Exploring about What an Online Hackathon is and How it Functions

Exploring about Online Hackathon

Technology has always been very alluring especially in this world today. And hackathon is one of those which have inspired a lot of people to use it. So first the task is to know what a hackathon is. So basically Hackathons have been an alluring way to celebrate and engage data science community, and have centredon solving unique business problems. In India, hackathons have gained immense popularity, given a host of advantage it poses like honing data science skills, and also learn new technologies, also in identifying areas of interest, forming a community, building reputation in the community. Online hackathons in India have been a great way to explore these options. In the past few years, it has helped developers push their boundaries and explore their newer selves. Additionally, data science skills can also be sharpened by enrolling in a data science online course where the curriculum is regularly updated as per the industry requirements.

Exploring about Online Hackathon

Exploring about Online Hackathon


Now, let’s explore what an online hackathon is and how it functions:

1. So first and foremost to keep the data science community intrigued, we have recently seen an online hackathon platform that hosts hackathons and discussion platforms. And that it promises to offer an engaging and competing platform, boosting data science professionals to elevate their skills to newer heights, which might take the sector to a different level of height. If you are looking to compete with leading data scientists and machine learning experts in the world then you should opt for Intellipaat’s Machine learning course.

2. Secondly it also has to offer an online platform where current and future data scientists, machine learning enthusiasts can compete on various real world problems, and find solutions using tools in machine learning and data science. And idea was basically invented to bring a platform that can act as a springboard for developers to test, hone and showcase their skills.

3. Third is one of the best points out here because it helps both the established sectors and also the new ones who are trying to create an imprint. So, suiting both beginners and expert level coders, the online hackathons are curate by industry experts and developers, so that it is relevant for data science enthusiasts at all proficiency levels. The platform brings challenging projects enabling them to improve their skills, collaborate and compete like never before, which is great is not it?

4. So, in a nutshell, online hackathon provides an excellent opportunity to test and showcase your machine learning skills by competing against hundreds of data scientists across the country.

5. Fifthly you need to know how it works. And the answer is discussed elaborately. The companies can participate in online hackathons designed the experts. And there each hackathon lists a detailed overview of the problem statement, along with other details such as background, prizes, evaluation, criteria, duration of hackathon, levels etc. so it makes the process really easy for every one without causing much trouble.

6. And in the next step you have to start downloading the data, which comes as training and test data. And then Based on the training data you have to work on the problem and create machine learning models. And finally once the problem has been worked upon using your preferred machine learning techniques and tools, you have to submit the filled in test data, and that literally is all that one needs to do.

7. And then lastly your results are compared to that of others by our team of experts, who would check your submission along with the code, and include your score in the leaderboard.

8. And the best part is that, this is a major highlight of the hackathons. That your own performance in the leaderboard can be a major attraction point for data science recruiters.

9. And another advantage of this is that each online hackathon has a dedicated discussion board, where the participants can collaborate with each other over problems and finding its solutions. This not only provides a platform to upgrade your knowledge, but developing a strong sense of community and network data scientists across the globe. So basically it increases the collaboration and talks between companies giving scope to a lot more of business and work, and ideas.

10. So basically an online hackathon is a great platform to work with professionals from across different and diverse backgrounds and build interesting products. Traditionally, the only way to be part of a hackathon was to be physically present at the venue. This meant that you’d miss all the fun and action if you couldn’t make it to where the hackathon was being held. Thanks to the internet, things have changed. Also the emergence of the digital era platforms has made the concept of online hackathons possible. Hackathons can now be conducted online or offline, or as a hybrid of both formats. You can participate in an online hackathon from anywhere in the world.

11. What you need to know in detail is that in an online or virtual hackathon, all participants are remotely connected. Irrespective of their location, hackathon enthusiasts can participate and demonstrate their skills on an online hackathon platform using various tools.

12. And therefore an online hackathon thus gives everyone the opportunity to participate, showcase their skills, and have fun.

13. You also should know that online hackathons are often used for narrowly-defined coding challenges which test participants’ experiences and expertise. These events can be based on specific APIs, frameworks, or programming languages.

14. And hence the companies use online hackathons in indiato engage their employees simultaneously across different geographies and time zones to solve a problem or drive innovation. Additionally, also online hackathons have a greater reach. With an online hackathon, companies can reach out to millions of developers across the globe. The process of collecting submissions and evaluations is automated in the case of online hackathons, making it easy for organizers to shortlist the best ideas at a much faster pace.

So, therefore, by reading this post, you will know exactly what an online hackathon is all about. And also the way it is used and why companies are using this process to expand themselves in the market and create an impression. Because evidently everyone wants to be successful in this realm and this provides a great opportunity.

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