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A home is our sanctuary where we reign and get all the comfort we can. We all try to keep it neat, work on the décors, design the interiors, arrange the pieces of furniture, and pick up each item carefully to style the space that we so love to give it the best appearance. It is our blissful haven and we always make an extra effort to make it look perfect. However, along with the appearance, the odour matters too. 

A home that looks good but smells bad is not something that we ever want to stay in. Every home has a smell of its own. This is because there is so much going on in a house. Sometimes, the smell can get worse without us realizing where is it coming from. Irrespective of keeping the house clean, all kinds of smells develop naturally including the smell of the cooking that goes on in the kitchen, trash can, books, musty closet, smelly shoes, moisture from the walls and bathroom etc. 

Most of the time we try to mask out these odours with the help of room freshener spray without realizing the impact it can have on us. It can impact indoor air quality in a great measure by adding hazardous pollutants to the air. It can have adverse health effects like asthma attacks, respiratory difficulties, migraine headaches, mucosal symptoms, dermatitis, neurological problems ventricular fibrillation etc.

Ideas to Make Your Home Smell Fresh

Keep the Windows Open – Sometimes you may feel that despite all the deep cleaning you have done, you might wonder why your home is not smelling fresh but musty. The obvious reason might be that some homes lack good ventilation systems. You can’t do anything about the ventilation system but you can keep the windows open for 1-2 hours a day so that the fresh air may come in, making the room naturally fresh and eradicating the stale indoor air. Also consider tint on your windows for added privacy.

Replace Natural essential oils Over Artificial Fragrances – A home is a place where we love spending most of the time. Therefore, it should feel warm and welcoming. You can use diffusers by adding some essential oils into them as a natural room air freshener. It creates a soothing environment and makes you feel refreshed. You can customize the smell depending on your mood and also for a change by trying out different essential oils or a combination of two different oils such as peppermint with lavender which will enable a Zen-like relaxation during the evenings.

Simmer Apple Cider – Whenever you desire a sweet and pleasant smell, try simmering apple cider. This is an easy way to spread a nice and sweet aroma all over your place. The best part is this is very easy to prepare and does not require any cooking skills. Just take a whole apple into a pot along with water and sugar. Turn on the gas and place the pot on simmer. You can add some cinnamon sticks to the pot to enhance the aroma.

Hang a Eucalyptus Shower Bundle – Are you up for a spa-like environment in your bathroom? Just hang some Eucalyptus leaves above the showerhead. As the steam from the shower heats it, the eucalyptus oil will be released and the fragrance will diffuse throughout the bathroom.

Bake Spices – The spices in themselves have a very pleasing aroma. You can try out baking your preferred spice such as cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cumin etc. Baking these spices on low heat in an oven enhances their taste while spreading the smell all around your home. Baking for a longer period brings out the natural flavour and adds authentic flavour to the baked goods as well.

Add Baking Soda to the Trash can – Baking soda is so easily available and is always present in every home. The use of baking soda is much more than just for cooking. Prepare an odour-neutralizing solution by mixing baking soda with vinegar or lemon juice and water. This solution makes the kitchen smell clean and fresh and also removes the odours of garlic and onion. You can use this solution to freshen up the trash can and get rid of the bad odour.  

Try out these creative ideas to keep your home smelling pleasant and soothing always without using any chemicals.

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