How to Meet John Abraham In Person

How to Meet John Abraham In Person

John Abraham is a popular Bollywood actor in India. He is one of the most popular Hindi movie actors in the world. He has given many hit movies, which includes Dhoom, Housefull 2, Dostana, New York, Madras Cafe, Shootout at Wadala, and more. John has created his own brand in India and around the world. He has millions of fans in India and around the world. A few of them have a dream to meet John Abraham personally and face to face. To help them, we have provided a few tips which may be useful to meet your favourite actor John Abraham. So, let’s read!

#How to Meet John Abraham Face to Face and Personally

#1 Meet At Film Shooting Location

John Abraham loves to meet his fans at any location. However, you should need to follow his schedule very strictly. It is always better to meet him during his free time at film shooting location. If possible, he would be happy to meet his fans in person and face to face without any problems. We still recommend you to contact any local influencing personality who may be helpful to meet John in person. Do all these things well in advance.

#2 Request An Appointment

You should request an appointment through an ordinary mail, sending by India Post or any private courier agency in your local area. You should provide valid reasons to meet him personally otherwise you would not able to meet him in person and face to face. Send your letter to the following home address of John Abraham.

John Abraham Entertainment Pvt Ltd.,
31, Ground Floor,
Green Acre, Union Park
Petit Girls High School
Road No. 5
Mumbai – 400 052
Maharashtra, India

#3 Meet During Charity Event

John Abraham is engaged in many charity related events throughout the year. So, it is one of the best ways to approach him in person. You would face less crowd at the event. Hence, it is the best way to meet him personally.

So, best of luck!

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