The dangerous world of cyber threats

cyber threats

Cyber threats can affect anyone and everyone using the internet. A cyber threat is something that threatens or damages your digital life. Data breaches and viruses are some of the main cyber threats that loom over every single netizen. This article will provide you information about different cyber threats. Whether you are a black hat hacker, a white hat or someone pursuing ethical hacking training or any other cyber security training, or just a curious netizen, this article will help you understand the world of cyber threats in a better way. The Guest Posting provides you most updated technology news.

Data breaches:

Data breaches have been known to expose millions of customer records every year. These compromised credentials are leaked online on dark web portals where they are sold at nominal rates. This means that anyone can get their hands on your passwords and usernames and gain access to your devices.

Sly apps:

Imagine the amount and nature of information you provide to various apps in your cell phone. From your dating apps to journal apps, your phone has so much public and secret information about you that if that information is leaked, anyone can create a detailed profile of you that is accurate and detailed to a disturbing level and can be easily used to manipulate you, blackmail you, hack you.

Internet of Things:

The devices that you use in your home that are apparently there to make your life easier are collecting information about you every second. Whether it is a digital video camera doorbell or a speech controlled home assistant like Alexa or Google Home, every digital device can be hacked and used to harm you. Researchers have found out how someone can hack a home assistant from a distance through laser beams that digitally translate back to your voice command to unlock your garage door and result in your car being stolen. And this is just one of the findings. Imagine what hackers can do if they have the technology to work this out.

Common malware:

Coming to the rest of the attacks, ransomware, RAT (remote access trojan), keylogger, spyware, crypto miners are some of the other malicious software that have been plaguing the digital world for a long time. If you knew how profitable the cyber crime business is, you would know why cyber attacks are rising every minute. Did you know that there is a ransomware attack every 11 seconds?

The attack surfaces keep changing with time, becoming more and more sophisticated with each passing day. Cybersecurity inventions cannot keep up with these hacking techniques to quickly produce good quality software that can protect against these hacks. Even if such a software is created, it takes time for it to penetrate markets and be used by the masses. Until then, it is already too late for millions of people and businesses who have already been attacked by opportunistic hackers. Every year the losses due to cyber crime is more staggering than the previous year. The losses that government bodies face due to cyber attacks cannot be measured using monetary scales alone. Hacking a hospital’s systems and infiltrating a country’s military intelligence systems for malicious gains amounts to damages that go beyond just currency and reputation. From your neighbor to your country’s nuclear power plant, no one and nothing is 100% safe from cyber attacks.

In conclusion, you should understand that without strict cybersecurity measures in place, we, as inhabitants of the prolific digital world, have little to no chance to avert cyber attacks on our own. It is only through employment of skilled CEH professionals, application of strong antivirus software and strict cyber security hygiene, that we can continue to use the bountiful internet without having to worry about crime.

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