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To move and lift or retrieve items weighing more than 200 pounds or 300 pounds, forklifts are almost a need for every firm with a material handling role. There is a wide range of material handling requirements from one firm to another, which means that the demands on a forklift are also likely to differ. Realistically, used forklifts for sale are an excellent option if you don’t want the most up-to-date features and don’t utilize forklifts on a regular basis.


The cheaper cost of purchasing a used forklift as opposed to a brand new one is, much like the primary selling point for used automobiles. When you buy anything secondhand, you get the benefit of the machine’s already-depreciated value, which may translate into big cost savings.

Reduced costs associated with depreciation

As a result of the fact that someone else has already taken the major blow associated with depreciation (, the balance sheet for your firm will show a lower amount for the depreciation charge.


If the size of your company has increased to the point that products can no longer be securely handled manually or by using a pallet truck, investing in a forklift will bring your level of productivity and scalability to a whole new level.

Availability and pricing of the parts

You are able to benefit from the robust market for secondhand forklift components in addition to the aftermarket vendors and original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Forklifts are very durable equipment; as a result, it is not unusual to find forklifts on the secondhand market that were originally produced more than two decades ago, sometimes even more. Vehicles under five years old are really far more difficult to find than trucks over ten. It is not as crucial to know how long a lift truck has been used in real operations as it is to know its age. You’ll find that “hours” is comparable to “miles” when it comes to lift trucks, since the vast majority of forklifts are equipped with a “time meter.”  Click here for more information on the forklift time meter and hours. The number of hours or “mileage” that a truck has accrued indicates how close it is getting to the end of its useful life. This is comparable to the situation with a used vehicle. And just like with used automobiles, the amount of miles that a buyer is prepared to tolerate is contingent on how they intend to put the vehicle to use once they have purchased it. If you want to be able to make an educated judgment on what “hours” could be appropriate for your company, you should strive to adhere to the following set of guidelines:

Low Recurrence

A small firm that requires the truck for just three to five hours each week to collect deliveries may make do with a unit with 15,000 to 20,000 miles on it.

Moderate Usage

If you anticipate operating the forklift for between three and five hours each day, you should look for a model that has not more than fifteen thousand hours on the clock.

Heavy reliance on every day

If you require the vehicle for eight to ten hours every day, your best choice is to acquire a brand new one or lease one instead of a used one. If you are unsure about your requirements, choosing the appropriate vehicle might be difficult. The following is a brief list of factors to take into account, some of which are often disregarded:


The question of how much weight your truck will have to lift is of the utmost significance.


How high of a height does your vehicle have to raise in order to move the load? There is often a choice between an electric motor and an engine that runs on internal combustion when purchasing a forklift.

Tire Types

Indoor usage is the only appropriate environment for polyurethane press-on tires. Cushion tires may be used both indoors and outside, however they wear out much more rapidly on uneven terrain. Pneumatic tires are quite similar to truck tires used in the automobile industry and are primarily intended for usage outside.

Turning Radius

Determine the width of the aisles in which your truck will be operating and ensure that it can safely turn to make a right-angle approach to the racks.


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