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Jammu and Kashmir are rightly called “the paradise on Earth”. The region boasts beautiful scenery, stunning green views, beautiful gardens, and tranquil lakes. Kashmir, a paradise for travellers looking to escape the chaos of urban life, is a haven of tranquillity and natural beauty that will soothe their souls.

J&K is an all-weather destination and one of India’s most important tourist destinations. India’s northernmost state is divided into three regions: Jammu and Kashmir, as well as Ladakh. Each part has its beauty and distinctive characteristics. 

Many resorts and hotels offer fantastic hospitality, mouth-watering food, and a wide range of other amenities. Holidays in Jammu & Kashmir are a memorable experience due to the beautiful surroundings that you can experience on your Kashmir Trip.

Popular destinations in Jammu & Kashmir  

1) Srinagar

With its unique conjectures and flourishing along both sides of River Jhelum, Srinagar is well-known for its lakes and charming rows of houseboats that float on them. It is thus appropriately called “The City of Water”. These lakes are ideal for canoeing or kayaking. These lakes are also significant fishing spots in the city. These lakes are home to traditional Kashmiri boats, called “Shikaras”, providing rides for people from the banks to the houses on the lake.

It is the summer capital of Jammu & Kashmir. Srinagar, besides this, is undoubtedly the best spot to discover the arts and crafts in the state. Many handicrafts are sold in the city’s traditionally wealthy markets. Srinagar has an alpine climate and experiences heavy snowfall from December to February. Summers between April-June are the best times to visit Srinagar.

2) Jammu

Jammu, located on the slopes of the Shivalik Range, is the second-largest city in Jammu and Kashmir. It is also the state’s winter capital. Jammu is more than just a beautiful place. Each season attracts thousands of tourists to pay homage to the ancient temples, Hindu shrines, and castles.

Jammu is also known as “The city of Temples” for having an extraordinary number of temples. Jammu is home to the most popular attractions, including Vaishno Devi and Amarnath, Hindu holy shrines. The surprise factor is the unique blend of Hindu and Islamic architecture styles found throughout the city’s historical buildings. 

You can also find other attractions and holy places in the city, such as Panchbakhtar cave, Ranbireshwar Temple, Ranbireshwar Temple, Dargah Ali Shah, Shivkhori, and Panchbakhtar Cave.

3) Gulmarg 

Gulmarg, a hill station in the Baramulla District of J&K, offers tourists unexpected beauty and magnificence. It is located in the Pir Panjal Range, in a pine-surrounded basin. Gulmarg, formerly known as “The Hill Resort”, was first discovered by the British. Gauri Marg” by the local people but sultan Yusuf ShahIt changed its name to “Gulmarg”. 

The beauty of Gulmarg’s grassy slopes, flower meadows, and lush greenery was so captivating that the sultan became hypnotized. This was a popular destination during Mughal rule. This valley was once home to 21 varieties of flowers that Jahangir, the great emperor, collected.

Gulmarg boasts the distinction of being the greenest golf course in the entire world. The British started this golf club for golf enthusiasts. J&K Tourism Development Corporation currently manages it. 

For adventure enthusiasts, there are many options such as skiing and paraglidingGulmarg is a great place to be, especially in winter. This is the perfect place for ice-lovers. Gulmarg is best visited between November and February.

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4) Sonmarg

Gateway to Ladakh Sonamarg, a hill station renowned for its adventure sports, is home to the “Sonmarg”. This area is also known as trekker’s heaven. Sonamarg is home to the most well-known trekking route, which leads to the holy Amarnath cave. Visitors will be amazed at the city’s cold winter conditions.

5) Nilagrad River

Sonmarg is well-known for its attractions. The water is believed to have healing properties for many ailments. People visit this river every Sunday to take a bath. Birdwatchers and ornithologists will enjoy a visit to Manasbal Lake, which is home to many aquatic birds. Sonmarg is best visited between May and June.

6) Pahalgam

Also known as “The Other Side of the Pond “, The Valley of ShepherdsPahalgam, which has the fantastic benefit of being surrounded by the Kashmir Valley’s jewels, is considered a treasure in the Kashmir Valley. River LidderRunning right through the centre of town. 

