Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair

Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair

This buying guide will help you choose the best robot vacuum cleaner for dog and cat pet hair. Read on for numerous insights and reviews. The robot vacuum cleaners specific for pet owners are valid support in the floors’ deep cleaning, eliminating any residual hair and other beloved four-legged friends’ organic residues. Long-haired dogs and cats shed varying amounts of coats daily, with a considerable increase during molting periods. In general, hair is responsible for allergies and problems affecting the respiratory system, especially for some predisposed subjects.

Using a specific robot vacuum cleaner every day to remove pet hair is the best way to prevent the onset of allergies because allergens and dead skin residues released into the air, with animals’ movements in the rooms, irritate. And more or less intense allergies. The robot vacuum cleaners, with special brushes and specially developed filters, eliminate any residues from the floors, significantly contributing to maintaining healthy and healthy environments.

Why buy the best robot vacuum for pet hair

Those who have at least one dog or cat at home will confirm that keeping the house clean is rather complicated and difficult to manage; time spent removing hair from environments steals resources that could be devoted to other activities. For this reason, buying the best robot vacuum for pet hair cleaner for animals turns out to be a choice that alleviates the daily chore of thoroughly cleaning floors, with an efficient and lasting result.

The robot vacuum cleaners for animals remove all traces of hair and dead skin from the walking surfaces totally. Because they are programmable, they carry out the work independently.

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What characteristics should it have

A robot vacuum cleaner’s peculiar characteristics for animals mainly concern the brushes’ structure placed on the underlying part and the filter, ensuring a higher level of protection than the traditional best robot vacuum for pet hair cleaners. In particular, the presence of the HEPA filter, acronym for High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter, ensures the effective removal of even the smallest particles of dirt and hair.

The brushes integrated with a robot vacuum cleaner for animals must be more robust than the others, as, during their action, they will encounter more substantial and voluminous obstacles, such as tufts of dog and cat hair, without getting stuck. In choosing the best robot vacuum cleaner for animals, therefore, there are above all three factors that should be carefully evaluated: the quality of the brushes, the presence of a HEPA filter and, last but not least, the suction power, which guarantees almost total removal of dirt and organic residues, even those invisible to the human eye.

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What are the benefits of using a robotic pet hair vacuum cleaner?

If you no longer know how to keep the floors clean of lost hair from your pets, you will undoubtedly have to think about buying a good robot vacuum cleaner. There are several models on the market, and it is not always easy to navigate this market. A robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair allows you to sanitize the floors of your home in the best possible way and to bring a considerable benefit to many people: in fact, the hair often causes allergic reactions, which could become a serious problem for those who have pets at home or for visiting family and friends.

For allergy sufferers, robot vacuums really come in handy, making the air more breathable. A constant, practical, and fast cleaning through robot vacuum cleaners become vital for those who own pets. An advantage in operating the automatic robot vacuum cleaner every day, therefore, is that of not allowing animal hair to settle too often on the floors and inevitably to fly even on furniture. Another advantage of robot vacuum cleaners compared to traditional tools used in the past is that they scare your faithful four-legged friends much less. In fact, these robot vacuum cleaners have a significantly lower noise rate than classic handheld vacuum cleaners.

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The main functions of a robot vacuum cleaner for animal hair

The filtration system undoubtedly represents iRobot Roomba 981 Robot vacuum cleaner WiFi, Power-Lifting, 2 multi-surface rubber brushes, Suitable for hair, Dirt Detect technology, 3-step cleaning, programmable with the app, Alexa compatible fundamental element to evaluate in the purchase of your best robot vacuum for pet hair cleaner for animal hair. If it is not height, the robot vacuum cleaner can hardly give you great help in keeping a house clean: pets that shed a lot of hair. Robot vacuum cleaners for animal hair must have filters and brushes used for this specific function.

In the choice, you will have to evaluate if the vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter. Which captures 99.97% of animal hair, dust, and pollen, giving great relief to allergy sufferers. HEPA filtration can guarantee a great level of protection and reduce emissions to minimum levels. The HEPA filter allows filtering the microparticles to avoid that they remain in circulation in the environment. What does HEPA mean? Literally, the acronym means “High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter.” These systems can capture even particles invisible to the human eye. Verifying that the HEPA filter is actually present.

Another important element to consider is the suction power. Many robots will remove hair from all surfaces, such as carpet, parquet, or rugs. If a certain area is filthy, many robots will independently evaluate whether to activate turbo suction instead of normal. As those present in the normal robot vacuum cleaners on the market. Anti-fall and anti-obstacle sensors, battery, tank capacity, dimensions, and navigation system. If you want a complete product, you can consider purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner equipped with the house mapping function.

Reviews of the best robot vacuum for pet hair

This is the list of the best robot vacuum cleaners for animals updated in January 2021:

  • AIMBOT Animal H2O
  • AIMBOT Animal Premium H2O – Robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner
  • iRobot Roomba 605
  • iRobot Roomba 671
  • Neato Robotics D450 Premium Pet Edition
  • Neato Robotics D750 Premium Pet Edition
  • ECOVACS DEEBOT 605 floor cleaning robot


This best robot vacuum for pet hair cleaner for pets has received considerable acclaim since the year of manufacture, 2018; it is a fully programmable cordless robot, weighing just 2 kilograms and very quiet; think that the value of 50dB, the unit of measurement for noise, is practically imperceptible. Equipped with a HEPA filter and two side brushes that adapt to various surfaces, the robot also features a durable rubber central brush for removing pet hair.

