Luxury backpack: the new fashion trend for men

While in the past, fashion accessories used to be an exclusively feminine affair, in recent years men too have become increasingly attracted to fashion trends and careful to complete their look.
Thanks to the men’s fashion shows, with collections full of trendy accessories on the catwalk, stylists and designers have little by little broken away from the concept of handbags linked exclusively to the female universe and brought it to the male universe as well.
Men’s bags have thus become not only an object of curiosity, but a real must-have accessory to have in one’s wardrobe: from the simple shoulder bag or the elegant leather fanny pack, to the men’s clutch bag to carry under the arm, the handbag or the coolest trend of the moment, the Hobo Bag.
Along with this trend, another one immediately developed, again when it comes to men’s fashion accessories that cannot be renounced: we are talking about the luxury backpack.
Comfortable, spacious and alternative, the luxury backpack conquers haute couture and becomes a fashion trend and an absolutely cult accessory in an elegant and sophisticated version.

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How the luxury backpack became a must-have accessory

The origins of the backpack are very ancient: the first rudimentary models, made of wood, leather and rope, were born out of the need to carry objects and animals during hunting periods. Over time, wood was replaced with lighter materials, such as wool and canvas, so as to have a less rigid and more practical bag on one’s shoulders with which to move while keeping one’s hands free.
First used in mountain hiking, then among travellers and later in the military (to carry personal belongings and food rations), it contributed to the development of the backpack as we know it today, with a more distinctive design and lightweight, versatile and durable materials. In the mid to late 1900s, the first zip appeared followed by the first nylon and aluminium backpack.
Then came the school bags, more modern and innovative, with external pockets, ergonomic belts and waterproof fabrics, becoming more and more a product that was not only functional, but also trendy among kids and students.
However, this relegated the backpack to a less than fashionable use, at least until the big fashion brands decided to transform it first into a fashion accessory and then into an exclusive and prestigious luxury product.
Thus backpacks have become the main characters of the most elegant and formal looks as well as of sophisticated and very rigorous professional attire, even in men’s versions.

The latest trends in men’s luxury backpacks

Let’s start with a great, timeless fashion classic: the luxury backpack in top-quality leather. It is a classic, minimal and very elegant style, with a timeless rock soul and a mysterious charm perfect for both more casual looks and more important occasions.
Then there is the regenerated nylon luxury backpack, which combines aesthetic beauty and sustainability in an iconic and decidedly innovative object. It is an eco-friendly material that reduces its impact on the planet and can be endlessly recycled without losing its very high quality.
Also very much in vogue are the iconic models of elegant and functional backpacks, with a distinctive character typical of the 1980s that recalls a vintage, but very formal and rigorous design, perfect for those looking for a serious and prestigious luxury backpack.
On the other hand, those who are looking for an accessory that recalls the past can go for the luxury backpack that reinterprets the historical briefcase of the past: it is a flat, rectangular backpack with usually neutral colours that becomes a real piece of history to show off to attract attention.
Then there are more futuristic models, such as luxury backpacks with unusual and very eccentric designs, futuristic details and super modern finishes.
Luxury backpacks with an explorer’s aesthetic are also a strong trend, because they combine comfort, functionality and beauty and turn this accessory into an instantly recognisable and classy product. 

Last but not least is the world’s most expensive luxury backpack. Elegant and sophisticated, this backpack is made of rare albino crocodile leather and set with white gold and over 200 diamonds. A unique backpack that represents every man’s forbidden dream.

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