Valentine Surprise For The Mister

Valentine Surprises

Valentine’s day should not be stressful. It is the day to celebrate and rejoice in the feeling of love. However, most women dread the thought of this day of love. It can be quite challenging to get the perfect valentine surprises for your husband. After all, the love of your life does so much for you. They deserve all the happiness in their life and the best Valentine Surprises. If you look at the high-end valentine’s gifts that are being plugged on television and in magazines, you should open your wallet and spend all you can to send him to a day at the spa, or even take him for a romantic getaway. These options just don’t fit all budgets. Instead of taking him out for these experiences, why not create them at home? This will take a bit of work on your part, but he’s worth it. Plus you are about to make a lot of points as a wonderfully romantic woman.

It’s time to give him a romantic candlelit bath. Of course, this will work great if you have a bathtub or can get a portable bathtub to help him relax. Maybe you can even hop in with him and take a luxurious romantic bath together. It is the best surprise valentine gift for husband. To plan Valentine Surprises, you will need a couple of things and voila! You can draw a relaxing bath for your very hard working husband.

Things you will need:

  •  2-4 scented jar candles
  •  2-4 scented votive candles
  •  rose petals
  •  bubble bath liquid
  •  towel

Additional optional items:

  • bathrobe (the softer, the better)
  • his favourite kind of candy
  • chocolate dipped strawberries
  • champagne or his favourite cocktail
  • massage oils

Warming Him Up For The Gift

How cool will it be if you hand him a special ‘spa coupon’. One day before the special evening, create your own ‘spa coupon’. It can be anything cute you come up with such as ‘special offer on valentine’s day at spa love’. Add other naughty and playful instructions on the card and hand it over to your husband.

On this day, buy the additional things that you will require to set up the bath for the next day. You need to purchase matching scented candles. If you know his favourite scent, go with that. If not, you should try for a relaxing scent, such as lavender, that will set the mood for a soaking bath. If you can, purchase a bubble bath with a matching scent, or no scent at all, so there is no odd mixture of aromas.

On The Day of Love

Set up the bathroom with the aromatic candle. Start the process only during the evening. You would want to surprise him just when he walks through the door after a very tiresome day at work. Surround the bathtub with candles all around. Place a couple of them on the sink, countertops, and even window sills. Keep a couple of candles right on the edge of the bathtub.

You should also chill the champagne, chocolates, fruit, or other food items that need to be cold.

Keep the bathrobes and the towels handy. 

The Event

You will want to start the evening with something nice, say a candlelit dinner at home that you have prepared (or had someone help if you’re not the best cook). You should use one of the jar candles for the table, as it will help you when it comes time for his bath.

During dinner, start the bathwater, so it will be mostly filled when he arrives. It would help if you poured a bubble bath into the tub. The water should also be high enough that you can turn it off and sprinkle the rose petals on top.

The bathroom light should be off, and the whole scene set with the glow of the candles. You may want to add romantic music in the background. Bring him in.

Allow him to soak in the bath. Don’t rush him to get out of the tub. If he wants to enjoy time soaking, let him. Have him let you know when he’s ready to get out. It would help if you got him a towel or robe, which are now warmed so that he can dry off.

If you want to make an evening, and full spa experience, of it, this would be a great time to pull out the massage oil and give him a massage to relieve any remaining tension.

Just remember to blow out the candles as you leave the bathroom.

Happy valentine’s day!

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