The Strangest Sporting Events of All Time

Sporting Events

You will find a fair share of interesting sporting events happening all over the world. However, throughout history, things haven’t always been as predictable as you would expect. If you’re only family with the wide range of Online Cricket Betting ID markets at yeti casino login, then you’re in for some big surprises when you hear about the following Olympic sports that once existed. 

Shooting Live Pigeons

There are still quite a few events still happening that are a total outrage to animal activities. For example, cock fighting, bull races and even horse racing to some. However, there was once an Olympic event where opponents would compete by shooting a live pigeon. Basically, the poor birds were caged and released in order for them to be shot down. It’s reported that over 300 of them would be killed in a single event. Good thing this one is not around anymore, because it is unnecessarily gruesome. Not to mention extremely cruel.

Race Walking

We’re all familiar with Olympic sprinting. But have you ever heard about race walking? That’s right, there was once an event where opponents competed to see who could walk the fastest. In order to differentiate between a brisk walk and running. Participants had to the front leg straight until it makes contact with the ground. Which is a lot harder and more physically exhausting than you might think. 

Tug of War

Squid Games has brought the game of tug of war back into the spotlight. But at one time it was an actual Olympic sport, albeit not as gruesome as the popular Netflix show. In classic tug of war two teams competed by attempting to pull the other team past the line. Whoever managed it were the champions. 

Dueling with Pistols 

You might have seen countless duels fought as a catalyst for many movie plots. But the Olympic version of the sport had competitors shooting at plaster dummies with loaded pistols. Instead of another person. It’s unclear why this one was cancelled, since it is after all, not deadly like a real duel For more details you can visit here Cricket ID.

Rope Climbing

Another event that could still be viable today, rope climbing. Which requires amazing upper and lower body strength to achieve. In the Olympics rope climbing was part of the gymnastics section of the games where judges awarded competitors based on how fast they climbed the rope as well as their styles. The only rule at that time was that you could not use your legs to help you climb the rope. 

Today, this could very well make a comeback, as an interesting addition to the current games.


Sports throughout history have always been about entertainment and competing. In some cases, it makes perfect sense that some should not only be discontinued but banned all together. For instance, pigeon shooting which is nothing short of cruel. 

However, in case the Olympics ever wanted to shake things up a bit by introducing a few new events. It wouldn’t be insane to take a look at some of the most interesting events of the past. 

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