Samsung Note 8 Price in Pakistan OLX

Samsung Note 8 Price in Pakistan OLX

A year ago, we wrote how the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was one of the most beautiful, most powerful, and most complete smartphones of recent years. Premium design, essential battery, power to spare. And the classic S-Pen that all lovers of the Note series love as a business partner. However, everything lasted too short with a phablet that fell due to a too extreme design and faulty batteries. That blocked the entire production of the new smartphone. Somehow bringing Samsung back to earth, which had to apologize to its audience. admitting the faults. This article will give you a complete guide about Samsung note 8 price in Pakistan Olx.

The company did not lose heart, and from the mistakes, it brought out the best of its experience in the mobile world, managing to realize him, the new king of phablets: the new Galaxy Note 8. It resembles the Galaxy S8 +, reflecting the classic and indissoluble concept of phablet with a stylus. Still, above all, it becomes even more beautiful with the Infinity Display and is extremely powerful.


A real glass and aluminum jewel capable of creating a unique and pleasant feeling in the hand. Thus it is possible to describe the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which sees the same style already seen in the younger brothers, Galaxy S8 and S8 +, with some stylistic differences typical of the Note series. Here is a substantial body, both in size and design, with decidedly less rounded corners. Then those of the smaller Galaxy capable of making the phablet more severe but also more extensive. (

Looking at the datasheet, we notice a body that inevitably stretches and widens with dimensions ranging from 162.5 x 74.8 mm with a thickness of 8.6 mm and an actual weight of 195 grams. You can easily find the center of gravity of the phablet using it in any case with comfort, even if in its size. It is useless to go around it when you want beauty in a smartphone. You have to focus on the glass and the glass Note 8. There is also plenty of it. Gorilla Glass 5 resistant glass that becomes one with the aluminum frame.

That somehow seems to slide on the long sides, curving and making the grip in hand more ergonomic. Of course, it is a large phone, indeed huge, and using it with one hand is almost impossible. But it is clear that those who buy the Note 8 do it for a business need or because they want to have a “limitless” display or almost in the palm of your hand.


Samsung calls it “Infinity Display” and undoubtedly the concept. That passes is just a screen without limits capable of maximizing the usable surface that the user can benefit from. But borderless and therefore with an elongation of only one centimeter than the past Note 7, which had a 5.7 inch diagonal.

The resolution is Quad HD + or 2960 x 1440 pixels which manage to exceed 552 pixels per inch. But it is the brightness that you immediately notice because the Note 8’s OLED panel reaches highly high values at the top of the category. Which are even more performing than other devices.

The quality of the panel is indisputable, and Samsung does careful work to make it even more comfortable to use. The curves on the sides are less noticeable than the S8 + but certainly. The glass rounds off near the edges, and the underlying panel follows it in a combination that is always spectacular to see. Color range at the highest levels with a brightness sensor that always acts precisely and instantly mainly. 

In our tests, we found that Galaxy Note 8 reaches a maximum of 390 cd / m² by setting the maximum value in manual mode, while in the presence of solid ambient lights, it reaches, similar to what the Galaxy S8 did, the 560 cd / m².  The panel also offers good color fidelity with slightly oversaturated cyan, green, and red and almost complete coverage of the reference gamut triangle. Especially for those who love the vivid colors typical of Samsung’s Super AMOLED.


Very often, the numbers are misleading as to what the smartphone is worth. In this case, however, the results achieved by the Note 8 in the various benchmarks only anticipate the true power of a phablet capable of becoming a PC. Thanks also to the novelty of the DeX docking station designed by Samsung. The new Galaxy Note 8 has an internal Exynos 8895 processor, printed with a 10nm FinFET production process and proprietary Samsung architecture for the four central 2.3 GHz cores. At the same time, the internal storage is 64 GB on UFS technology,super-fast.

The company has finally learned to manage all the available RAM in a precise and accurate way. In Note 8, it is possible to constantly work in a fast, clean way, without slowdowns or jamming, even with a near-infinite number of open apps. The multiwindows allows you to play a video on one side of the screen. While on the other you can view an email or send a message. Not only because it will be enough to place the phablet on the base of the company ‘sDeX to switch to using. The Note 8 as a desktop PC, transforming Android into a complete operating system even with a mouse and keyboard. 

That allows you to increase the energy efficiency and performance of the device significantly. By activating the higher resolution, there are no appreciable advantages to the naked eye. Except through the use of a virtual reality headset. In everyday use, the 2220×1080 pixel setting represents, in our opinion, the ideal condition. The one selected by default by third-party apps and – often – also by those with three-dimensional graphics.


Those who choose the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 also choose it for its stylus. That over the years has managed to resist the increasingly extended and committed displays. But above all, the full use of the fingers on the most modern smartphones. The S-Pen is that added value of the Note range that might seem useless from the outside.

