Best TV shows of all time for comedy lovers

Best TV shows of all time
Best TV shows of all time

Why are the best TV shows of all time still in trend? Movies are undoubtedly a great source of entertainment. But TV series, particularly comedies, have their unique charm. Depending on your disposition, they can bring a smile or make you giggle like little kids. They help you connect with the characters and take you into another world altogether. Let us look at the best TV shows of all time that offered fun, emotional value, and comfort.

The best TV show of all time with a female lead – I Love Lucy

The pioneering show launched what is now a sitcom. Lucille Ball played the lead role in this hilarious comedy. The show has a timeless quality to it and has aged exceedingly well too. The 1950s show lasted for six seasons and displayed different customs of that time.

Naive and ambitious Lucy lacks skills but aspires to try something new, every episode. The comedy is all about her antics involving her husband, friends, and neighbors.

Best TV show of all time with a variety – Saturday Night Live

The late-night sketch comedy started in the 1970s and is still going strong. The show brought in a lot of variety and launched the careers of many stars. It gave a platform to many aspiring artistes who could showcase their acting prowess.

The series uses parodies, comedy sketches, and satire to comment on contemporary society. It focused on politics and culture, and also had monologues and live music performances.

Best TV show of all time about nothing – Seinfeld

The show changed the sitcom landscape and raked in millions. The show made one of the richest actors of the comedy genre. It became a global hit due to its affable main characters. The “show about nothing” is about four friends who live in New York. The situations, dialogues, lively characters, and guest stars made it a popular comedy.

Best TV show of all time that inspired many – Friends

Friends series is one of the best tv shows of all time. It is about 6 New York friends who are in their 20s. Over the years, the show displayed many comedic relatable situations. It also effectively portrayed family, drama, love, and above all, friendship.

Best TV show of all time that takes you to politics – Parks And Recreation

The political satire delves deeply into red-tape bureaucracy and self-centered individuals. The main lead Leslie Knope, played by Amy Pohler, is a mid-level official. She works in the show’s eponymous department and has many ideas that mostly turns into a hilarious event. It is absurd, smart, ridiculous, and heart-warming at the same time.

Best TV shows of all time for the millennial – Modern Family

The ABC family sitcom has a distinctly mocking tone. It is about three different but related families. This large and mixed family presents a hilarious picture through its main characters. The show is honest and draws humor from daily life situations. The characters exude warmth, love, shallowness, and various imperfections.

When your family goes upside down – Arrested Development

This comedy is also about a family, a dysfunctional one. The Bluths were once rich and ran many prominent businesses. But the patriarch gets convicted for fraud, and everyone becomes eccentric. Except for the lead character Michael, played by Jason Bateman.

Bring comedy into the daily routine of work – The Office

This comedy was about office employees in a Pennsylvania paper company with a weird boss. It had a mocking tone and successfully displayed the lives of ordinary workers. The show had a documentary style and had many hilarious and poignant moments. It needs praise for showing 9 to 5 workspaces in a new light.

When a TV writer gets dilemmas- Curb Your Enthusiasm

The comedy starred Larry David, who was a co-creator of Seinfeld. It is a unique series because of clear-cut plot lines and improvised acting. Larry played a fictionalized version of himself in this hit show. He stumbles into one predicament after another, testing his wife’s nerve.

A comedy show about a sketch comedy show – 30 Rock

The pop-cultural satire is the brainchild of actress and writer Tina Fey. She plays Liz Lemon, the head writer of TV sketch comedy shows. The series portrays her arrogant boss and eccentric stars with a touch of humor. The show’s success relies solely on the acting brilliance of various cast members.

Let’s look at bars with a comedy – Cheers

This hit show ran for 11 seasons and focused on Cheers, a Boston bar. Different people from different walks of life meet here. They drink, talk, have fun, fight, and discuss their experiences with one another.

Older people could make you laugh too – Golden Girls

The popular comedy starred four single and older women. The senior citizens share a home and interact in a lively manner. The show won acclaim for presenting a comical outlook on life using unconventional lead characters.

If you are in software, this is relatable – Silicon Valley

As the name implies, it is a show about software programmers and techies. The top comedy is entertaining and educational. The characters are relatable, lovable, and hilarious. But the show also got criticized for portraying elitism and exclusivity.

When comedy runs the government – Veep

The political satire is about a fictitious vice president of the USA. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, of Seinfeld fame, plays the lead character with competence. The cast members try hard to leave a legacy instead of handling daily political affairs. The popular show also has deft comedic touches.

The best TV show of all time for cartoon lovers – The Simpsons

The Simpsons comedy is by far one of the best TV shows of all time. The animated series is the longest-running show with 31 seasons. Springfield town is used as a backdrop to satirize pretty much everything. All the characters are funny, and the satirical dialogue is peerless.

Cops need not be very tight always – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The hilarious sitcom satirizes police procedures in the 99th Precinct of New York. The commanding officer is eccentric, and the detectives are all quirky. And they set out to solve crimes in the city. The strict Rosa, irresponsible Jake, over-studious Amy, sensitive Boyle, and protective Terry under Holt’s command do make the precinct more colorful.

The comedy that comes from cross-culture – Fresh Off The Boat

The refreshing show is about an immigrant, Asian-American family. The Taiwanese characters try to adjust and accommodate into USA’s social, cultural, and economic reality.

Do you agree with this list? Let us know if you had a different list in your mind.

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