How to Meet Nana Patekar Personally and Face to Face

How to Meet Nana Patekar Personally and Face to Face

Nana Patekar’s full name is Vishwanath Nana Patekar. He is a prominent Bollywood actor, filmmaker, and writer. Nana has majorly worked with the Bollywood and Marathi cinema. He has been acclaimed for many awards and honored with many prestigious trophies. There are 3 ways on how to meet Nana Patekar personally.

Nana is an awardee of major awards like the National Film Award and Filmfare Award. Some of his popular movies include, Krantiveer, Welcome Back, Welcome, Yeshwant, Parindaa, Khamoshi, Taxi No. 9 2 11, Ab Tak Chappan 1 and 2, Shakti: The Power, Agni Sakshi, Bhoot, Angaar, Bluffmaster, and more.

#3 Tips on How to Meet Nana Patekar Personally and Face to Face

#1 Engagement in NAAM Foundation

NAAM is a renowned foundation that organizes a good number of events and programs related to charity. Mainly, they raise funds for the farmers. Nana Patekar is personally involved with the organization to create awareness and invite more participants for the NGO. This is the best way to engage with NAAM and have a chance to meet Nana Patekar.

#2 Prior Appointment

Send a letter of appointment at Nana Patekar’s office or residential address. He is a very down to earth person and loves to meet his fans. Write a clear and concise letter with the reason of your meet and express your feelings for him in the letter of appointment. His addresses are mentioned here under;

Office address:

Nana Patekar
NAAM Foundation Office
15 and 16, Ajay shopping centre
T.H. Katariya Marg, Matunga (W)
Mumbai 400016
Maharashtra, India

Residential address:

Nana Patekar
Bollywood Actor
304 Sheetal,
Apna Ghar Society,
Samarth Nagar, Andheri,
Mumbai 400 058
Maharashtra, India

#3 On sets

Most of the celebrities are relaxing in their vanity van till they are called for their scene. This is a chance to see Nana Patekar and click pictures with him. Try to find out the location where he is shooting and connect with a reporter or a journalist to help you enter the restricted area. Nana has fans from all over the world, thus sometimes things may take time to see him in person. Do not loose hopes and keep your patience high. If you really like him and believe in yourself, you will meet him face to face soon.

We hope the tips on how to meet Nana Patekar personally will be useful to you. Keep visiting our site for more details on other celebrities.

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