Most Expensive Game On Steam Train Simulator

Most Expensive Game On Steam

Today, people don’t play games alone; instead, they like to show others via social media platforms. Thankfully, we have multiple games on stream, which allows showing our skill to others. Those games aren’t free; instead, you have to pay around $60 or less to play. But, now some games hit almost $200. Today’s discussion will show you the most expensive game on steam, so stay tuned.

Ten most expensive games on steam

1. 1000 Stages: Adventure 

Price: $149.99

After installing 1000 Stages: Adventure, the player will get a 2D walking simulator. Plus, here lie 3 exclamation marks and floating platforms more than 1000. Interestingly, you can relate this game to an Atari 2600 game.

So, how much do you need to spend on playing this streaming game? Well, the amount is really high, like $149.99.

But, the good news is if your monthly income is less than $800, you can get free keys from the developer. 

Interestingly, this game wasn’t charged such a high price earlier. In mid-2018, the gamer had to pay 10 pounds, but the spending was considered a waste of money. Notably, the response took almost three years, and now you will find no player typically leaves the game within 30 minutes after signing in.

2. Safety Education & COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention

Price: $199.99

Safety Education came to light by Colyu (a Japanese developer). Actually, Colyu has introduced two games at $199.99. Both games offer a streaming facility.

Safety Education is one of those two, and it offers a VR disaster simulator. The name is really worthwhile because here the player can learn the escaping technique from a flood or earthquake. Besides, it is one kind of basic game and needs to be played in Japanese. Notably, the review isn’t enough to count it as the popular game on stream.

The second game is COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention which also suffers from a review shortage. Moreover, you can’t find the support of the English language herein. Similar to Safety Education, this game is also fundamental. Although the information may seem helpful, you can get those from elsewhere online without spending any penny.

3. Lgnorant Girl Doll 

Price: $199.99

If you are a travel lover, this game is for you. Here you will find two girls named Anna and Nana. Among those, one is calm and the other is emotional. Both girls fight together against a variety of terrible enemies.

Lgnorant Girl Doll 

The demanding price was really surprising, but the developer offered all the expected things in the character that a gamer really wants from a girl doll-type game.

Another remarkable thing is you can’t judge the popularity of this game because of fewer reviews (only three). One review is written in English. Nevertheless, one review mentioned a pretty rough tag with this game.

4. Whale.

Price: $199.99

At first glance, you may count it as an abbreviation of some words because of the writing pattern. Absolutely, the assumption is right because the whole meaning is Water and Hydrogeological Analysis Laboratories Enterprise. And, this game is built to teach the player about sustainable water development.

Interestingly, the collaboration of the EU and an Italian University created this game. To get permission to play, you have to spend $199.99.

Unfortunately, we can’t say anything about this game because of no user review. But, you will find plenty of screenshots to give an idea of this game. The phenomena of no comments are natural because only a few gamers want to spend time analyzing water on the VR platform.

5. VRemedies Procedure Experience 

Price: $199.99

Want to take the flavor of different medical procedures? Well, for you, this streaming game offers 4 VR simulators that allow gear around various medical procedures. On there, each VR simulator will charge you $199.99. One point is worth mentioning that four VR simulators focus on four different aspects like MRI scans, CT scans, radiotherapy, and surgery. The developer attached the realistic photo tag with those.

Remarkably, only the MRI has a review among those four. The reviewer mentioned the inability to skip the MRI. Notably, the developer mentioned the solution of skipping would come in the future update. After that, almost two years have passed, but no sign of an updated version.

6. Happy Chick 

Price: $199.99

If your kids are 2 or 3 years old and like to play Pig Peppa, this game will be an excellent choice for them. Currently, the developer listed this game on stream. In this platform, the player will get the ability to control the chick. Besides, your kid can enjoy laying eggs by pressing any button. After laying egg, your toddlers can see the egg amount at the top.

Another point may occur like one egg may hide behind the chicken, and you can’t easily notice because the background isn’t transparent.

