Best Websites To Download Movies And Series For Free

Best Websites To Download Movies

Will it be legal to download free movies from the Internet? As for downloading music and taking advantage of free streaming, yes, it can be done. Or rather, everything can be done as long as copyright regulations are respected. Best websites to download movies, but you have to choose copyright-free content. Suppose you have doubts about which videos you can download. In that case, we will try to clarify the limits set by the latest changes to the copyright laws in Italy and what risks are involved in uploading and downloading movies, videos and music. online.

For the rest, you have to make sure that the connection you rely on is efficient. After that, it is sufficient to start a speed test and, if necessary, evaluate the best ADSL and fiber offers that allow you a higher download speed.

What is illegal to download, and what penalties do you risk

One of the most immediate and simple ways to find the movies you want is to try looking for them on sites. That allows streaming and downloads. Many sites offer endless libraries. Where you can start searching for your movies to the best websites to download movies and quickly. Some of the most popular blogs and catalog containers of movies in streaming or download and clicked by users are CB01, Altadefinizione, CineBlog01, PopCornTv, or Tantifilm. The domains of these portals are constantly updated to try not to incur restrictive regulations on copyright and against piracy. Suppose you have not tried to log in for some time. And a message from the Postal Police or the Financial Police appears indicating. The violations and the blackout of the site in Italy.

Know that streaming is not illegal, so you don’t commit wrongdoing in watching videos. The question is different for those who upload copyrighted films or materials or if you. Once you download content, could you share it on online platforms?

The law governing this controversial issue in Italy is 633 of 1941, with all subsequent amendments made. To art. 1, this regulation states: “Intellectual works of a creative nature that belong to literature, music, figurative arts, architecture, theater, and cinema, whatever the way or the form of expression. “

In these two norms, are contents aggravating the position of those who share copyrighted content? In particular, those who do not limit themselves to streaming content. But download the film on their PC or device, risk an administrative penalty of up to € 154. Once discovered, it will also incur the seizure of all the offending material.

How to avoid adv on streaming sites

Streaming is undoubtedly the most practical of the various ways to find the movies you are looking for and, in general, in addition to the link to watch the chosen movie online. There are also links for downloading. As we have seen, streaming is also the solution with which you risk less from a legal point of view.

If you choose this method, be prepared to block invasive and often inappropriate advertisements. The pop-ups that will open with each click are many, usually for sports betting sites or porn pages. To bypass this nasty step, you can download an ad blocker extension.

Among the best known and best functioning are:

  • Adblock (for some months now available in the Plus version also on mobile devices)
  • Ad-Blocker, helpful in putting a stop to unwanted ads on iOS devices.
  • TrustGo, an app that prevents the information from being collected for targeted marketing campaigns

And the list is still long. So then, parental controls allow you to filter porn content, adult sites, and malware. One of the best extensions in this regard is TinyFilter. Have you never heard of it? Bad, here’s how you can use it. The blocking process is simple: visit the site or copy the site’s link that appeared by clicking on other content. Next, open the filter extension and select Block this site. Done.

Other extensions recommended by users are:

  • WebFilter Pro, with its white and blacklists to insert or remove the sites you want to block, unblock or consider exceptions to the rule.
  • Blocks, like most extensions of this type, works by entering the URL of the unwanted site. The plus of this application is the 79 categories under which it is possible to index blocked sites.

Best programs to download videos from the Internet

After making sure you have two suitable applications to block ads and potential porn sites, proceed to search for movies to download for free and quickly.

There are sites that we have already seen that allow you to download music quickly and for free. Some of these are also useful for downloading movies.

The best programs that you cannot do without are:

  • JDownloader is a download manager that scans the websites for you and can find the content you are looking for. It is written in Java and is compatible with major operating systems. Among the flaws reported in the forums are the slowness of the interface and the inability to restore processes if they are interrupted.
  • The well-known BitTorrent is one of the main Torrent clients and is a valuable tool not only for downloading videos. Also, in this case, you must be willing to install the program on your PC. Unlike online apps for which you needed to copy and paste the address of the material, in this case, you will have to type the title or keywords in the search space and select from the results obtained. Very important, when downloading from this type of program, be careful about the sources you choose before proceeding with the download.
  • Then, of course, uTorrent, the most used torrent client in the world on macOS and Windows. Its luck is due to its lightness and the fact that it does not have to be installed on the PC. Furthermore, its feature automatically configures the connection parameters to ensure the best possible download is highly appreciated by users.

Best websites to download movies

To make it easier for you to find your movies on these programs, you should check out these Best websites to download movies.


