Badi Door Se Aaye Hain Cast Real Names, Story with Photographs

Vasant Ghotala (9211) aka Sumeet Raghavan

Badi Door Se Aaye Hain Cast Real Names with Photographs information and details has been provided here. Badi Doooooor Se Aaye Hain was started on 9th June, 2014 on SAB TV. This TV serial replaced Jeannie Aur Juju in prime time of the TV channel. It is produced by the Hats Off Productions and directed by Aatish Kapadia.

Brief information and details on Badi Door Se Aaye Hain TV Series

  • First episode: 9th June, 2014
  • Last episode: Running till date
  • Broadcast on: SAB TV
  • Director: Aatish Kapadia
  • Producer: Jamnadas Majethia
  • Production house: Hats Off Productions

Badi Door Se Aaye Hain Cast Real Names, Story with Photographs

Vasant Ghotala (9211) aka Sumeet RaghavanVasant Ghotala (9211) real name is Sumeet Raghavan

Sharad Ghotala (87) aka Vinay RohrraSharad Ghotala (87) real name is Vinay Rohrra

Varsha Ghotala (1721) aka Rupali BhosaleVarsha Ghotala (1721) real name is Rupali Bhosale

Lisa D'Souza aka Tanaaz IraniLisa D’Souza real name is Tanaaz Irani

Ronnie D'Souza aka Bakhtiyaar IraniRonnie D’Souza real name is Bakhtiyaar Irani

Anna D'Souza aka Bhavna KhatriAnna D’Souza real name is Bhavna Khatri

Hemant Ghotala (-426) aka Punit TalrejaHemant Ghotala (-426) real name is Punit Talreja

Shishir Ghotala real name is Sujay
Murli Ojha real name is Deepak Pareek

Guest Stars (Movie Actors for Promotion of Their Movies) Real Names

Laal Singh real name is Rajesh Kumar
Armaan Kumar real name is Sangram Singh
Ghost real name is Atul Parchure
Defence Lawyer Jugal Raichura real name is Deven Bhojani
Prosecutor Neelima Jugal Raichura real name is Nimisha Vakharia
Judge Desai real name is Anang Desai


A few years back, Ghotala family was travelling in the Galaxy. In between, they lost their eldest son 2015 in our galaxy. They have tried to search him in every planet. In the last, they have decided to search him in the earth. They came to earth and their spaceship landed in the open ground. Now, their hunt to search 2015 is started in the earth.

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