How to Meet Akshay Kumar Personally and Face to Face

Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar entered Bollywood with Saugandh, in 1991 and quickly rose up to be one of India’s most loved and appreciated actors, with films like Baby, Nameste London, and Welcome etc. under his belt. He has mostly done comedy movies that are always entertaining but he has done quite a few great action and drama movies as well. His unique acting skills coupled with great action sequences have garnered him a large fan base. And if you are one of them, then in this article I give you a few ways to meet Akshay Kumar personally and face to face.

How to Meet Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar

How to Meet Akshay Kumar Personally and Face to Face

  • Mail a letter to his production office or home

This is one of the most used and successful ways to get a personal and face to face meeting with Akshay Kumar. All you need to do is write a well worded letter, requesting Akshay Kumar for personal appointment and the reasons for it. ( Then you need to mail this letter to his home address or production office address, which are given below.

Home: 203, A Wing,
Lokhandwala Complex,
Andheri (West)
Mumbai – 400 053

Production Office: Hari Om Productions
Road No. 6
Goregaon West
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Telephone: +91-22-32101130

I suggest you opt for sending the letter to his home rather than office. For his other contact information, then please refer this article.

  • Going to his movie shooting location

This is one of the most famous methods of meeting any actor, including Akshay Kumar. Firstly, you need to do a little research about the location where Akshay is shooting and if you have contacts in media then this task will go quite smoothly. After reaching the shooting location you can request the crew to set up a meet with Akshay (which is rarely possible) or stand in the crowd of fans waiting to get glimpse of the star. Akshay does meet many fans in shooting locations, so don’t give up!

  • During charity events

Akshay is active with many charities and if he is invited for a charity event that supports a good cause, then he will surely come. You will have to get a pass for this event and request the organizer’s for help to meet Akshay before the event begins.

  • Use social media

Nowadays everyone is available on social media and Akshay Kumar is no exception. You just need to tweet him (@akshaykumar) or send him a request for a face-to-face meeting in Facebook ( ). This is a great and easy way of getting a chance to meet Akshay.

Try these tips and meet Akshay Kumar personally!

Article Title: How to Meet Akshay Kumar Personally and Face to Face
Article last re-published on May 19, 2018.

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