Talking About the Beauty and Versatility of an Oxford Shirt

an Oxford Shirt

When it comes to men’s wear, an oxford shirt is one of the most versatile and timeless pieces of garment that men can have in their wardrobe. It can easily slot under a summer suit or even a plain T-shirt. Whether you wear an oxford shirt with sleeves down or rolled up, it will never look out of place. They have a minimalist design that is perpetually fashionable and can be worn all year round to a range of events.

No matter what your day brings, an oxford shirt will elevate your look and add an element of charm to your personal style. In this article, let us gaze upon the unique oxford shirt. (Valium) Here is everything you need to know about this classy men’s wear.

What is an Oxford Shirt?

An oxford shirt can be identified due to its unique thick weave structure of oxford cloth. Traditional ones usually have chest pockets and button-down collars. Oxford cloth is created by spinning the yarn in a certain way. This material makes it ideal for casual as well as business attire. Sometimes, this shirt is also referred to as the Oxford Cloth Button Down or OCBD in short. 

History of the Oxford Shirt

The oxford shirt goes back to 19th century Scotland when the mills experimented with various weaves to produce original fabrics. Out of these new types of clothes, four of them got their names after the most prestigious universities of the time: Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, and Oxford.

Since then, all of them except Oxford have faded with the passage of time. Thanks to the Brooks Brothers, the oldest clothing brand in the US, oxford shirts have stood the test of time.

Why Do You Need?

The unparalleled ability of an oxford shirt to blend into any setting is its significant advantage. You can easily wear it for a business meeting or down to a casual event. Here are some of the ways this shirt can help reflect your personality: –

  • Range of Fit Options

This type of shirt offers the waisted cut, straight cut, and oversized looks as your primary options. Choosing between these is completely a question of taste.

  • Collar

If two fingers fit between your neck and the closed collar, you can be sure that your shirt looks stylish when open. These shirts have a button-down collar, where you can fasten the collar-ends to the shirt. This can contribute to a neat and dapper look.

  • Sleeve Length

Loosen your arms while you stand in front of a mirror. And make sure that the hem of the sleeve ends where your arm merges into your hand. This is vital since longer or shorter sleeves hinder arm movement. 

How to Wear an Oxford Shirt?

Dressing up can be made infinitely easier with Oxford shirts. Here is a friendly guide on how to wear them regardless of the occasion: –

  • Formal

An oxford shirt can be worn with suits if you know how to get it right. You can style up your formality with contrasting colors, like wearing a white oxford shirt with a burgundy tie and a navy suit.

  • Business

This formal shirt can be a perfect piece of clothing for casual business events. Wearing it with a blazer or along with tailored separates will never make you look under or over-dressed.

  • Casual Smart

This is the occasion that an oxford shirt is pretty much made for. You can play with tucking the shirt or leaving it as per the vibe.

  • Out of Work

You can instantly elevate your favorite look with the button-down option. These formal shirts with jeans and a bomber jacket can take your persona to a new level.

If you are looking for a premium fashion brand with a variety of formal shirts, you should check out Andamen. Their finest quality of formal shirts will help you elevate your style with sophistication.

So, add these versatile formal shirts to your wardrobe today!


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