Free Screen Recording Software

Free Screen Recording Software

Capturing video from the screen is not a new thing for a long time. Most of the content on YouTube comprises all kinds of let plays, video tutorials, game reviews and other variations of screencasts. Do you want to show off a level you quickly passed or teach someone to work with a specific software? In this article, we will give you a complete guide about best free screen recording software.

Then you need a convenient and functional program for recording video from your computer screen. We have selected the most popular and convenient screencasting software – check it out and make your choice!

Best Free Screen Recording Software

Screen camera

Our TOP opens with one of the most beginner-friendly programs – Screen Camera. In it, you can easily record your monitor scr

Best Free Screen Recording Software

Workpuls-Screen monitoring software:

If you are afraid of managing your employees manually, Workpuls is the best solution for managing your all team efficiently and effectively. You should use the employee monitoring software for managing your employee’s either your employees are working from home or in the office. 

Advantages of the software:

An effective way of managing your remote workers

Quick access

Real-time view

Accurate information

Time management

Screen camera

Our TOP opens with one of the most beginner-friendly programs – Screen Camera. In it, you can easily record your monitor screen, with sound and in excellent quality. Moreover, a particular editor is provided here, in which you can edit a clip immediately after recording, as well as insert titles, overlay thematic music or voice comments.

Windows (built-in)

Windows 10 has a unique feature that will allow you to record video from your screen without resorting to third-party applications. To do this, you need to open the “Xbox Game Bar” panel (you can find it through the search). A lot of windows will appear, including the system’s performance at the moment and the audio settings on the computer. Find the “Write down” sign in the upper left corner – you will work with it. There you will find the buttons “Take screenshot”, “Start recording” and “Mute / unmute microphone”. If you accidentally remove this panel – don’t worry, you can return it by clicking on the monitor icon in the menu above.

In general, this can be called a convenient solution for a one-time recording, but further processing of the screencast will have to be carried out in third-party applications since the Windows Live Film Studio is now absent in the standard OS package.

Application advantages:

  • No need to download third-party software
  • Fast access
  • Record an audio track from a headset or separate microphone
  • No-load on the PC and performance degradation

OBS Studio: Free Screen Recording Software

Famous screen capture for free screen recording software streaming or game video. The software is completely free and is mainly used for online services such as Twitch, YouTube, etc., as it allows recording in parallel with streaming. An interesting feature is the application of effects and video processing right during recording and improving the audio stream. Also, a useful function for long streams will be the “Noise Gate” tool, i.e. noise reduction – the program automatically stops recording sound when the speaker is silent, which helps prevent interference and noise on the screencast.

However, it should be warned that this program is quite demanding on the power of the PC. The correct setting is also important. Otherwise, the recording will interrupt and freeze.

Advantages of the program:

  • She’s free
  • There is a Russian localization.
  • Real-time recording processing
  • Noise-cancelling function
  • Stream and record simultaneously.


Decent software, used mainly for recording webinars, video tutorials and various kinds of presentations, has the function of drawing with the cursor while shooting. Known for having its own UVF format, which allows you to achieve the final record’s minimum weight. However, you can choose others from the proposed extensions: AVI, FLV, SW and even GIF. You can also easily set up the microphone for simultaneous recording of what is happening on the screen and comments. All parameters, like window size and sound source, are configured in the main menu.

Advantages of the program:

  • Capture video along with the audio track in good quality
  • Keystroke capture function
  • Cursor drawing and highlighting to emphasize important elements
  • The ability to edit the filmed video and add signatures, shapes, etc.
  • Own compression method allows you to write many hours of screencasts with a small size of the final file (although the program can sometimes “lose” sound in exceptionally long fragments).

VirtualDub: Free Screen Recording Software

A simple and reliable video editor can also be easily used as a program for capturing and saving video from the screen. The software is absolutely free and, importantly, it is open to modifications using additional plugins. Owners of weak PCs and laptops also do not have to worry – the application takes up little space and does not load the system. VirtualDub’s functionality quite rich: in addition to capturing video from the monitor screen, it has everything you need to edit the resulting clips. The only problem can be called a relatively straightforward and non-native interface, which can scare off novice users. Plus there is no official Russian localization for the application.

Advantages of the program:

  • Combines the functions of an editor and a screencast
  • Free distribution
  • Low demands on computer resources
  • Modification availability due to plugins

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Jing: Free Screen Recording Software

Quite a simple and pleasant to use the program in which you can easily make a screencast. The program interface is as simple as possible, but at the same time, it is unusual and colourful. After installation, a small sun is fixed at your top of the monitor – and if you hover the mouse over it, you will see the choice beams: “Make a record”, “View history” or “Additional settings”. The free screen recording software area must be selected with the mouse, or enter the width and height in the corresponding items. After filming, you can save the video to your computer or upload it directly to the video hosting. The program contains a fairly large number of presets for converting the final video. Distribution is shareware, i.e. the trial version imposes restrictions on use.

Advantages of the program:

  • The functionality is simple, but not difficult for beginners.
  • Possibility of simple video editing after shooting
  • Record voice comments in parallel with a screen capture
  • Uploading videos to video hosting and social networks

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Indeed, the program’s logo seemed familiar to you because Snagit is an earlier Camtasia Studio developer’s product. The functionality of these two programs is largely similar, but in Kamtazia, it has been significantly improved and expanded. Both programs are perfect for both video editing and quick screen recording. You can easily capture the entire monitor, one specific area or window, as well as record sound or your voice. It is frustrating that the program does not have Russian localization, and the cost of a license reaches almost 3500 r, which makes it a very unsuccessful choice for beginners.

