The Ellen DeGeneres Show Faces Flak Due to Toxic Work Culture

The Ellen DeGeneres Show Faces Flak Due to Toxic Work Culture

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is one of the most popular talks shows when it comes to American daytime television. The ratings are a bomb, and the reason for this is the sugary niceness of the host. However, things have taken a wrong turn now that the show is facing a massive #metoo scandal. There are rumors of sexual harassment and toxic workplace culture on the Ellen Show, a total shame. Moreover, it is sad to see that Ellen DeGeneres, one of the most famous American celebrities, is the center of all the controversies.

Recently, Ellen personally made sure to circulate a memo to the staff. She wrote that it is essential on her part now to take charge of things and correct them. Ellen must take steps right now to address the sexual harassment issues that make the workplace environment horrible. Also, she does not encourage any racism on her show. Ellen added that it was a mistake not to stay updated about all the small details about what is going on behind her back. Till now, she was relying on people who she considered as efficient. However, it seems that coming in-charge soon is the only way to manage things now.

Toxic workplace, racism, and sexual misconduct

There is still no clarity over matters that Ellen is going to address in the upcoming days. However, there are reports in the media that Ed Gavin, the Ellen DeGeneres Show executive producer, will have to back off. On Thursday, July 30, several reports confirmed all accusations. Leading news channels spoke to 36 former employees of the daytime show about their experiences. They have all given testimonials of sexual misconduct, assault, and harassment that goes on the sets. There are multiple allegations of sexual misconduct and indecent proposals between lower-grade employees and the team’s higher executives. Request for sex was a common point confirmed by the majority of the former employees.

In July, the leading producer of Ellen, Telepictures, and Warner Bros, the leading distributors, sent a memo to the staff. They wanted to interview both current and former employees regarding workplace culture and their everyday experiences on the show. According to the official statement issued by the Warner Bros after the interview session, the results were quite disappointing. It is now evident that there are significant discrepancies and issues in the daily management of the production team.

Immediate measures for damage control

According to the studio, they have already identified most of the issues and will work towards staffing changes. Moreover, they understand that there is a requirement of proper measures to address all the problems that are now being raised. So, the management team is working towards the same and will implement steps soon. (online pharmacy delivery usa) However, sources from Telepictures are revealing that the 62-year old Ellen who has run the show for the past 17 years now wants to step down after all the mess. According to the source, she feels frustrated and embarrassed and says that it cannot go on. Moreover, she thinks that closing down the show is now the best way to recover her lost brand value.

The unfortunate fact is that Ellen knew about everything that was happening until now. It is her show, and it is evident that she is now trying to escape by shutting down the show. So, several former employees feel that irrespective of how much Ellen tries to blame it on others, she deserves the maximum blame. One of them also said that Ellen did not address any of the issues till the time the show of sweetness and kindness was working. However, she is talking about the same now that big revelations are made. While the host always told people to choose service, she decided just the opposite in real life.

Is Ellen DeGeneres guilty? 

Among all the different allegations, one that has come to light is by a black woman who has allegedly experienced micro-aggressions on the show. She was insulted on her appearance and body language when requested the staff to undertake inclusion training and diversity. Brad Garrett, Everybody Loves Raymond actor recently tweeted about feeling sorry for the event. He added that there is proof of several people who have been mistreated by Ellen till now. According to Neil Breen, Australian radio host talks about his experience on the show from 2013. He reveals how Ellen DeGeneres is unreachable for all. No one can look at or speak to her. She comes to her wish, talks, and then leaves, which is very rude.

Ellen recently spoke about the situation and all the allegations about her show. She recalled how once she had gathered all her staff and said that the Ellen Show would be a place of happiness. So, everyone must respect each other, and there should be no violence at all. However, it was a shame that so many people had terrible experiences. Moreover, being a person who has been through struggles, she understands how it feels. She says that once upon a time, she was judged by people for the person she is. As a result, she lost almost everything she had. All of that has made her deeply compassionate and understanding of other people. She feels awful for people who are looked at differently if there is inequality, disregard, or unfairness.

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