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Guide to Muay Thai

Thai boxing is one of the most demanding martial art practices that require you to engage 8 limbs, or so is said. Dating back thousands of years in history, Thai boxing not only represents the modern physical sport but an age-old culture and heritage. While Thai Boxing is frequently compared to Kick Boxing, the training regime and offensive stun have quite a difference. As Thai Boxing is called the game of 8 limbs, you are allowed to hit, sweep, and throw your opponent as efficiently as you can. You will be given a chance to get up after being swept for the match to resume. Guide to Muay Thai-

The objective of Thai Boxing:

Thai Boxing puts two fighters with one another in a live boxing (มวยสด) arena, with the goal of one combatant striking out their adversary, having their opponent declared unfit to continue by the official, or being victorious on points. Opponents use their grappling tactics to attempt to end the match. Despite Thai Boxing’s severe physical and aggressive character, being a good fighter and winning fights at the greater levels requires a boxing expertise (มวยเด็ด789).

Equipment Required:

For Thai Boxing (Muay Thai) competitors, just a few pieces of equipment are required. All combatants must wear WMC-sanctioned gloves, as well as shorts that are half-thigh in length as well as the appropriate mass for the relevant weight group. Prolonged hair and stubble are not permitted, and a crotch guard and face shield must be used. Before the match, all fighters must put a Mongkol on, a religious headband. Due to the fact that combatants compete without shoes, no shoes are permitted.


Thai Boxing


Muay Thai bouts are judged on a round-by-round basis, which makes scoring pretty simple. In general, the boxer who is deemed to be have earned the round receives ten points, while the loser receives nine, eight, or seven points according to the performance. If both fighters are judged to have done equally adequately in the set, they are given ten points apiece and the boxing results (ผลมวย) is considered to be a tie.


A 10:9 game is one in which one combatant is declared the winner.

In a 10:8 fight, one boxer is regarded to have obviously won the bout.

A 10:7 battle occurs when one boxer is considered to have obviously won the round when their adversary seems to be on the mat and the judge calls a countdown.

How do You Win:

There are three methods to win a Muay Thai fight:

If a competitor knocks unconscious his rival, they are considered the winner right away.

Technical Knockout (TKO) – Similar to a TKO in kickboxing, in which the official finds one combatant unfit to continue.

Points: When neither contestant has been able to defeat their adversary before the conclusion of the bout, the score will be decided by the referees. The boxer who receives the most points is crowned champion and gets an opportunity to be on boxing news (ข่าวมวย). The contest is considered a tie if both combatants have the same number of points.

Rules of Thai Boxing:

Muay Thai fights are held in an arena that measures between 7.3m x 6.1m.

Contenders in a competitive match must be at least of the age of fifteen and must belong within the same weight division with a weight discrepancy of no greater than five lbs.

Before every Muay Thai fight, each fighter is obligated to pay honor to Thai Boxing’s rich history. A ceremonial dance is performed in conjunction with music performed by a Java drum, a Javanese flute, and a tiny pair of bells.

The match is able to begin after homage is done, and both combatants must make contact first before the match to participate in line with the regulations and in the light of good sportsmanship.

Muay Thai matches consist of five rounds of three minutes apiece, with a 2-minute rest interval in between.

The Bottom Line: Guide to Muay Thai-


Thai Boxing is one of the most competitive action sports in the world (Guide to Muay Thai). Training for Thai Boxing (มวยไทย) takes a huge toll on your mind and body; more than any other form of martial arts. Even if you already have decent experience with martial arts, should take on Thai Boxing only after thorough research and consideration. Thai Boxing is not a sport of strength, it’s about tactics, agility, and mindfulness. Colliding with opponents depending on your brute strength is going to be humbling. Take care. 

Thai Boxing

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