The Mughals ruled over Pahalgam in the middle ages. Later, the region was under the control of the Hindu rulers and was then merged with Kashmir. It was an independent state throughout the British period and was annexed to India in 1947. It is located at the intersection of the rivers Sheshnag, and AruThe stunning views of the snow-capped mountains are offered.

Pahalgam, the most popular resort in Kashmir, is cool even during summer. It is one of the most important—regions where saffron is grown in Asia. Pahalgam, and the surrounding areas, are also well-known. Trout fishing. Many adventure activities can be enjoyed here. However, you must first get a fishing license approval. Tourists are allowed to catch six fish per day.

7) Amarnath

Amarnath, located in Jammu and Kashmir, is one of India’s most important pilgrimage centres for worshippers. Lord Shiva. An image of ice is enshrined in the Amarnath Cave.ShivalingIt was formed naturally. The Amarnath is one of the most renowned Hindu Shrines around the globe.

Millions of tourists visit the destination every year, from all over the globe. 

It is known as “The Destination Amarnath Yatra”. Lakhs of devotees make the pilgrimage to the cave in summers when it is open. They cross rugged mountain terrains to reach the cave’s ice stalagmite. In Hindu mythology, it is believed that this cave is where Lord Shiva found the secret to life and eternity.Parvati.Visitors can visit Amarnath Yatra in July or August.

8) Leh (ladakh) 

Leh, the capital of the Ladakh region in J&K, is the most adventurous and largest city in Ladakh. It’s an excellent base for long-distance trips into the mountains. Indus Valley. Leh is also known for being the “The Spy “Schnee desert”. The Zanskar River supports the region that flows into the Indus River. Leh was the centre of Tibet-Buddhist culture for ages and was also declared the regional capital.

It is known for its beautiful landscapes and stunning natural beauty. The colourful monasteries draw Buddhists from all over the globe. Leh is home to both Tibetan Buddhism and Islam. Adventure enthusiasts love it. It is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts, with its high peaks, snow deserts and vast landscapes. Leh has an airport that offers regular flights to major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Chandigarh.

Points of interest in Jammu & Kashmir

1) National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Reserves

Some of India’s most beautiful wildlife areas are found in Kashmir. The following wildlife sanctuaries are located in the northernmost state: Ramnagar Wildlife Sanctuary; Kishtwar High Altitude National Park; Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary; Surinsar Mansar Wildlife Sanctuary; Dachigam National Park. Hemis National Park, Overa Wildlife Sanctuary, Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve, and Jasrota Wildlife Sanctuary.

2) Religious Places

1) Temple: Vaishno Devi Temple. Raghunath Temple. Sudh Mahadev Temple. Amarnath Temple. Kheer Bhawani Temple. Bawey Wali Mata Temple. Avantipur Temple. Barbour Temple. Bahu Fort. Temple. Ranbireshwar Temple.

2) Gurudwaras: Nangli Sahib Gurudwara, Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Gurdwara Guru Nanak Sahib (Kishtwar), Gurdwara Pathar Sahib (Leh), and Gurdwara 6th Patshahi.

3) Mosques and Dargahs/Shrine Hazratbal mosque.

4) Monasteries: Alchi Monastery, Basgo Monastery, Chemrey Gompa, Diskit Monastery, Hanle Gompa, Hemis Monastery, Hundur Gompa, Korzok Monastery, Kursha Gompa, Lamayuru Monastery, Likir Gompa, Lingshed Gompa, Phugtal, Rangdum Gompa, Rizong Gompa, Sankar Monastery, Shey Gompa, Sumda Chun, and Thiksey Monastery.

5) Churches: St. Mary Church, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, and Holy Family Catholic Church.

3) Fairs & Festivals

Jammu & Kashmir celebrates many festivals and fairs, including Lohri, Jhiri Mela, Bahu Mela, Mansar Food and Craft Mela, and Purmandal Mela.

