JoJo Siwa Surprises Fans With Her New Look

JoJo Siwa

The news of Nickelodeon star, JoJo Siwa changing her trademark hair color is breaking the internet. The 17-year old Dance Moms alum has revealed her new brown hair, and fans are loving it completely. Recently, she took to her Instagram account to release a TikTok video with the background score of “I’m not gonna do it” to surprise everyone with her new look. In a part of the video in which JoJo was flaunting her trademark bow and a high pony, the voiceover went as “Girl don’t do it, it’s not worth it”. To this, the teenager lipsynced to the line “I’m not gonna do it, girl, I was just thinking about it, I’m not gonna do it….” 

As you keep concentrating on the screen, there is a time-lapse, and a dancer walks into the frame with chocolate brown hair that was beautifully curled down. Now she sings, “I did it.” The video was as cute as the caption that told the viewers to wait for it, but no one knew what the ‘it’ was till the video started. After this fun post on Instagram, she posted another video on TikTok, in which she lipsynced to “Can’t be tamed,” a very popular song by Miley Cyrus. In this video, she keeps flaunting her signature hairstyle till the part comes where it says, “I can’t be tamed.” To this JoJo twirls and reveals her chocolate brown hair again.

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wait for it…..

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JoJo Siwa receives massive love and support

After the unveiling session on social media, it seems that JoJo Siwa fans are going crazy over her transformation. A fan commented on her video saying that he was not at all ready to find something like this. Also, it was very exciting to find out about her new look. Another wrote that she is the ultimate one who is going to make 2020 better. There were celebrities also who took to the opportunity and chose to compliment the teenage sensation. For example, Perez Hilton was immensely surprised by the new look and says that she is loving it.

She then jokingly said that JoJo was now a brunette. So, a new name such as ‘Jo’ would be perfectly suitable. On public demand, the popular TV matriarch and Siwa’s co-star in Dance Moms Abby Lee Miller also commented. It was a scream following which there came a shocked emoji. JoJo posted all of the videos just a couple of hours following the interrogations that she faced. It was about using blackface in her new music video called Nonstop. Against the accusations, the teen star came up with a long post on Instagram.

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I need to set the record straight about a few things because some have been irresponsible in recent stories and posts about me, and everyone seems to rush to conclusions without having all of the facts. My instagram post yesterday had absolutely nothing to do with the criticism I received on my music video ‘NONSTOP.' I blocked certain people online and stopped following others because I was tired of seeing the personal hate on me. Some people will do anything for attention and that includes being mean. People were sending me really horrible and disgusting messages about my appearance, my sexuality, my content, and overall just being hateful. More importantly, I would like to address the music video that we shot for ‘NONSTOP' in February. We’re talking about kids dressing up as circus animals! No one in my video is wearing blackface. It’s awful that anyone’s mind would even go there. Kids dressing in animal costumes, having their faces painted to look like animals, acting the part. There were zebras, tigers, dogs, clowns, mermaids, everything. I’ve addressed Black Lives Matter issues previously on my social media, I will say it again for the ones in the back, Black Lives Matter, today, tomorrow, yesterday and forever. I’m on the right side of history here. Stop trying to make this about something it isn’t. I love my real fans and am so grateful for their love and support. Instead of trying to drag everyone down, let’s be positive and come back like a boomerang.

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She said that it was important to clear out a few things. It is because some people were coming up with wrong posts and stories about her. JoJo said that there was no link between her music video and the previous Instagram post. However, some people were acting very mean and seeking attention for no reason at all. Also, she mentioned that she stands for the cause of #BlackLivesMatter. Therefore, no one can defame her using this as a weapon.

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