The lithium battery’s high autonomy allows you to clean surfaces up to 200 square meters for over 2 hours. The presence of 2 tanks, one for collecting dirt and the other refillable with water, is conveyed on the cloth applicable to the bottom for washing floors.

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AIMBOT Animal Premium H2O – Robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner

The updated version of the robot washes and vacuums made by AIMBOT for 2019 includes the presence of two rotating brushes on the bottom, as well as an additional brush in resistant rubber placed in the center, to efficiently remove animal hair, even the longest ones or, vice versa, the shorter and more insidious ones.

Best 1222000
Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair

The HEPA filter retains the microparticles present on the walking surfaces, with a significant increase in air quality and reduced allergies or diseases caused by hair or mites. The two tanks perform the function of dirt recovery and container for water, dispensed on the cloth applied to the robot.

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iRobot Roomba 605

The leading brand in automated floor cleaning stands out for its advanced technology and construction materials quality. The iRobot Roomba 605 has a three-phase cleaning system, which allows you to remove even the smallest and most invisible hairs without leaving out even a small space. The integrated lithium battery allows a continuous and effective action with over an hour of autonomy to suction animal hair from surfaces up to 150 square meters.

Pet Hair
Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair

Equipped with a HEPA filter and rotating brushes specially designed for pet hair, this robot vacuum cleaner allows you to clean either by pressing a button, through the One Touch and Go function  or by programming daily and weekly operations with ease and safety.

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iRobot Roomba 671

Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair

This robot vacuum cleaner for pets features the advanced Roomba technology, with high-performance rotating brushes. The HEPA filter captures almost all of the hair and organic residues, together with the ability to be fully programmed. And controlled remotely via the app, available for iOS and Android, and compatible with Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant.

The robot operations will be completed remotely monitored; it is unnecessary to be physically at home to effectively and accurately set the cleaning cycles.

Neato Robotics D450 Premium Pet Edition

Vacuum For Pet Hair
Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair

The main features of this robot vacuum cleaner for animals are the D shape. Which, compared to the disc shape, allows you to reach even the most remote corners of the house, even under furniture. So the rotating brushes placed on the bottom are ultra-resistant; the suction power is remarkable, and the high-quality HEPA filter retains even the smallest and most invisible residues.

Neato Robotics D450 Premium Pet Edition is programmable via the app, which allows you to set the cleaning cycles remotely, using your smartphone; even outside the home, it will be possible to effectively manage cleaning the rooms, even if arranged on several floors.

Neato Robotics D750 Premium Pet Edition

The Neato D750 robot, specially designed to effectively remove animal hair, is made with a revolutionary D shape, more agile than the disc shape. It can clean every corner of the rooms, even on multiple floors.

The high-density HEPA filter retains even the smallest particles of hair; among the robot’s particular characteristics, having a laser mapping of the environments allows memorizing obstacles and paths to follow an optimal virtual path to clean all the spaces without leaving anything out. Fully programmable and manageable via the app and compatible with the Alexa virtual assistant, the D750 Premium model is silent, reliable, and complete.


Best Robot Vacuum
Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair

The 605 model of the Ecovacs robot is technologically advanced and specifically designed to vacuum animal hair. Hold it effectively through the HEPA filter, with the additional function of washing with water.

The brushes are resistant and automatically adapt to the surface to be cleaned; both hard floors and carpets are cleaned to perfection. So thanks to laser mapping and the remote programming and management mode, using a dedicated app. And the possibility of connecting the robot with Alexa. This is the full review of the device.


There are several models of robot vacuum cleaners for animals on the market. And therefore choosing the best one may not be easy. From this point of view, the budget available should be to buy a medium-high-end model. The brushes’ quality, the HEPA filter, and numerous accessories will greatly facilitate the appliance’s daily life. It will have a longer duration, with significantly higher performance. Those who want to take advantage of a multifunctional product that sucks up dust, hair, and residues effectively and scrubs. The floors can turn to robots that do both, alleviating the daily effort of keeping environments clean.


What features should a robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair have?

Must have:

  • Suction power: the hair of our 4-legged friends is resistant and often tangles in carpets. To get the best of it, the robot must have a high suction power.
  • Brush: The stiff bristle roller is good for most pet hair. The best models combine bristles and blades for better results; some products also have rubber brushes that attract dirt and hair.
  • Tank size: if it is too small, the hair clusters could compromise the robot’s suction power. So if you have multiple pets, buy a model with a large tank.
  • Filter: if you suffer from allergies, buy a model with a HEPA filter. That can filter 99.97% of particles large 0.3 micrometers or more; thus, it will eliminate the dust and particles that make you sneeze or make your eyes itch.
  • Forbidden areas: dogs and cats move freely around the house while the robot cleans. To avoid contact, some products can be blocked by “invisible barriers” created with special accessories. This way, you can prevent the robot from bumping into the bowls of the animals.

Are robotic vacuum cleaners good for pet hair?

Yes. Unlike normal vacuum cleaners, robots can remove dirt deposited under furniture and effectively clean even hairs deposited on the ground.

Do robotic vacuums pick up dog hair?

Yes. The best models have high suction power, quality brushes, and a large dirt tank.

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