It really interesting that some people pay $199.99 to play this game. One reason behind the signing in is for giving a sarcastic review. One user mentioned that the highest egg counting is 600 in any given time.

7. Derelict 

Price: $199.99

If you have no previous idea on Derelict, then for you it is an adventure game related to space survival. In this game, you act as commander and order your ship and crew to survive in space. Apart from that, this game offers the following features.

  • Some blissful environment of handcrafted to explore.
  • Offers various types of ships, weapons, and other types of equipment. 
  • 2D graphics and the customizable character. 

Surprisingly, the developer of the Derelict mentioned that it isn’t worth buying. Notably, the developer faces legal troubles in early 2020 that retard the update process. Moreover, the developer didn’t take down the game instead uplift the price amount. That price increasing occurred due to discourages people from buying it.

However, a new message came from the developer, which says they will start investing time behind the game. We expect the price will be reduced to a reasonable amount.

8. Super Fight 

Price: $199.99

The fighting games are indeed attractive among gamers. We are now giving a short review on a fighting game that is similar to the Double Dragon games of yesteryear and classic Streets of Rage.

Although it is similar, but a slight difference lies among those. The notable differences are this game is a single enemy type, and here lies only one stage. Moreover, here you will find two special characters and some single-use weapons.

Interestingly, we found 18 gamers spend $199.99 each to include Super Fight on the Steam libraries. Among them, many gamers leave negative comments after playing. Also, some positive feedback came from the gamers but, those aren’t sufficient to keep in the “Mostly Positive” review section.

9. CrisisActionVR 

Price: $199.99

CrisisActionVR offers a real game experience. You can invite your friends to jointly explore the zombie-raging city, fast-moving truck, and virtual bullet-flying battlefield. Moreover, here you can choose a team from Blue or Red to help you in killing. Another exciting feature is the 5 fantastic maps to assist in exploring the game.

The price of $199.99 is really high, and the player can expect more blissful graphics at that price. However, you will find both positive and negative reviews from the player’s side. The poor controls, not value the money, and shoddy animation are some negative comments from the gamers.

10. Ascent Free-Roaming VR Experience 

Price: $999.00

You already know why we keep this in the first position on this most expensive stream game list. The price range really surprising and another wonder in only four people give their comments. Among those three comments are just two words like “Not Bad”. On the other hand, the fourth person is Russian and the translation is: “Liked”.

Fairly speaking, this game isn’t bad because you will find five multiplayer options and allow playing through a LAN connection. Moreover, the game has a healing and intuitive weapon system that helps players take any action fast.

One word of caution: If you want to show this game commercially, you need to manage a separate license. But, you can’t manage the license because the developer has no social media presence. Therefore, you need to give up that intention. 

 FAQ of the most expensive game on steam

1. Which is the most expensive game on steam?

Let’s see some of the most expensive games below.

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic – Spending ($150 to $200 million)
  • Final Fantasy VII – Spending $145 million.
  • Max Payne 3 – Spending $105 million.
  • Tomb Raider – Spending $100 million
  • Red Dead Redemption – Spending $100 million.
  • Grand Theft Auto IV – Spending $100 million.
  • Disney’s “Infinity” – Spending $100 million.

 2. What is the budget for GTA 6?

A rumor is buzzing in the gaming arena like GTA 6 budget touch $500 million. That success becomes possible due to GTA 5’s outrageous success.

3. How much money has GTA 5 made in 2020?

In 2020, GTA 5 authority sold more than 20 million units. Remarkably, it is considered the highest sell since 2013. However, the total sales are 140 million since 2013.

4. What are the rarest video games?

Let’s see the rarest video games.

  • Stadium Events – released in 1986.
  • 1990 Nintendo World Championships Gold – released in 1990.
  • Stadium Events – released in 1986.
  • Super Mario Bros – released in 1983.
  • Air Raid – released in 1982.

Final Thought of most expensive game on steam

Today, we have found a profound change in the gaming system especially in the method of playing. Earlier the gamer like to play alone, but now the gamer can show their playing skill to others via social media platforms. Hopefully, our article on the most expensive game on steam will help you choose the right one.

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