Top 10 Money Making Skills in Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape (OSRS), with its vast and immersive world, offers numerous ways for players to earn in-game currency, commonly known as GP (gold pieces). The real-world value of OSRS gold price fluctuates, but as of November 15, 2023, 1 million OSRS gold is roughly equivalent to $33.18 USD. This conversion rate underscores the potential real-world value of in-game activities. Among these, certain skills stand out for their profitability. This article delves into the top ten skills in OSRS that can help players amass wealth, providing a blend of both active and passive income generation methods.

  1. Mining: A Solid Foundation for Wealth

Mining is one of the most iconic skills in RuneScape, allowing players to extract valuable ores from rocks scattered throughout the game world. High-level ores, such as Runite, are in constant demand for their use in Smithing. Players can also mine gems or participate in activities like the Motherlode Mine for a more varied experience. The key to profiting from mining lies in targeting ores that are in high demand, balancing time invested with potential earnings.

  1. Fishing: Casting a Line for Profit

Fishing in OSRS isn’t just a relaxing pastime; it’s also a potent money-maker. Certain fish, like Sharks and Monkfish, are sought after for their use in high-level Cooking. Fishing also provides access to unique money-making opportunities, such as catching Dark Crabs or Anglerfish. The profit from fishing can significantly increase with the player’s level, as higher-level fish not only sell for more but are also caught at a faster rate.

  1. Woodcutting: Chopping Your Way to Riches

Woodcutting is a straightforward skill: players chop down trees and gather logs. However, the real money lies in specific types of trees. Magic and Yew trees, accessible at higher levels, provide logs that are highly valued for their use in Fletching and Firemaking. Woodcutting can be a relaxing way to earn money, though the profit is generally lower compared to more active skills.

  1. Farming: Reaping the Rewards

Farming stands out in OSRS for its unique mechanics and profitability. Growing high-demand herbs like Ranarr or Snapdragon can yield significant profits, especially when players unlock more farming patches and increase their efficiency. Farming requires an initial investment of time and resources, but once established, it can provide a steady stream of income with minimal daily effort.

  1. Hunter: The Thrill of the Chase

Hunter is a dynamic skill where players trap or track various creatures. High-level targets like Chinchompas or Red Salamanders offer substantial profits, as their drops are in demand for their use in Ranging and Herblore. The Hunter skill combines active gameplay with the potential for high earnings, especially as players reach higher levels and unlock more lucrative creatures.

  1. Smithing: Forging Your Fortune

Smithing in Old School RuneScape allows players to turn the ores obtained from Mining into valuable items such as armor and weapons. This skill becomes particularly profitable at higher levels, where players can create items like Rune armor and Dragon equipment. A popular method involves smelting bars at the Blast Furnace, which reduces the amount of coal needed, thereby increasing efficiency and profit. Smithing requires a significant time and resource investment but can yield high returns, especially when selling high-demand gear.

  1. Crafting: Shaping Profits with Precision

Crafting is a diverse and flexible skill, encompassing the creation of jewelry, leather armor, and even glassware. High-level crafting offers the ability to make items like Amulets of Glory and Dragonhide bodies, which are in constant demand. This skill requires an initial investment in materials but can turn a substantial profit, particularly when players craft items sought after for their utility in combat or skilling.

  1. Runecrafting: The Art of Profitable Magic

Runecrafting is notorious for its slow leveling but can be incredibly profitable. By crafting runes, especially higher-level ones like Nature Runes or Law Runes, players can earn significant amounts of money. The Abyss offers a faster but riskier method of crafting these runes. Despite its initial grind, Runecrafting at high levels is one of the most lucrative skills in the game, especially for players who have access to multiple rune-crafting altars.

  1. Thieving: A Stealthy Path to Riches

Thieving is a skill that allows players to steal from NPCs, market stalls, and even safes. At higher levels, players can pickpocket profitable targets like Ardougne knights or master farmers for seeds. The Rogue’s Outfit, which doubles the loot, can significantly enhance earnings. Thieving is unique in that it offers consistent profit with minimal requirements, making it an excellent choice for players who prefer a more active approach to earning money.

  1. Herblore: Brewing Up Profits

Herblore, while initially an investment-heavy skill, can become a substantial source of income at higher levels. Creating high-level potions, such as Saradomin brews or Super combat potions, is particularly profitable. The key to maximizing profits in Herblore lies in efficient resource management and market awareness, as the prices of herbs and potions can fluctuate. Players who gather their own ingredients can further increase their profit margins.


These ten skills offer diverse ways to make money in Old School RuneScape. Each skill offers unique methods of income generation, catering to various playstyles and preferences. The combination of these skills can optimize your earning potential, leading to a more prosperous and enjoyable gaming experience. Whether you prefer the hands-on approach of Smithing and Crafting, Fishing and Woodcutting, or the strategic nuances of Runecrafting and Herblore, Old School RuneScape’s diverse skill system has something for everyone. Remember, consistency and strategic planning are key to maximizing your profits in the world of Gielinor.

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