4) Trekking Places 

Jammu and Kashmir have many fantastic trekking routes, including Gulmarg Trekking and Sonamarg Trekking. Thajiwas Trekking is also available. Trek from Sonamarg to the Valley via Gangabal Lake and Nichnai to Vishansar lake. Gadsar and Satsar are Satsar and Gangabal twin lakes. Gangabal and Naranag are Kishtwar, Bhadarwar, and Kishtwar.

  • Mughal Gardens And Parks 

Mughal Emperor Jahangir loved Kashmir, and so, he gave particular attention to it. By importing flowers from far away, he built many gardens in the state. Shalimar Bagh Mughal Garden and Nishat Garden are the major parks and gardens of J&K.

  • Lakes 

Kausar Nag, Manasbal Lake, Gangabal, Nigeen Lake, Wular Lake, Tarsar Lake, Dal Lake, Mansar & Surinsar Lake, Gadsar Lake (Yemsar Lake), Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri, Tso Kar, Nyak Tso, Yarab Tso, Mirpal Tso, Stat Tso & Lang Tso, Kiagar Tso, Chagar Tso, and Kyun Tso & Ryul Tso.

  • Mountain Passes

Similar to the state of Himachal PradeshJ&K boasts many mountain passes that run through the Great Himalayas. A considerable number of people visit J&K every year. Adventurers and bikers flock to these passes to enjoy the thrills and chills of the Himalayas. The major mountian paasses of Jammu and Kashmir are Banihal Pass, Changla Pass, Lungalacha La Pass, Khardung La Pass, Fotu La Pass, Zoji La, Taglang La, Bilafond La, Ganda La, Gyong La, Kongka Pass, Margan Top, Munawar Pass, Marsimik La, Namika La, Pensi La, Rezang La, Razdan Pass, Sasser Pass, Shingo La, Sia La, Sinthan Top, and Spanggur Gap.

  • Forts And Palaces 

Famous palaces and forts in Jammu & Kashmir include Leh Palace and Amar Mahal Palace.

Best Places to visit in Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir can be enjoyed all year round. You have the unique chance to experience the beauty of this land in different seasons. Jammu has a moderate climate throughout the year, with Ladakh and Kashmir Valley getting a lot of snowfall in winter.

Visit Kashmir Valley between November and March if you love snow and would like to have the unique experience of playing on the ice. You will find Kashmir Valley covered in a thick layer of snow during this time. Ladakh areas are also closed to tourists and adventurers during this time due to road hazards caused by ice. Jammu is also a great place to visit in winter. 

Jammu is a great place to visit because it has a 5-27 degrees Celsius temperature range during November-March.

Jammu’s summer heat can reach 48 degrees Celsius. The Kashmir Valley and Ladakh regions provide a unique experience, allowing you to see the beauty and greenery in Kashmir. Amarnath Yatra is held in the summers, and thousands of pilgrims visit Kashmir Valley to see the holy site. The peak tourist season in Ladakh is April to May. It is during this time that the region is alive with adventure and tourist activities.

Jammu & Kashmir: things to do

Adventure sports 

You will find a wide range of adventure sports in Jammu and Kashmir. These sports are best enjoyed in Gulmarg and Sonmarg and Srinagar, Pahalgam (Jammu), Jammu, Ladakh, Kargil, Srinagar and Pahalgam.

Kashmir’s Culinary Delights – Enjoy 

Kashmir is the perfect place for true food lovers. You will be overwhelmed by the rich cuisine and gracious hospitality of Kashmir. Wazwan, a multi-course, non-vegetarian meal, is J&K’s signature culinary delight. It is a critical component of Kashmiri culture, cuisine and lifestyle. Pickles come in many varieties, from vegetables to fruits to fish to mutton. 

You can review tikkas and kebabs in nearly every part of J&K because most of J&K’s population are not vegetarian. These non-veg delights can be enjoyed with Kashmiri bread, locally known as ‘Lawas.

Kashmiri Chai (tea) will be a hit with tea-lovers. You won’t find Noon Chai and Kahwa anywhere else in Kashmir. So, when you go to Kashmir, be sure to try these delicious teas.

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