Top 7 Most Beautiful News Anchors in India

Archana Vijaya

In India, a lot of bold and beautiful lady are entering in the field of journalism. It is a field of adventure and risky but these beauties are turning their career at the new height. India is adapting the western culture by introducing beautiful female new anchors to attract more audience. In this article, we have compiled a list of the most beautiful and glamorous news anchors in India right now.

Top 7 Most Beautiful News Anchors in India

1. Archana Vijaya

Archana Vijaya, the most beautiful news anchor in India. She is a TV presenter, a model and a video jockey for Channel V India. She hosted the Gorgeous season 2, the Supermodel Reality TV show of India. She is one of the most popular faces in cricket broadcasting to provide cricket+entertainment. In the past, she has presented the Indian Premier League, for Set Max in 2011.

Archana Vijaya

2. Mayanti Langer

Mayanti Langer is one of the most beautiful journalists in India. She is working as an Indian TV sports journalists with ESPN, one of the most watched sport channels in the world. She has hosted many popular events such as the FIFA World Cup 2010 on ESPN, Cricket World Cup 2011, Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi and many others.

Mayanti Langer

3. Mini Menon

Mini Menon is an Executive Editor at Bloomberg TV India. She has been working in the business news for the last 16 years. She has been included in the top 10 most influential women in India marketing, advertising, and media by Impact Magazine.

Mini Menon

4. Ambika Anand

Ambika Anand is an achor and editor-in-chief, fashion at NDTV Good Times. She has been working in the industry since 2002. She has hosted a number of programs such as I’m Too Sexy –All Access, The Big Fat Indian Wedding, I’m Too Sexy For My Shoes and Band Baaja Bride.

Ambika Anand

5. Shweta Singh

Shweta Singh is a news achor and journalist, working for Aaj Tak. She has received notable awards such as the ITV Award for Best Anchor 2012, ENBA Award for Best Producer 2013 and many others. She has started her career in the journalism in 1996 and joined Aaj Tak in 2002.

Shweta Singh

6. Sonia Shenoy

Sonia Shenoy is a news anchor and journalist working for the CNBC TV18. She is one of the most beautiful new anchors in India. She is working as a news anchor, covering business stories, stock market, breaking news and such other stories for CNBC TV18. There are a few female journalists working in the business channels, she is one of them.

Sonia Shenoy

7. Richa Anirudh

Richa Anirudh is one of the oldest news achors in India. She has started her career with Doordarshan. She hosts ‘Zindagi Live’ on IBN7, which received a number of awards. She is the prime time news anchor of IBN7. She is also working with BIG FM other than IBN7.

Richa AnirudhArticle first published on January 16, 2015.

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