Prince William and Harry Condemn BBC for Controversial 1995 Interview

Prince William and Harry Condemn BBC for Controversial 1995 Interview

Prince Harry and Prince William broke their silence over the controversial BBC interview by their mother. The interview changed Princess Diana’s life forever, which ended in tragic death.

The royal brothers spoke to the media on May 20, after the revelation that Martin Bashir used unlawful tactics to extract the information from Lady D.

A report of 127 pages was released on May 20 that proves a deceitful approach was taken to gather information. Moreover, Earl Spencer, the brother of Diana, was forced into securing the interview that Diana gave.

Prince William and Harry take a stand for their mother

Prince Harry exclaimed that his mother was an incredible lady who gave her life into service. He referred to her as brave, resilient, and honest. He also said that his mother stood against a culture filled with malpractices and exploitation, which took her life in the end. Prince William thanked the people who took responsibility for bringing the reality out in the open and said that it is the first step towards justice.

Prince Harry went on to express his concerns over the role played by the media in the impact it leaves on people. He directly stated that the loss of his mother is much related to the publications and that nothing has changed over the years. Further, Prince Harry stated that remembering his mother by protecting her legacy would be the right thing. He relates it to the dignity she lived with throughout her life and encouraged people to remember what she stood for.

Prince William supports findings by Lord Dyson

Right before Prince Harry’s statement came out, Prince William had spoken on the same. He started by thanking former British judge Lord Dyson and team for concluding the report. Next, he penned down bullet points to express concerns regarding the 127-page analysis.

BBC must accept Lord Dyson’s finding and the results of which are extremely concerning. It reflects that BBC employees used fake information and lies to interview Princess Diana. They played with her fears and triggered paranoia. They were also selective while putting out her statement and covered up things they knew from the internal investigation.

Prince William condemns the deceitful malpractices conducted by BBC that put Princess Diana in a situation that worsened the relationship she shared with Prince Charles. Further, the interview hurt several people and triggered uncalled-for circumstances.

Prince William stated that it is inexplicable how sad it was to see his mother struggle in the last few years of her life. She was subjected to constant paranoia, isolation, and fear due to the controversial interview and consistent media attention.

The Duke of Cambridge regrets that his mother did not know that the BBC deceived her. She was failed by the entire BBC team, who asked her tough questions that put her in a bad light.

Netizens support the royal brothers with retweets

Social media users are supporting strong statements from both the sons of Lady Daina. From commoners to someone like Piers Morgan, everyone is speaking about the statement sent out.

Morgan stated that Prince William never speaks with such rage. Further, he called his behavior justified and supported the condemnation.

A fan Tweeted stating how his/her heart goes out to Prince William and Harry. Further stated that they have had to bear the loss of a mother, and their children will bear the loss of their grandmother.

Another Twitter user said that he/she cannot believe that it has been 26 years to get to the truth. At the same time, another person wrote about the tragedy and loss that the royals had to go through. One more person stated that it was time to take accountability and that it has been long due.

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