Character Building in Students


Humans as living beings are the only living creatures which can express feelings to others. The property which defines human beings as a social animal is Character. It is school education that shapes a child and develops their character. A good school education is the key to building social and life skills. Main goal of school education is character building in students. It is said that a child’s mind is a blank slate and whatever is written on that blank slate that remains in his character whole life. Hence school education is designed for preparing a knowledgeable and socially sound character in a child as a future adult. The process of character building is based on six components- trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. These components can create an epitome of character in a child as a student with the help of proper education.

Above mentioned components of a good character automatically generate a gentleman in a child by awakening sensibility towards responsibilities, respect for others, nature of help and compassion for every living organism. Such deeply enriched qualities in the character of a child makes him a sincere student and also responsible towards his studies and he earns not only good marks but also respect among peer group and faculty. Basic school education enriches such above-mentioned qualities in the student as a child develops an ample amount of confidence in the child due to which he/she could give a fast growth to his/her academic career. for example, during pandemic when mostly students were assuming their academic career going into vain then students whom have above mentioned characteristic qualities didn’t lose their hope and started online learning by choosing education app of their interest among which most popular one was classroom app. An education app like classroom app provided students with many facilities for online learning but it was a matter of confidence that few students opted for it very soon and few wasted their time being doubtful but joined later.

It is a school where a student gets the first experience of many in his life such as first success, his first failure, his first jealousy, anger, happiness, peer group, friendship rejection, justice etc. Whatever he or she learns from his/her experience in school days that carves his character and creates a lifetime personality from inside. On the basis of such events the child builds up his own list of Do’s and Don’ts where according to his capacity to handle the situation he allows his own mind to do anything or not to do anything. This is why in primary and elementary education a child is taught with basic manners and etiquettes to get respect in society and survive peacefully with respect. School education is very necessary for all children because it ensures the development of their cognitive, social, emotional, cultural and physical skills. This is also a basic and necessary part of the process of preparing children as students to face difficulties of life, to face the opportunities and to develop their inter and intra personal skills so that they can achieve a benchmark in their academic career.

These characteristic enhancements make a student confident and sound in many subjects such as science and maths where most of the students face fear to face but a student full of confidence runs after each and every numerical till he solves it and finds right answer instead of running away from it. It is completely in the hand of the teacher to build a good character in a student. First of all, teachers should focus on making students habitual of listening first because he who listens properly to the situations and conditions can handle them properly. Listening properly helps students to accept a few necessary skill sets in class such as to follow instructions properly, having empathy for others, and focusing in class and conversations. Character building process can be done in one more way that is by encouraging kindness and consideration in children. Kindness is that emotional virtue which always supports emotional balance and builds characteristic equilibrium. Students should be taught to respect always whether in the matter of teachers, mentors, peer-group, rich-poor, man-woman anybody, he should respect everyone then only he will get respect and will be able to create a respectful personality among society. ( When these qualities will be induced in the personality of a child in his/her growing age, soon he/she will be a person of great character.

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