finally, the total net worth shape is something like this – $4.5 million.

Those who follow Adam LZ from a very early stage might know that Adam started from almost zero, and now it’s massive. A middle-class boy from a small town in Connecticut did really hard work to reach this position. Though his divorce was a nightmare, and he’s paying for this a lot, he still got hard followers all over the world. Unfortunately, Adam also survived to hold his position in this current situation, but his upcoming project can break all his previous net worth records.

FAQ: Adam LZ Net Worth

Q1: How old is Adam LZ?

Answer: Adam LZ is born on 5th May 1995. According to his birthdates, he is now 27 years old.

Q2: Is he married or divorced?

Answer: Unfortunately, Adam LZ is divorced. The name of his wife was Nicole Fyre. They got married back in 2016 and then divorced lately. For this reason, Adam’s net worth decreased a lot because he is giving his wife 50% of everything he owns.

Q3: How many racing and drifting cars he owns? 

Ans: As Adam is a car freak, that why he bought a lot of cars earlier. He has three Mustangs – GT350, 911, and F350. Besides, he has a brand new Toyota Chaser, which is worth more than $1,000,000. His Porsche 911 GT3 (2019 model) cost at least $500,000. Other than that, he has some semi-racing cars, which altogether cost around 120,000.

Q4: How much he made from his merchandise, and where can I get those?

Answer: We can declare that Adam’s merchandise so far the biggest of all automotive YouTubers. Though he started with his branded T-shirts and apparel, eventually, he started selling cars and BMX essentials. His overall estimate net worth of merchandise would be $100,000 or more.

By the way, you can get his merchandise and products from his official website called; go and get your preferable kinds of stuff.

Final Thought 

Well, that’s all about Adam LZ’s life and his net worth. As you can see, he is famous, and day by day, his net worth is increasing. Hope you liked the article. Feel free to comment on what you think and share in your circle. Besides, check out our other articles as well.

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