Co-Stars Call Out Lea Michele who Faces Backlash for Being Unapologetic

Glee Star Lea Michele Faces Backlash Following Her Apology

Lea Michele of Glee fame was highly criticized for not being apologetic enough in her lengthy apology statement. The post garnered a lot of attention and hundreds of people suggested that Michele should rephrase the apology properly. The note was addressed to Lea’s Glee co-star Samantha Ware, and everyone else who ‘might’ have got hurt due to her behavior during the show.

It all started when Lea took to Twitter to express her support towards the movement of #blacklivesmatter.

As a reply to her post, co-star Samantha Ware also took to Twitter to express her opinion. It seems that Ware is not okay with the fact that Michele was showing support towards a cause that she does not follow in real life. To make things clear, she publicly posted about Lea Michele’s behavior towards her when they were shooting together.

According to Samantha Ware, co-star Lea had made her life “a living hell”. The accused was believed to have told people that given a choice she would even deny to “shit on her wig”. The ‘her’ here is of course Samantha. The actress added that Lea had left her extremely traumatized. Moreover, at a point, she had even started questioning her ability to build a Hollywood career.

Samantha’s post came up on Monday and two days later on Wednesday, there was a long post by Lea. In this, she did not name anyone directly but denied all the allegations. She wrote in the post that she was unaware of any such behavior that was mentioned by her co-star. ( Besides, the actor said that she never discriminates against people based on their skin color or background. However, she was sorry if her behavior hurt anyone.

Not a proper “sorry”

Although, the post from Lea Michele was meant to be a sorry post, what followed lead to so much chaos. Apart from the word “sorry”, she also talked quite a lot about how a lot of people ‘perceived’ her behavior. The word ‘perceived’ affected so many people including several of her fans. According to the comments found on her post, it is very evident that the fans feel that Lea is not taking complete responsibility for her wrong actions.


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Out of all other people who commented, there was Emma Hunton it was not an apology. Hunton had briefly worked with Michele back in 2008 in Broadway for “Spring Awakening.” Besides, Gerard Canonico also commented to criticize Michele. He said that that the actress was like a nightmare to him and the rest of the Understudy cast. He says that Lea’s behavior was horrible despite them trying to be nice with her. Here is what Samantha posted on Twitter:

Real Housewives alum Aviva Drescher targeted Michele’s Instagram post. She commented saying that Lea was once very rude to her behavior is therefore not a surprise for her. She also advised the Glee actress not to judge others before judging herself. However, Samantha Ware is yet to have responded to the apology. So, let’s see what she had to say here!

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