Instacart Customer Service Number

Instacart Customer Service Number

Instacart is an American company that specializes in the United States and Canada food supply and pick-up services. Via the website and Mobil software, the business provides services. The app helps consumers to buy food from participating stores through a personal shopper. This article will give you a complete guide about Instacart customer service number & other details about Instacart Company.

Serial entrepreneur Apoorva Mehta, a former employee at, founded Instacart in 2012. Originally began in San Francisco with Instacart. The company had nearly 200 staff by April 2015.

In June, a new program was implemented, which encouraged some shoppers to vote for temporary workers, beginning with Chicago and Boston and the following month expanded their deal to shoppers in Atlanta, Miami, and Washington D.C.

As of May 2020, Instacart started a Rite Aid alliance with 2.400 Rite Aid offices in 18 countries. In August 2020, Instacart entered into its first agreement with Walmart in the United States to provide services on the same day. On 14 January 2021, Instacart announced a grant for vaccination assistance for shoppers opting for the COVID-19 vaccine.

So, the business expects to hire almost 2,000 people, including workers who agreed to join the Union, on 21 January 2021. However, this decision was taken in reaction to foodstuffs that used Instacart technologies to expand their takeover facilities and their own employees’ ability to execute pick-up orders made in Instacart, decreasing the dependency on Instacart customers. In this article, you will get all the relevant information & Instacart Customer service number.

Instacart Customer Service Number: Procedure

Orders are performed by individual shoppers, who sort, pick and deliver the order within a defined time-frame of the customer within an hour or up to five days before the delivery date. Customers are paying for credit or personal debit cards, Apple Pay cards, and Google Pay Cards.

For $35 or higher orders, the shipping fee is $3.99, and for those of $7.99. Regardless of order cost, a minimum service charge of $2 is due at a 5 percent fee. For a monthly payment of about $9.99 or an annual fee of $99, Instacart provides a Member Package called Instacart Express. The subscription program waives shipping costs on orders of over $35, but consumers do have to pay the shopper’s services. Customers must still exit free of charge. So, the prices of individual goods that are mainly the same as the in-store prices are fixed by retailers that invest in the Instacart collaboration scheme.

Customers may also receive their pre-made orders from a different operation from the shop. So, retailers not involved in the Alliance Scheme, consumers with products ranging from a negative mark up to over 50% are entitled to a mark-up of about 15% -40% per order.

Instacart, a San Francisco-based food delivery app, revolutionizes the way we have shopped food for the past 50. So, their mission is to create the cheapest way to buy food for people worldwide.

Instacart links consumers with actual customers who buy and collect local supermarkets, saves customers on a Sunday afternoon from the long-distance and crowded items. Instacart also helps consumers to combine products in one order from many stores. Ordering via the application or online is simple, and consumers can use the support center of the business to provide responses and connectivity to general questions.

Serving a diversified group of people

Instacart wants to serve both consumers and shoppers from a service point of view and,, therefore,, a framework with robust personalization, allowing them to segment their two user bases within the same tool.

So, transparency and versatility help Instacart collect consumer voices, analyze satisfaction levels more closely and make the informed product or policy changes.

Instacart Customer service number: Data Visibility

The team discussed various alternatives before selecting Zendesk to help Jeremy Flanagan, the Instacart Customer Ops Project Lead of Software. So, Flanagan is accountable and acts as a liaison between consumer ops and product departments with the happiness squad’s resources. In this respect, Instacart needed to combine its customer service approach with customer resources to leverage its rich multi-user knowledge to compare possible systems.

For Instacart, consumers need to know about connections, the latest information about sales, and the coupon and credit balance. On the other hand, it is crucial to know when supporting shoppers what sort of shopper they are and if their status is active.

Everything depends on consumer awareness.

Flanagan had spent years working as a shopper on the ground to fulfill orders and a Happiness worker to support the same shoppers before stepping into his new job, which gave him the unique view of seeing the partnership from both sides.

So, the more a shopper or client is linked to an employee, the better the customer or shopper service experience. The workers of Instacart are continually working on a complete shopping shift.

Instacart was the supreme dealer, then, in taking data on each customer to its Zendesk view. This knowledge allows the team to properly travel demands and increases agent interactions and efficacy since they do not need to switch between programs as much.

Instacart Customer Service Number

You will charge cancelation fees up to $15 if you cancel an order within the shopping or shipping time. So, cancel after shopping has started, contact Instacart Care via the Contact us at the end of e

Toll-Free Number: (888) 246-7822

Call customer service-

Instacart Customer service number

(888) 246-7822

(844) 981-3433

Although you can contact Instacart at:


50 Beale St. Suite 600

San Francisco, California 94105


Please check your account settings, go to Instacart Help Center or contact the Community Operations Team at 1 (888) 246-7822 for customer service inquiries.

So, if you are a Californian resident under the Calvery Support Center post.

Please contact through email Instacart Customer service number –

  • Launch Center Assist Center.
  • Email to a member of Instacart Care.
  • 1 888 246 7822; contact them or just call them.

