This text outlines the quintessential SYPWAI idea

SYPWAI: starting with an idea

A new player has been in the market for a long time. A new word in the field of synthetic intelligence. Miraculously, a nameless new company has established itself as one of the fastest-growing and most recognizable companies in the world in a short period of time. What is the secret? How does a hitherto unknown product compete with brands that are renowned in their respective market segments? It is logical. The idea. SYPWAI’s ability to show the public new developments which are available to the majority. Including people who have never been interested in innovation or synthetic intelligence. Let’s take it one step at a time. The premise for this startup idea came at a time when there was a vacuum of recommendations that could interest both business people and ordinary citizens. In the era of digitalization, when you can’t keep up with the rapidly changing world, you need to be alert. SYPWAI is thus making it possible for individuals to become involved in new technological developments, diving headfirst into the world of scientific thought and injecting it into the thick of things.

SYPWAI doctrine

In its infancy, SYPWAI decided to focus primarily on improving firms of all kinds, rather than developing itself.

“From the very beginning, we wanted to develop the world. We believe that our good purpose will bear its multifaceted fruit in the near future. What’s the point of developing ourselves while the whole world is thinking about how to solve this or that problem? Why waste precious time looking for a solution when SYPWAI can offer a ready-made solution which can not only modernize production, making the process faster and more enjoyable but also automate it, bringing in new revenue”, is the opinion of the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

SYPWAI’s motto is “solve your problem with AI”. This phrase is not only suitable for businesses which solve all problems in a flash through innovation, but also for citizens who are able to earn money by training their synthetic mind.

The goal pursued by SYPWAI is to connect participants from all over the planet

In this era of universal digital literacy. A time when automation is replacing the human factor, making a qualitative leap.

No wonder fields of employment are emerging. SYPWAI has not been left on the sidelines of these processes. It has brought a new craft to the fore – the information metrics marker. In other words, a neural network teacher. It is similar to developmental play for a child, the only difference being that the child is replaced by a synthetic mind.

It is a novelty in the world practice and many people like it

“Firstly, we are impressed by the idea that we have offerings not only for businesses but also for people. Secondly, SYPWAI has grown to the point where we can offer jobs to everyone and even then it won’t be in short supply. It is worth considering that already thousands of people from all over the planet are cooperating with us and are happy. We are really proud of the fact that we invest in our work to the maximum on all fronts,” says the HR Director.

Helping people find their calling

“Do you know many people who would like to work in academia but don’t want to be taken on internships so they don’t get in the way? I am one of them. I came to SYPWAI with the understanding that I would not be offered good conditions, but with great potential. The selection process was tough and each stage was grueling, so that the best of the best could apply. I was one of the best. You can’t imagine how happy I was when I joined the company and started doing really important research. I was helped every step of the way, cared for and asked if I understood everything. Isn’t that bliss?” – shares Laura Smith, a former student at Conestoga College.

SYPWAI always keeps its doors open to those willing to touch to innovate and create a shared future.

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