Adding Stacked Monitors to Your Home Office: Is it Worth it?

Stacked Monitors to Your Home

You’ve probably seen stacked monitor setups, but they are popular among people with small tables. Using stacked monitors is an option that you should explore if you have a 4-foot or 1.2-meter table. 

Moreover, it gives its users a number of benefits, especially those working from home or with a home office setup. 

Most people prefer it because of the availability of conserved space. Using Geminos stacked monitors from Mobile Pixels can also save up footprint. It is a fact that not every home office or apartment will allow you to fit a giant vertical monitor. Therefore, a stacked monitor is your solution now. 

This article will summarize all the potential benefits of stacked monitors for your home office. Read this article to discover them. 

Benefits of Stacked Monitors

Employees who are bound to crucial duties opt for stacked monitor setups. They need some extra real estate to see everything at the same time. There are many other benefits that justify the importance of stacked monitors for home offices. These benefits are: 

More Screen Real Estate 

With the addition of stacked screens, the limitations of a single screen are replaced by the opportunities offered by two screens. Having multiple displays stacked together allows you to see everything that is happening at once and gives you more screen space.

 It makes sense why many employees and home officers like stacked displays since they enable them to view multiple lines of data and documentation simultaneously.


A single monitor configuration has less ergonomic than stacked displays. Specifically, if your primary display is an ultra-wide one, not everyone enjoys awkwardly craning their neck.

With adjustable parts, stacked displays are more ergonomic and allow you to keep a good posture while using the computer. It reduces neck strains and allows you to work in your most comfortable and healthy position. 

Perfect Desk Space Use 

One of the highlighting benefits of a stacked monitor is its space. It enables space conservation. Utilizing the vertical space instead of widening the footprint of your monitors with a side-by-side setup is important now. This will help you make the most of your desk space.

Enhanced Productivity 

Widescreens of stacked monitors are appropriate for the majority of work circumstances because many occupations today require employees to run numerous programs at once. Many windows and tabs must be open at once to accommodate the various industries’ and tasks’ workflows.

 Additionally, mounts for ultra-wide monitors make modifications between computer users simple. If the monitor were only set up on your desk, this would be exceedingly challenging, if not impossible. 

Employees may effortlessly do side-by-side tasks on single but ultra-wide monitors instead of frequently flipping between tabs on twin displays. Employee workstations may handle and balance multiple tasks at once. These are effective setups. 

Employees may view significantly more columns in a row on an ultra-wide display. Additionally, a lot of cloud-based business solutions have dashboards and windows that can adjust to a larger screen resolution. This enables home workers to examine more data simultaneously, eliminates the need to switch between tabs, and thus increases productivity.

Affordable Option

Despite the fact that they are not cheap for productivity, the monitor displays cost less. By making this one-time investment, you will ultimately save both time and money. 

Throughout the day, you spend a significant amount of time switching between tabs and waiting for a screen to load whenever you open a new window. Numerous studies have shown that using a multi-screen setup can boost productivity more than usual. 

Natural Viewing Experience

Another underrated benefit of the stacked monitor is the better viewing experience than any other monitor setup. Stacked monitors that are mounted have better panoramic. Moreover, the curved screens provide a more comfortable viewing experience. 

When you compare these stacked monitors with two monitors simultaneously, you will surely find this setup more natural and relaxing. 

Final Thoughts 

A stacked home office monitor can provide you with so many benefits. It can be a complete game-changer for you. It has so many benefits that will not only enhance your productivity but your efficiency at work will be unmatchable. 

Furthermore, it has better ergonomics. This will allow you to maintain your healthy posture and keep you healthy, fit, and fine. 

We hope this article will provide you with all the relevant information related to stacked monitors and how they can help remote workers. Make sure to consider this setup to enhance your working capabilities in many ways.  


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