This is not a database like any other. Instead, is the most extensive online library created in the mid-1990s by the San Francisco Internet Archive. The stated purpose on the home page is to provide universal access to knowledge. It contains all kinds of works and contents. In its collection, you will find books, podcasts, audio, video content, photos, and thousands of these no longer covered by copyright (therefore legally downloadable). The site also has a good search and categorization browser to search by genre, language, or film company.

 2. Public Domain Torrents: Best Websites To Download Movies

Best Websites To Download Movies

Let’s go on in this excursus on Best websites to download movies free, not forgetting that it is only legal to download non-copyrighted content. Public Domain Torrents is another highly recommended site on various movie and TV series forums. The graphics are not too seductive and intuitive. They are hideous. But the database of films available makes us forget these aesthetic defects. The site will allow you to download .torrent files, for which you will then have to use the well-known software. The categories to select the searched content are Action and Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Exploitation, Family, Horror, Martial Arts, Musicals, Mystery and Suspense, Sci-Fi, Serials, War.

 3. Vuze

Best Websites To Download Movies

Another site to keep in mind is Vuze, which is a file-sharing client software compatible with Torrent. It is a safe and legal download source for videos, comedies, TED Talks, movies, etc. You will have to search for the Torrent file on the Internet. (canadian pharmacy no prescription) When you have downloaded it, the download on Vuze will start automatically.

 4. Bitlove: Best Websites To Download Movies

Best Websites To Download Movies

Then there is Bitlove, another peer-to-peer torrent file client. This site’s catalog is not comparable to that of Archive, but it is still considered a good alternative. The pros of Bitlove mention the alphabetical and language organization of the contents and the possibility offered by the platform to share one’s podcasts.

 5. Linux Tracker

If you are one of those who constantly change Linux systems, the Linux Tracker is for you. This site has been analyzing Linux torrents for more than 13 years and categorizing them by upload date, file size, the number of people who shared complete files (seeders), and amount of people who downloaded and uploaded content (leechers). ).

 6. Vodo:  Best Websites To Download Movies

Vodo is a site with an excellent database of independent films. The site allows users to make donations to support artists. But it is not mandatory and does not preclude the possibility of downloads. The search is simple. In fact, at the top of the page, you can find the free movies option. You will have to select it, and you can view the list of available contents.

 7. Miro

A site with an interface accessible even to inexperienced users is Miro. This element is an Internet TV player, which, thanks to the association with a BitTorrent client, allows you to locate multimedia contents and play them as you wish. If you are a supporter of the open-source philosophy (sharing the source code to allow modifications and improvements by anyone) and open content (literally it means open content, in this case, you choose to give access to your materials by making them available to other users) this program is for you. The operation of Miro is no different from that of the sites seen so far, the search menu allows you to select the video torrents to download, or you can search by category or by language.

8. Etree: Best Websites To Download Movies

If you are a fan of live concert movies, Etree could be for you too. The community is mainly made up of fans of bands who share the footage of their favorite bands’ musical events on this platform. You can search by artist or show name, or by concert date. This site is also based on sharing torrent files.

 9. TAS video

Among the torrent clients with a good database of movies to download, Video TAS is also worth mentioning. Unlike what we have seen so far, this site was born with the desire to create communities and satisfy video game players. You will find the list of the latest videos uploaded, and in the appropriate search space on the homepage, you can search and download your favorite multimedia content.

 10. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay used responsibly is an excellent source of content. It is the most popular torrent file tracker in the world. And thanks to User Tags that classify accounts as trusted and dangerous, you will recognize which users are safe.

The list of torrent sites from the best websites to download movies free and legally could still go on. But we leave the discovery to you.

Other solutions to Best websites to download movies free and legally

That said, there are other alternatives to download movies. If the ones shown so far have not convinced you or you are not very familiar with torrents. A solution that could satisfy your needs is undoubtedly Vcast. With this software, you can record a TV channel to watch the movie or event whenever you want. The site allows you to download a free and a paid version. Is it legal? The operation is simple, select the desired channel. The time and the site will save in your cloud the contents transmitted at the indicated time and day.

At that point, you need to download from the cloud. You will find TV series, films, cartoons, documentaries, and much more in the catalog. How are the free and paid versions different? In the number of hours of recording possible in a month and the quality of the downloadable videos. Primary users can record 16 hours at 420p, while premium account holders can get 32 ​​hours of footage at 576p.

Even if this system convinces you, you have to access paid or free portals that can download movies. Replay has a rich archive of Italian and foreign films (also in their original language), independent films, and blockbusters. Operators such as Now TV, Mediaset, Sky, Netflix, or Amazon Prime offer, upon payment of monthly subscriptions, a varied catalog of latest releases and great classics of world cinema.

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