Jeevan Saathi Cast Real Names with Photographs

Lydia aka Suzanne Bernert

Jeevan Saathi Cast Real Names with Photographs information and details has been provided here. Jeevan Saathi – Humsafar Zindagi Ke was first aired on 21st July, 2008 and ended on 4th September, 2009. It was produced by famous Bollywood actor Paresh Raval. It was directed by Dharmesh Shah and Yash Chauhan. It was written by Jayesh Patil and RM Joshi.

Famous TV star Suzanne Bernert played the role of Lydia. While Amir Dalvi has played the role of Ishwar in this TV serial. It was interesting story of love and sacrifice.

So, let’s read brief information / details, cast real names and photographs of Jeevan Saathi TV series.

Brief information and details on Jeevan Saathi TV Series

  • First episode broadcast: 21st July, 2008
  • Last episode broadcast: 4th September, 2009
  • Total numbers of episodes telecast: 310
  • Producers: Hemal Thakkar and Paresh Rawal
  • Writer: Jayesh Patil and R M Joshi
  • Directors: Dharmesh Shah and Yash Chauhan

Jeevan Saathi Cast Real Names with Photographs – Characters original names.

Lydia aka Suzanne BernertLydia real name is Suzanne Bernert

Ishwar aka Amir DalviIshwar real name is Amir Dalvi

Vikram Aditya Rathod aka Vikram GokhaleVikram Aditya Rathod real name is Vikram Gokhale

Ishaan Solanki aka Shailesh GulabaniIshaan Solanki real name is Shailesh Gulabani

Neil Fernandez aka Gaurav KhannaNeil Fernandez real name is Gaurav Khanna

Viraj Rathod aka Vaani SharmaViraj Rathod real name is Vaani Sharma

Jimit TrivediJimit Trivedi

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