Guide On Choosing The Best Titan Raga Watches To Grace Your Wrist

Titan is known for its exquisite timepieces. The Raga collection by Titan offers magnificent designs for women who want to add an elegant touch to their outfits. The collection also has offerings for men which combine functionality and style. Thankfully for online shoppers, they also have the option of trying on watches virtually for a seamless experience.

 The Titan Raga collection constantly updates to keep up with trends and you will be amazed with the designs and quality. With the various options available, it is important to pick the correct watch for yourself (or the loved one you’re gifting). The Titan Raga watch also acts as an accessory and must compliment your outfits and the occasion, if any. Read this guide to learn all about finding the right Titan Raga watch.

  •  Type

Traditional watches are divided into categories based on movement, including analog, mechanical, and quartz. Analog watches, which feature a three-hand movement, are the most commonly used and are perfect for every budget. Quartz watches are also an affordable option as they only require a battery change every 2 to 3 years and are easy to maintain. Mechanical watches are also pocket-friendly as they do not require batteries and rely on the movement of the users’ hands to self-wind. Chronograph watches have multiple dials that have different uses like a stopwatch or even to measure speed. However, watches with these additional features are more expensive as they require more battery life. Digital watches, along with the new-age smartwatch, cost more but boast multiple features like a GPS, heart-rate monitor and pedometer, like the

  • Occasion

Your watch reflects your personal style and picking the right one for any given occasion is important. If you are always outdoors and love exploring, invest in a field watch. They are lightweight and built to stand intense activities like hiking. For everyday wear to your office or college, you may want to opt for a classic metallic watch which adds a formal touch to your daily outfits. If you love a touch of elegance, you can also go for embellished watches for daily use. However, make sure the embellishments are encased in the dial as you might damage the crystals during your commute. Blinged-out watches will be great for weddings and the festive season. Watch steps that look more like a bracelet become a part of your outfit and compliment ethnic clothing with intricate designs. For example, collections like the Titan Raga Power Pearls, Mother of Pearl, and Raga Masaba will complement sarees and dresses by adding a touch of elegance with functionality.

  • Material

Dials on wristwatches are usually made of durable materials like metal or fibreglass. However, you can customize the strap as per the occasion and how often you will be wearing the watch. Leather straps, for instance, are a classic option – like the Titan Raga Blue Leather Watch. This type of watch is great for daily wear as it is lightweight. Metal strap watches, like the Titan Gold Dial Analog Watch, are better suited to formal events and outfits as well as special occasions like parties. For fitness enthusiasts, nylon and rubber straps are ideal options as they don’t absorb moisture and won’t get in the way of your workouts.

  • Proportional to wrist

Since watches don’t come in sizes, it may seem difficult to pick the right fit. While it may be tempting to go for the biggest dial you spot, it is important to consider how the watch fits and looks on your wrist. A good way to pick the right size would be to measure your wrist and pick a proportional diameter. Another measurement you need to check is the thickness and weight of the dial case. This will help ensure that you are comfortable wearing it for longer periods of time. For a dainty and delicate look, check out the Titan Raga Moments Of Joy or the Rose Gold Astrid Watch From Raga Facets.

  • Budget

Watches come in a wide range of prices. Determining your budget will depend on the occasion and the features you want in your watch. A classic watch is a good option for everyday wear. Titan Raga offers several options under INR 4000, including the Brown Dial Analog Watch, Grey Raga Viva Analog Watch,  and White Dial Analog Watch. You can look at buying timepieces on the higher end if you are fond of labels or want to give them to a loved one. A great gift option from Titan Raga is the Mother of Pearl Dial Analog Watch for Women, which also comes with a ring. For a smaller budget, mid-range watches are a great option, too.

  • Embellishments and Accessories   

You bought a watch, you wore it, and that’s that? Not really. Wrist watches often come in contact with moisture and should be properly cleaned before they are stored. Leather straps can develop mould while metal straps can rust. If you are putting away the watch for a long time, it should be stored in a box. Invest in a watch box or organiser with multiple pg slot or simply save the one that came with your watch. This will help avoid scratches and damage. If you are an enthusiast and have a collection, it is ideal to invest in a watch winder that will help keep your automatic watches wound and stop the battery from depleting too fast. You can also purchase charms and bracelets to wear along with your Titan Raga watch, adding a touch of your personality with fun accents.

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