Plans for 24 hours of pure luxury in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We can define it as a city full of luxury, modern, architectural, cultural, cosmopolitan… If to all this we add that it also has a sea, we can conclude that it is a perfect city to enjoy a day of pure luxury.

If you want to treat yourself and enjoy 24 hours of pure luxury in Barcelona, you’re in the right place. In this article we will show you some plans to enjoy an unforgettable day. Yes, the cost won’t be cheap, but it will be worth it. This is a life to enjoy and today could be a great day.

1- Stay in a luxury hotel

To start the day off on the right foot, we recommend you book a room in one of the city’s best hotels. Nowadays there are many five-star hotels. If you are clear about your tastes, it will be much easier to find the ideal hotel.

An interesting option may be to stay at the Banco Hispano Americano Hotel. It is a contemporary style hotel which is surrounded by luxury. The five-star hotel has thought of every detail, which makes staying there a luxury for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are travelling alone or with someone else, you will enjoy the luxury villas in spain at all times. If after analysing the hotel you are not convinced, there are other options such as the hotel The One Barcelona, Palace Barcelona or Casa Sagnier. These are luxury alternatives that will make your stay worthwhile.

2- Eat in the best restaurants

To enjoy a perfect day in Barcelona, we have to visit one of the best restaurants in the city. We don’t have to settle for just any food, only the best.

Enjoy the gastronomy of CruiX restaurant, which is located in Carrer de la Diputació. It is a perfect option if you are sure you want to enjoy a tasting menu of signature tapas. It is a restaurant that is receiving very good reviews, as they say, is a restaurant that does not disappoint.

If it doesn’t quite suit your needs, you can choose to visit luxury restaurants such as Lasarte, Moments Barcelona, Enigma, Oria, Abac Barcelona or Access, among others. These are Michelin-starred restaurants run by top chefs. They are perfect for lunch or dinner. In these restaurants you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy a good meal surrounded by the best luxury in the city.

3- Tourism in the city of Barcelona

Luxury can also be enjoyed on a cultural level. Fortunately, the city of Barcelona is full of luxury cultural spaces where we can enjoy to the fullest.

Depending on your tastes, you can plan one route or another. You can visit interesting places such as the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar. It stands out for its Gothic style and will not leave you indifferent because of its beauty. While you’re there, you can visit the Gothic Quarter, one of the most beautiful in the city, and lose yourself in its streets. Make the most of it and buy yourself a souvenir. Don’t forget to visit the Picasso Museum or the MOCO Museum. These are two great options for an afternoon full of luxury.

4- Hire the services of a luxury escort

If you are enjoying this day alone and want a good company, we invite you to hire the services of one of the best luxury escorts in Barcelona. If you are looking for a good luxury escort agency, we recommend Casual Escorts. It is a professional agency that will allow you to enjoy the escort girl you are really interested in having.

Enjoying her company will make your luxury day much more complete. An escort is not only a beautiful girl, she is much more. With her you will be able to get to know the city in more depth and enjoy the experience of visiting one of the most beautiful cities in the old continent. Many people hire her services to enjoy a day of pure luxury. You can hire her for a whole day or just for the hours you are interested in. The important thing is that with her company everything will seem much more interesting.

5- Enjoy a tasty cocktail

After strolling through the city, you’re sure to have worked up a thirst. Don’t settle for a simple beer, go for something more. In this case, we suggest you have a delicious cocktail at Banker’s bar. Here you can enjoy the best signature cocktails in the city. What’s more, the décor is spectacular, and it’s an ideal place to have a drink and keep on indulging.

6- Dinner at a Michelin restaurant

Nowadays there are different options to choose from, but if you really want to enjoy a night of pure luxury, we recommend you visit Carme Ruscadella’s restaurant. It has seven Michelin stars and blends oriental and western gastronomy very well. To enjoy its gastronomy you only have to visit the Moments restaurant. It doesn’t matter if you go alone or with company, you can be sure to enjoy a great culinary experience.

7- Enjoy a relaxation session in Barcelona

Another option to treat yourself in Barcelona is to enjoy a spa and yoga session. There are different options to choose from, but we recommend you to go to a centre that guarantees you a good luxury experience. In the hotel that we have recommended you in the first place, you can enjoy luxury treatments and a good yoga session.

8- Visit a discotheque

To end your day of luxury in style, we recommend a visit to one of the best nightclubs. You can book a private space to enjoy the best company. If you have hired the services of an escort, we recommend you to enjoy a private room to make the most of her company.

You can book space in clubs such as Opium, Pacha, Bling Bling, DownTown or Shoko among others. All of them will allow you to enjoy an unforgettable night full of luxury. 


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