Eddie Hassell Dies at 30 After Being Fatally Shot in Texas

Eddie Hassell
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Eddie Hassell from ‘The Kids Are All Right’, and NBC’s ‘Surface’ fame was brutally shot in Texas on November 1, Sunday. The actor’s representatives told Variety about this incident later that day.

According to reports, there was a carjacking scenario, and a Texas teen has been booked because of it. The case is still under investigation, and there is more to it, then what is revealed.

According to the NY Times, Eddie Hassell was outside his girlfriend’s house in Dallas at around 1 am when he was fatally shot. The actor was taken to the hospital where he breathed his last.

Gone too soon

Actor Gary Cairns tweeted by writing “RIP” and referred to the case as tragic. He said that Eddie was full of talent and full of life. Finally, he said that Hassell would be missed.

Actress Allie Gonino also posted on social media saying that the news is devastating. She sent her thoughts to the family and said that a beautiful talent was taken too soon.

Remembering Eddie Hassell

When the actor was 20 years old, he was a part of the Oscar-nominated comedy-drama ‘The Kids Are All Right.’ It was his first mainstream film to show a same-sex couple raising two teens. The movie won Golden Globe Awards and Oscar nomination for best picture.

Eddie’s character was Clay, a friend of Josh Hutcherson’s character Laser, whose parents were played by Julianne Moore and Annette Bening. In 2013, Eddie had an interview with Elle where he revealed that his skateboarding skills bagged him the part. The actor also got several TV commercials for his skateboarding skills.

Eddie Hassell loved to go horseback riding in Texas and later moved to LA where he learned skating. The actor used to do all stunts on his own and also knows how to go wakeboarding and surfing. 

Hassell also played Phil Nance, who was the best friend of Miles Barnett in Surface TV series. His role was across 10 episodes and acted opposite the likes of Lake Bell and Leighton Meester. Later, NBC revealed that the series was cancelled after season one. 

In 2013, Eddie played young Chris Espinosa along with Ashton Kutcher in the biographical movie of Steve Jobs. The Apple employee who was portrayed by him posted online that the incident was tragic and senseless.

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