Instacart Phone Numbers and Emails. Civ. § 1789.3, by contacting them, in written form, at 1625 N. Market Blvd., Ste. N 112, Sacramento, California 95834 and at (800) 952 – 5210 or (916) 445 – 1254, you can report complaints to California’s Instacart Customer service number.

How do I place an Order?

So every minute counts, you’re busy. Let us connect you to your shoppers and supply items from your favorite stores in one hour. It’s that straightforward.

Shop on your preferred markets

However, the associates of the Instacart companies, Albertsons, ALDI, and CVS include Kroger, Loblaw, Publix, Sam’s Club, Sprouts, and Wegmans, among other large national and regional retailers. The Instacart marketplace provides customers with more than 300 retailers and trusted local foodstuffs.

Shop your computer or your mobile device from your favorite national and regional grocers.

Delivery on schedule

Plan delivery to fit your schedule as quickly as one hour or later the day and week.

Delivery windows begin at 9 am and run until midnight—local store time check. Delivery hours, including vacation hours, are subject to store operating time.

Get your veggies & snacks.

Meet your shopper at your door for snacks. There is also a pick-up service on the Instacart website. Only buy on the website or app of Instacart, choose a time to pick up, and take your food from the supermarket. Available at select locations. So, if you need assistance with the launch or with a current order, call our dedicated Senior Support Service.

Are you reporting an Instacart problem?

  • Select a subject-
  • Have you got a problem? So, tell them what happens to a prior order, and inquire for compensation or redemption. Report a problem.
  • Mail them. So, they are there to assist. Email a part of Group Service. And give them an update.
  • Contact or please call them at 1-888-246-7822. We’re open 24/7

Annual Membership Fee

Annual membership of 99$ is paid on the same date each year. Likewise, Instacart Express membership does not promise that such delivery slots for a particular delivery shall be available. There could be subscription rates.

How to personally contact personnel for any help?

Speaking to your shopper at Instacart can be a bit time-consuming. But here’s the procedure-

  1. Tap the upper left corner of 3 stacked horizontal bars.
  2. Click the commands.
  3. Tap on the existing command.
  4. Press the Chat Bubble button in the top right corner as the new order screen appears.
  5. Deliver your message! Send your message.
  6. You can get an update when your shopper responds whether you have activated in-app alerts.

 What do Instacart customers think?

1. Reviewer: J, Longmont, CO

“I signed up two or three months ago, and I’ve used Instacart several times now. The feeling was a mixed bag, but I stuck with it as lovely and convenient as possible. So far.

Pros: Website usually is workable; useful and timely shoppers; infinitely courteous, often successful online customer service; and (until now). So, I found it part of my curve to describe my order more clearly what I do and do not want for quality and price, where a concern with a product variety has arisen. And once my “do not replace” warning was violated by a shopper, the compensation was more than equitable.”

2. Estelle, NY

I shopped only once at Instacart. I had four necessary water cases requested. When the shopper arrived at Costco, he said they had no necessities, so I picked Fiji. I got four critical points when I received the order. So, the project arrived at 8 p. m., and they said that they repaid 92.81 to me. I called Instacart immediately. Today, I went to my bank, and they never paid me back. I requested a petitions court case.

Brian, Aurora, Orin

early December 2020, I used them for the first time to order $28. It went well, but I didn’t see people get back because it was the only moment. My card was then paid $99 by Instacart on 23 December 2020. So, it’s the Christmas season. I survive on my Social Security! I confess I was angry. They had to revoke my debit card and then give me a fresh one. They reimbursed me the $99 when they went after Instacart instantly. USAA is a Credit Union first class. Best get their act together in Instacart.

4. A complete disaster

However, the entire Rip Off! You bill them on the product (see the receipt picture and compare what it costs to you really vs. what they charge). They charge you twice! So, they cancel things that I wanted (for whatever reason, I ordered) and replace them with costlier / not biological items, etc. I’m happy this service is available, but I had to write to lament each time I used it. And they didn’t do a lot of it. Instacart, I’d NOT suggest.

Well, hope these honest reviews & Instacart Customer service number can help you throughout your decision making procedure.


How do I contact Instacart support?

So, please check your account settings for customer service inquiries, contact the Instacart support center, or call our Community Operations team at 1 (888) 246-7822.

How can I contact Instacart?

Please contact them via Email.

Go to-

  1. Launch Center Assist Center.
  2. Email to a member of Instacart Care.
  3. 1-888-245-823 3. contact us. Call us.

How should I say Instacart about a problem?

Select a subject

  • So, have you got a problem? Tell them what happens to a prior order, and inquire for compensation or redemption. Report a problem.
  • Mail them. They are there to assist. Email a part of Group Service. And give them an update.
  • Contact or please call them at 1-888-246-7822. We’re open 24/7

How do I get in touch with Instacart?

You will charge cancelation fees up to $15 if you cancel an order within the shopping or shipping time. To cancel once you’ve begun your shopping, reach Instacart Care by selecting Contact us at the bottom of every Help Center article.

Why did Instacart charge me $99?

The organization claims “needs of foodstuffs” by requesting “Subscriptions” for “Instacart express.” So, this costs $99 a year or $9.99 a month. Order your products and miss Express fees if you wish.”


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