10 things you should know about Home Loan EMI Calculator

Home Loan EMI calculator

Buying a house is the most crucial financial decision you will ever make. For most first-time home buyers, applying for a Home Loan is the only way they can aspire to buy their dream house. Before beginning the process, it is essential to understand the actual computation of your Equated Monthly Instalments (EMI) based on several factors.

These include the Loan amount, interest rates, processing fees, and tenure. Here is where you can use the Home Loan EMI calculator to clear your doubts.  Itis a tool that helps to calculate EMIs that you need to repay over a specific term. The tool assists people in making an informed decision about the financials depending on how much they get deployed to repay the Loan.

1. It also furnishes the total number of EMIs required to repay and how much your home will cost you, including the interest.Following are the factorsyou need to know about the Home Loan EMI calculator:

2. This self-help tool simplifies your process to understand all about your EMIs. You only need to add the amount, interest rates, processing fees, and duration.


3. Depending upon your eligibility, the Home Loan EMI calculator tells you how much of your property value gets financed.


4. The tool providesclarity of the finance charges you need to incur, including total interest payable and processing fees value associated with your EMI. Since banks and other lending firms show these components as a percentage of the Loan amount, it is best to know the actual value to understand the true cost of the Loan.


5. Use theHome Loan EMI calculatorfor comparing the Loans offered by different banks. This lets you narrow down your lender selection.


6. When you use the calculator, you get an idea of the EMI based on the Loan term. If you can afford to pay more EMIs, choose a shorter tenure and pay off your credit sooner. Conversely, if you want to go with a lower EMI, extend your Loan period.


7. The tool offers details about your amortisation schedule too. This means you get an idea of how your monthly EMIs get segregated between the principal amount and interest and the remaining balance of the Home Loan at the end of the month.


8. Generally, the EMI get calculated based on fixed interest rates. However, if it is a floating interest rate, the EMI fluctuates based on current market rates and changes in base rates.


9. While you pay your EMIs, you may have extra funds to make prepayments. During such times, you need to revisit the financials and see how the prepayment helps pay off the Loan before the term ends. The Home Loan EMI calculatorassists with that.


10. They are available online on the websites of banks and financial institutions.
Some sophisticated EMI calculators are available that consider running LoanEMI, local and state taxes, and Insurance.

When you plan for a House Loan,you must plan your finances well. Else, repayment becomes a matter of concern. Also, it is a financial commitment that you need to abide by for an extended period. So, it is best to use a highly efficient tool like a Home Loan EMI calculator so that you can plan your repayment effectively.

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