Best 5 M3U8 Downloaders Best Functions & Limitations

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When you want to save your entire YouTube playlist, multiple web series, or a long movie list, you must need a m3u8 downloader to get the quickest access to your downloads by identifying the media file location.


While enjoying your favorite playlist of music, songs, podcasts, movies, series, etc., you always want to save them in such a way on your device so that you can play them quickly & instantly. Sometimes you also don’t find any particular media file’s location from where you have saved the content. To meet all these requirements of keeping your favorite playlist with its location M3U8 downloader has come into play. 

With the M3U8 playlist file format, you can save your entire playlist from any streaming station, website, computer folder, or internet radio station. This downloader will also help you to save live streaming with the video URls on your system. So, to save m3u8 videos for your offline entertainment, let’s get highlights of what m3u8 is all about with the best 5 m3u8 downloaders.

What Is M3U8 All About?

M3U8 is a playlist file format that stores the location of the media files of the playlist. This file is known as the M3U8 file extension, which is a UTF-8 encoded audio playlist file. This is also known as a plain text file, as all the media file’s location info is stored in a plain text form in the file. This text file format helps the audio and video media players describe the specific location of any media file stored in the m3u8 playlist. 

It also helps users access their desired media file quickly or repeatedly by identifying the media file location in the text form. For example, the M3U8 file gives you a reference to recognize any particular media file from the playlist, whether it is an online file from any streaming station or a personal playlist made on your computer. 

Now, to refer to the media file location, the m3u8 file uses URLs for web-based files and absolute & relative paths for computer-stored media files or folders. M3U8 files can be opened through text editors such as Windows Notepad for reading and editing. However, with a text editor, you can’t play the file. Instead, you need a m3u8 compatible media player such as iTunes, Songbird, or VLC to open and play m3u8 files.

Best 5 M3U8 Downloaders With Highlights & Limitations

Many m3u8 downloaders are available in the web world to save your unlimited audio video playlist from multiple websites or your computer where you have built your customized playlist. Now to make these media files easily accessible and playable on your desired media player without any internet dependency, here you will get the best 5 m3u8 downloaders with their pros & cons.

  • StreamFab DRM M3U8 Downloader 

With StreamFab DRM M3U8 Downloader, you can save any audio video content from the DRM m3u8 protected website worldwide. This software allows you to save live streaming content from the HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) based video playing platform or other streaming stations offering m3u8 encrypted content.


  • Auto-detection of m3u8 videos with built-in browser
  • Bing-watching with 1080p or 2160p resolution
  • Save m3u8 videos in Mp4/MKV format on Windows/Mac to access them on any device.
  • Eliminate encryption & save m3u8 videos with subtitles 
  • Enjoy ads-free batch downloading streaming videos in one go


  • Installation could be a little time-consuming for an uninterrupted & fastest downloading experience.

How to Download M3U8 Streams


Step 1: Once you are sure about the successful installation of the StreamFab software on your system, move to the website from where you need to download the M3U8 video.

Step 2: Copy the M3U8 video link that you want to save for offline watching. Next, paste the kink in the dedicated search section of the Stream Fab software and the tool will automatically detect the video using built-in browsing options.

Step 3: After that start selecting the quality, format, etc of the output profile to personalize your M3U8 downloads and then hit the “Download” option for instant download. Otherwise, for later download, you can choose the “Downloading Queue” option.

  1. Clever Get M3U8 Downloader

CleverGet M3U8 downloader would allow you to download the entire m3u8 playlist or any other media file from an over DRM m3u8 encrypted website on your Windows or Mac PC. It supports over 1000 websites from where you can download m3u8 video links of live streams, on-demand content, etc, with a built-browsing function. Therefore, this tool can save time and energy in finding links to the m3u8 playlist or any other video. 


  • Decrypt DRM-protected m3u8 videos & download videos in batches
  • Save m3u8 streams in Mp4/MKV/WEBM to make them playable on all devices & media players.
  • Downloads ads-free audio-video content in batches at a stretch
  • Get lossless downloads in 8k video & 320 kbps audio quality


  • Account login is compulsory for downloading the m3u8 playlist or any other media file.
  • A limited number of content can be downloaded simultaneously.

3) Leawo Prof. Media 

Leawo Prof. Media is one of the best m3u8 downloaders with multiple functions and options. With this all-in-one tool, you would not only remove DRM encryption from m3u8 audio-video content from any website, but it would also remove protection from Blu-ray discs & DVDs. This multi-purpose tool has 14 modules, including a UHD ripper, Video converter, DVD creator, converter, etc.


  • This m3u8 downloader supports over 180 formats for all media players & device compatibility.
  • Get m3u8 downloads in HD quality with suitable subtitles. 
  • Built-in media player to play the m3u8 playlist within the program.
  • After removing the DRM protection of m3u8 files, you can edit & convert them depending on your requirement.


  • It’s challenging to operate multiple features in one program distinctively.
  • Difficult to detect videos due to lack of built-in browsing option.

4) LJ Video Downloader

With LJ Video Downloader, you can save any m3u8 video, streaming services’ content, etc., and convert them on your Android device or Windows PC. This m3u8 downloader lets you download and convert m3u8, MOV, Mp4, or MPD videos and convert them to Mp4 file format to make them playable on all platforms and devices without hassles. As the m3u8 file format is compatible with all media players, to enjoy your favorite m3u8 playlist on any media player, this m3u8 downloader is best with its mobile app version.


  • Direct video link extraction from any website
  • Multi-thread downloading with auto conversion to Mp4 format
  • You can download multi-format playlists with the auto-merging option for downloads
  • Batch downloading of videos available in different resolutions


  • Live videos or YouTube videos can’t be downloaded
  • DRM-protected content can’t be downloaded.

5 VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is one of the best m3u8 downloaders with a simple and hassle-free downloading experience. As m3u8 is compatible with a VLC media player, it’s easy to download any m3u8 file with this media player cum downloader on your computer using a simple copy & paste method. With this player, you can save content in Mp4 format for all device accessibility of your YouTube or other downloaded videos.


  • Supports multiple audio-video codecs & formats of m3u8 playlist
  • Decode encrypted files.
  • Free tool compatible with computer & mobile platforms
  • Play the m3u8 media file from the file location, such as folder, URL, or ZIP file.


  • Most of the audio-video files from different streaming sites can’t be played.
  • DRM-protected content can’t be downloaded.


When you have a basic idea about what m3u8 is all about, you must look for the best m3u8 downloader to save m3u8 files for your convenient playlist entertainment. Even though you can try any of the above-mentioned downloading options, to get maximum customization, features, and function from your m3u8 downloader StreamFab DRM M3U8 Downloader is the safest and smartest option.

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