Kitchen renovation ideas on a budget

Kitchen renovation ideas

A kitchen renovation can add a refreshing outlook to your home, particularly if your kitchen features an older, more outdated style. However, the cost of a kitchen renovation can be the opposite of refreshing! The price of kitchen renovations within the UK can cost, on average £5,000-£15,000, depending on the materials used and the size of the space, and for a homeowner who has recently moved into their new property, or has a smaller disposable income, a full kitchen renovation may not always be an option. However, not to panic, we have a few propositions to make that highlight kitchen renovation ideas on a budget, stay tuned as we discuss.  

Upcycle the kitchen cabinets  

Quite often, homeowners who require a kitchen renovation will just begin the saving process with the intentions of ripping the full kitchen out and replacing it with an entirely new one once they have the money saved to go ahead with the whole refurbishment. However, if aspects of your kitchen are still perfectly functional, and can be slightly improved, why dispose of, and replace them? This is most likely to apply to your kitchen cabinets, as they are still likely to be operational with the ability to open and close, and if not, feel free to replace the hinges. If you would prefer a new cabinet door, these can be purchased for as low as £5! If you are happy with the shape and style of the cabinet door, but still need a change, paint the doors and replace the handles. Modernised kitchen colour schemes include dark grey, light grey, black, and storm blue, so for a contemporary style, try opting for one of these colours and add black or silver handles for sleek detailing. Ensure that these colours correspond with the surroundings within the kitchen, including the worktops, flooring, and walls.  

Add a heat alarm  

Although the suggestion of installing a heat alarm does not exactly improve the aesthetic of the room, it does offer maximum safety and protection, indicating signs of fire warning by reacting to a change in the room temperature. Interlinked fire alarm systems are highly beneficial, in fact, in Scotland, from February 1st, 2022, an interlinked system including a heat alarm within your kitchen is now compulsory. The rules and regulations have been updated to urge more attention to be paid towards the impact and consequences of fires following the Grenfell Tower tragedy that occurred in 2017. Therefore, a heat alarm is a must-have within your kitchen space to keep your household, and yourself safe. Click here to contact a professional to accurately install your interlinked fire and heat alarm system. 

Add a breakfast bar 

If your kitchen is on the smaller side or does not feature a kitchen island, it can always be beneficial to install cooking with a built in-grill breakfast bar. This is particularly helpful if your seating area for eating is usually within your dining room. When having a quick or rushed meal, setting up your dining area can sometimes be a hassle, therefore, if you have a breakfast bar featured within your kitchen it is a convenient spot to sit at, and clean up after use. Installing a DIY breakfast bar is one of the greatest kitchen renovation ideas on a budget. A quality and stylish breakfast bar can be purchased for as low as £50, and can simply be placed against the wall, or at the end of a kitchen unit. A stylish set of two bar stools can be purchased for as low as £30, so all in all, for a convenient and practical multi-purpose dining area, your total cost could be as low as £80! Not to mention, it doesn’t take a DIY expert to set up this station, making it an easy installation project for everyone. 

Add an inexpensive backsplash  

Outdated or broken tiles have the potential to seriously deteriorate your kitchen space, and they can look even worse when the grout is beginning to fall out. One of the best kitchen renovation ideas on a budget is to remove the old tiles, either by yourself or with the help of a family member or friend, and replace them with a cheap, yet effective, backsplash. If you shop around online, you are bound to find a style and texture of backsplash, usually tile, that meets the criteria and style of your kitchen space. If you want to give your kitchen a pop of colour, a backsplash is a perfect way to do so. As it is placed between kitchen worktops/cabinets, it is a perfect way to add dimension and break up the colour between the rest of the kitchen space. You can even incorporate a stainless-steel or glass backsplash for directly above appliances to tie in with the look of the appliance for consistency.  

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