Devi TV Series All Characters Original Names with Pictures

Elder Soyarabai aka Ruchita Jadhav

Devi TV Series All Characters Original Names with Pictures information given here. Devi TV serial was first premiered on September 20, 2002 and went off air after completion of 118 episodes on Sony TV. Available picture format was only 480i SDTV. Ajay Devgan and Misha Gautam were the producers of Devi TV serial. Anant Mahadevan was the director of Devi TV serial.

Devi TV Series All Characters Original Names with Pictures

Gayatri/Vaishnavi original name is Sakshi TanwarGayatri/Vaishnavi original name is Sakshi Tanwar

Vikram original name is Mohnish BehlVikram original name is Mohnish Behl

Kalika original name is Juhi ParmarKalika original name is Juhi Parmar

Devi Maa (Goddess Durga) original name is Madhoo
Vasu original name is Rajesh Khera/Aman Verma
Uma original name is Meera Vasudevan
Gauri original name is Kiran Dubey
Anjana Mumtaz
Rakesh Pandey
Manish Goel

Brief information and facts about Devi TV Serial

  • First broadcast on September 20, 2002
  • Available format of picture: 480i SDTV
  • Producers: Misha Gautam and Ajay Devgan
  • Total no. of episodes: 118 total
  • Production House: Devgan Entertainment Software


Gayatri is an orphaned girl who lives with her uncle, and cruel aunt.she is an ardent devotee of goddess jagdamba or Durga. Gayatri is persuaded to marry Vikram, who seems to be a nice man.

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Article first published on June 23, 2015.

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