Advantages of the program:

  • Extensive and useful functionality
  • Fast work without freezing
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on the purchase

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OCaml Screen Recorder: Free Screen Recording Software

Good free software, suitable for recording actions performed on the monitor. The program’s functionality looks more limited compared to other screen casters since there is no “native” video editor. Among the advantages, it is worth highlighting the marking profiles, thanks to which you can shoot clips in the usual format (480p, 720p, etc.), without manually adjusting the capture area. It is possible to save both videos and screenshots in popular formats (MP4, FLV, JPG) and rarer (TS, VOB, BMP). Also, the program is undemanding to the computer’s power and responds to “hotkeys”, which significantly saves setup time.

Advantages of the program:

  • Free distribution
  • Variety of built-in save formats
  • Possibility of imposing watermark on rollers
  • Ease of use

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iSpring Free Cam

Our TOP is completed by free (as the name implies) software to create and edit video lessons, webinars, and other types of screencasts. iSpring Free Cam is the most straightforward and most minimalistic application that even inexperienced users will not have to learn for a long time. It is also perfect for older laptops and PCs due to its low system requirements and compatibility with Windows versions. So this software has all the necessary tools: selecting the desired area, recording audio from the microphone and the system, mouse backlight. There is also a simple editor in which you can trim unnecessary video clips or improve the sound quality.

Advantages of the program:

  • Free license without restrictions
  • Built-in audio and video editor
  • Low system requirements
  • Ease of use

From our rating, you learned which programs to pay attention to if you need to record a let play, online match, or another screen video. Each of them will adequately cope with their work. The differences mainly lie in the functionality or the cost of the software. First of all, we would single out the Screen Camera, as one of the few programs with an official Russian version. It will be easy and convenient for users of all ages to work with. Additional functions, such as templates for screensavers, will help make any video several times more effective.

But it is better not to resort to semi-professional applications like OBS Studio for complete newbies. There is a great chance not to understand all the functions and spend a lot of time studying the instrumental program. Also, complex software usually depends on the setting’s quality, so it is better not to use it for long-term recording – sagging and lags may well begin.


A free program that allows you to record user actions on video and take screenshots. It is possible to display the cursor on the screen. The program is convenient for creating video tutorials, capturing (recording) a selected area of ​​the screen, the entire area, or only the active window. You can start and end the recording by pressing the buttons on the program panel or using hotkeys. In the same way, the screen capture is paused and resumed. You can set the timer recording to turn off automatically.

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Among the program’s advantages is video recording in several formats: AVI, WMV, and MPG, a simple interface, and minimal requirements for the computer hardware. Intuitive control allows you to neglect such a drawback as the lack of support for the Russian language. So the downside of AutoScreеnRecorder is the lack of sound recording, which will have to be added separately.


A popular screen capture program that allows you to record video of the entire area of ​​the screen or part of it take screenshots, show and hide the cursor. It is possible to record images from a video camera and sound from a microphone. Bandicam is often used to record games’ passage, but it is quite suitable for creating a video course.

The program has many settings, but you can use the default settings for recording a video.

The principle of operation is as follows:

  • Select the device used for video recording.
  • If it is a monitor screen, set the capture area.
  • Configure the settings for recording and saving the video.
  • Press the “REC” button.

Among the program’s advantages is support for many formats and resolutions, including the most optimal for use on the YouTube service, displaying the frame rate (FPS) right during recording and unlimited video size. However, the free version has a maximum video length of 10 minutes, and the image will have a “watermark” in the form of the program name. Full functionality is available in the paid version. A license for one computer costs $ 39, for two – $ 59.


A completely free program for free screen recording software everything that happens on the computer screen in real-time. Allows you to create videos with sound and save them in SWF or AVI format. Suitable for creating presentations and video tutorials, allowing you to capture only part of the screen or all of its area.

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The Russian language is not supported, but the control of CamStudio is effortless. So the main screen shows buttons for recording start, stop and pause. On the drop-down menu tabs, you can find and change the video or audio settings. Despite its small size, the program allows you to place text notes on the video, record sound from a microphone and view the saved video.

Debut Video Capture Software

A universal utility that allows you to capture video from a screen or camera, and then process it and immediately send the finished video by e-mail. Debut Video Capture Software supports multiple video formats, hides and shows the cursor, allows you to select the entire screen and a specific area.

The process of working with the program requires the following actions:

  • Select the format of the recorded video – AVI is suitable for obtaining good quality.
  • Specify the codec for image processing and image quality.
  • Customize the display of the cursor and watermarks.
  • Select the folder in the settings where the video will be saved and click on the button with a red circle to start recording.

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This program’s advantages are high quality of the finished image, suitable for any video hosting, scaling of the screen area, and highlighting the cursor during recording. Among the minuses are the English-language interface and the periodically appearing offer to purchase the paid version. However, the free program has no time limits or essential functions.

iSpring Free Cam

A program for free screen recording software all user actions on a computer screen, great for creating lessons, presentations, and tutorials. It differs from most analogs in low system requirements, simple interface, and completely free distribution.

The process of working with iSpring Free Cam involves the following simple steps:

  • Click “New Recording” to start recording.
  • Select an area of ​​the screen for capturing and adjust the video’s parameters (including the sound of mouse clicks).
  • Stop recording.
  • Edit video – cut, remove noises and sounds, adjust the volume.
  • Save your screencast in the desired format and even publish to YouTube directly from the program.

The advantages of the utility savings the recording as a project (without formatting into a video), recording system sounds and data from the microphone, and highlighting the mouse cursor and good editing capabilities. The disadvantages include the small number of formats available for saving.


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