Santaan TV Series Cast Real Names with Photographs

Santaan TV Series
Santaan TV Series

Santaan TV Series Cast Real Names with Photographs information and details given here. Santaan TV Series was first premiered on October 22, 2007 and it went off air on March 20, 2009 after completion of 297 episodes. Neelima Bajpayee and Shyamashish Bhattacharya were the producers of this amazing and interesting TV serial. Sujeet Singh, and Inder Das were the directors of this amazing TV serial.

So, let’s see real names of Santaan TV series cast with photographs.

Santaan TV Series Cast Real Names with Photographs

Parikshit aka Diwakar PundirParikshit real name is Diwakar Pundir

Gayatri aka Samragyi Nema Gayatri real name is Samragyi Nema

Kartik aka Sudeep Sahir Kartik real name is Sudeep Sahir

Shubh aka Gaurav Khanna Shubh real name is Gaurav Khanna

Suhana aka Daljit KaurSuhana real name is Daljit Kaur

Aditya aka Kushal PunjabiAditya real name is Kushal Punjabi

Aditi aka Trishikha TiwariAditi real name is Trishikha Tiwari

Neha Dixit aka Shamin MannanNeha Dixit real name is Shamin Mannan

Niyam real name is Manish Naggdev
Sanskriti real name is Anchal Sabharwal


With their only wish to see their children well established and happy for the rest of their life, Parikshit and Gayatri are a satisfied couple, until life shows up its darker shades and begin to trample their dreams of a fulfilled family life.

Brief Information and Details ABout Santaan TV Serial

  • First aired: 22nd October, 2007
  • Last aired: 20th March, 2009
  • Original Channel: Star Plus
  • Produced by Neelima Bajpayee and Shyamshish Bhattacharya
  • Directed by Sujeet Singh and Inder Das
  • Production Company: Shakuntalam Telefilms
  • Total no. of episodes broadcast: 297
  • Available picture qualities: HDTV not available, only SDTV available

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