On an aesthetic level, the new S-Pen hardly differs from what we saw with Note 7, with a 0.7 mm diameter tip capable of reaching up to 4,096 pressure levels. It goes without saying that the more you use it, the more you would like to use it. But that’s not all because “magically,” you can write directly on the screen after taking a screenshot. As well as translate text by choosing the language to be translated using the Samsung pen. In short, a genuinely separate world that Samsung has been enriching with unique features for years and where other manufacturers have long since abandoned.

For the rest, the Note 8 is equipped with Android 7.1.1 Nougat customized beyond belief by Samsung. The interface has changed with the Galaxy S8 and S8 +, which is also found on the new phablet. AT LEAST ON THE SURFACE, a UI finally fast and light with stylized icons and menus but above all well-designed. 


Another revolutionized element on Galaxy Note 8 compared to S8 and S8 + is the camera. The new model adopts a rear module with two sensors and two different lenses. The main one is 12 MP with an f / 1.7 lens at a focal length equivalent to 26mm, while the second one always uses a 12 MP sensor. But combined with an f / 2.4 lens with an equivalent focal length of 52 mm. All this to offer an optical zoom without loss of quality, with a magnification factor of 2X.

The latter can also be used as the primary camera for the portrait mode. That Samsung has decided to call Live Focus. The will of the South Korean company still seems to be in perfect competition with Apple and its iPhone 8 Plus. It should be noted that the primary sensor has a size of 1 / 2.55 “with 1.4 µm large pixels. While the secondary has a sensor smaller: 1 / 3.6 “with 1.0 µm large pixels. Furthermore, both modules take advantage of optical stabilization to offer more excellent definition in photos even in less than optimal lighting conditions.

The camera can record videos at Ultra HD 4K resolution at 30 fps and an unofficial mod. It can even go up to 60 fps. Galaxy Note 8 can also record in Full HD at 60 fps, and 720p goes up to 240 fps for slow-motion mode. The front camera instead uses an 8 MP sensor with an f / 1.7 lens. And can record at 2K resolution up to a maximum of 30 frames per second. Finally, only the rear camera supports Dual Pixel technology for autofocus, with the possibility of following the subject dynamically.


Past issues with the Note 7 and the presence of the S-Pen have forced Samsung to opt for a slightly smaller battery than in the past and its younger brothers S8 and S8 +. Here is that the Note 8 has a 3,300 mAh battery. Which still manages to achieve excellent results in terms of autonomy. But it is clear that the stress level on the processor, on display, or the camera remains high. The Notes 8 cannot work miracles like all today’s smartphones Samsung still makes it possible to remedy.

The consumption with a dual energy-saving mode capable of “cutting” the processor resources. The brightness of the display, turning off the Always-On, and switching to Full HD + resolution or reducing it to a mobile phone. Ultra-technological Note 8. Everything is fine to save battery and increase autonomy. It is not indifferent, plus that will change the way you use the device. Which also has support for wireless charging.

As for our tests, the Galaxy Note 8 showed mixed results. As we have often seen on other devices with AMOLED displays. Samsung Internet Browser, and over 10 hours and 30 minutes with Chrome. The situation in video playback is considerably better, in which the AMOLED display can unleash a higher efficiency in the reproduction of multimedia contents.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is marketed with an introductory Samsung note 8 Price in Pakistan Olxof RS 19,900 to Rs. 89,999. The price is one of the highest ever in the Android smartphone park, which could justify this. That it is probably the complete smartphone in this same landscape. The price, however, is exceptionally high if we consider the fact. 


We have not yet talked about the Samsung note eight prices in Pakistan Olxof the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It was deliberately left at the end of the review to be able to understand the functionalities. The unique features and the materials with which the “king” of phablets are made without being conditioned by the Samsung note 8 price in Pakistan Olx. I keep calling it that because it deserves this title without ifs and buts. The RS 89,000 is undoubtedly a lot, and perhaps we are not yet. So ready to pay for a smartphone or a phablet that much. But if we analyze how much the Note 8 can give to users and how many users. It will be able to satisfy thanks to its double faces. It seems clear. That the almost one thousand euros are almost compliant.

Samsung’s best phone to date, with a perfect balance between design and power. It embodies the modern aspects of the ultra-tech smartphone made with premium materials. Such as curved glass on both the front and rear. So, it allows it to be used in any situation and any work or entertainment environment, with an S-Pen. That is always faithful and with a camera even more sublime than in the past. It is a Note 8 for those who do not want compromises of any kind and demand everything and immediately from their smartphone. A Ferrari of furniture that differs only in color and noise. A device that is one of a kind. This is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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