A Smart Shopper’s Guide to Buying High Heels

You must be well aware of how people gaze at you. They tend to look at you from head to toe. While the eyes may get stuck on your charming makeup, it can be instantly shattered on looking at the poor shoes that do not go well with the dress. Indeed, shoes make a great difference to any person’s appeal. This is where the high heels become the female obsession because of how they embrace the appeal of a woman. Certainly, heels are the oomph to the appeal of a woman. And buying it wrong can be a major setback here. So, here are some of the pro tips to acknowledge if you are looking for some exclusive heels to flaunt. 

Size of the Shoe

Size has to be the first and most important thought coming in mind when talking about footwear. After all, everything is in vain if it does not fit right. Considering this, when you are putting a pair of high heels in the cart, you must see the size for you, and do not risk it in case of any lack of size availability. Moreover, if you are not sure of the size, then you have a whole-size chart to you. Follow the rules and measure the size accordingly to know the fit for you. The guide will make choice-making easier. 

Fitness of the Shoe

Buying high heels can be really challenging for one because of the different size and types of female feet. For instance, some female have broad toes and thin feet. Some face the opposite. Some have very thin long feet while some have it all chubby. Here, the fitness of the heel has to be a concern. Considering this, after ordering and receiving your pair of heels, you must also check how boldly it fits on the toe. You must not pick heels where you have to scratch your toe in. Instead, heels with smooth transitions tend to stay longer and become your favourite footwear over time. 

Type of Heels for your Fashion Parade

The range of high heels for women can be largely diverse and full of exquisite options to choose from. Here are some of the newest choices to have a look at. 

Monday Heels

This pair of heels can be the instant go-to for all those women who are looking for heels for the regular days or a pair of stunning footwear for the feast. These shoes come in exquisite colours like cream, black, rose pink, and many other beautiful combinations. So, you can take a contemporary colour that can go with almost everything. 


This designer pair of high heels is equipped with a belt buckle over it. The strap-like pattern, followed by this belt patterned and adorned with block heels makes itself the best match of footwear. It is a must-try heel for casual layering. 


If you are new to heels, then this pair of heels can be your shoes for beginners. The core reason being how the pair of heels have a toe that covers your entire feet together. This heels is the perfect option for those ladies whose toes are prone to twisting. At this time, a toe that covers you completely and voids any accidents and embarrassment is a blessing. 


As sassy as the name, this pair of high heels is all set to oomph the entry with the stunning style of the footwear. While block heels make it stylish and comfortable, it is the designer stripe pattern on it that makes it bold and appealing. Pick this in dark and lustrous colours so that your happening pair catches eyes even from a distance. 


This can be your everyday heel sandal with the simple heel pattern and the max breathtaking strap pattern. Moreover, it is comfortable enough to wear on a long day. 

Larkin and Laramie

Mama Mia! These sandals got to be the trailblazers amidst your collection of high heels. These shoes epitomise grace with huge block heels and the quirky strap-buckle pair, making itself truly acknowledging. If you want to don a night party look, then this footwear can be your choice. 

This is not it. There are so many other exclusivities in the collection online, that you will feel like having it all. However, here is a small guide to help you find out the shoes that will match the occasion. 

Heels for the Denim

While denims become a must for every day, there has to be the denim heels too to pair with it. Considering this, you can shop for high heels in contemporary colours like black and white, so that it can go with most of your jeans. 

Heels for the Formal Parties

Rule the formal parties with heels that embrace your walk and assure you that you are doing great. This is why, when you are thinking to buy heels for yourself, go for stilettos or sandals that pair with the formal look more. 

Heels for the Night

Are you all set to spend your night, partying hard at the pub? Then you must wear the heels that fit perfectly with your sensuous mini dress. For this, lace-up sandals, lace-up boots and long boots fit marvellously. 

Heels for the Date

Are you prepared for the date night you waited for all this while? Not until you have shopped for high heels to pair with your outfit. So, wait no further and grab a design that can be flaunted from your slit gown and the dress you purposed for your date.

With this, you will have all the knowledge and no reason to go wrong with your high heels. But another concern is finding a place to assist you with your matchmaking footwear pair. For this, Novo Shoes can be your house with a huge range of heels, boots, shoes, and a lot more. You will surely get everything that you are looking for. So, head online to order now. 

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