What are the top cryptocurrencies of all time?

Cryptocurrencies are becoming one of the most popular investment assets in which millions of people invest their hard-earned money to get high returns in profit. In the world of cryptocurrencies, tons of digital currencies are available with a high profit-generating potential. Like this Trading site serves the best UI and trading tools for novices and professional bitcoin traders. 

Cryptocurrencies typically feature decentralized control (as opposed to centralized electronic money and banking systems) and are non-inflationary (controlled by a fixed supply). These aspects make cryptocurrencies attractive as they offer freedom from intervention in economic transactions with relative price stability despite external economic circumstances that can affect traditional currencies. Cryptocurrencies are popular because they are fast, international, decentralized, and potentially make you extremely rich. 

Cryptocurrencies can be categorized as a subsection of Virtual tokens and a subsection of a substitute and digital tokens. Digital and virtual money are any currency that is only digitally available, for example, the US dollar. These usually have no central issuing or regulating authority but usually have an organization or individual that supports and controls the currency. 

They also fail to meet at least one of the criteria for traditional money (fiat), such as complicated asset dependence. Bitcoin [BTC] is considered the best cryptocurrency in history because of its stability and security. BTC has never been hacked into or made a victim of any hacker attack. It also leaves an impression on its investors because it has always risen during market volatility. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that works as a currency and is used for online business transactions.

Bitcoin (BTC):

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that started all the buzz in 2009, and it is still the most valuable and popular cryptocurrency today. However, many people wonder about its origins and how it came into existence. Bitcoin is an online-only currency, meaning people can use it for many diverse works. For example, you can trade with various platforms, speculate on its value, store your savings, or use it as a payment mechanism. 

It would help if you considered using Bitcoin as your go-to currency. It’s got a variety of benefits which makes it far better than traditional forms of money. It’s one of the oldest and most trusted cryptocurrencies in the world that can be used to trade other altcoins and fiat currencies around the globe.

Bitcoin relies on the proof-of-work system; new Bitcoins are only created when there is proof of an effort to solve a mathematical problem with computers. This effort is called mining and involves a complex computer algorithm that gives specific characteristics to each Bitcoin. Bitcoin has been around for nearly a decade now, and during this time, it has seen its ups and downs in terms of popularity and appraisal from different sectors. 

Ether (ETH):

Ether can be obtained by exchange or mining; mining involves solving complex mathematical puzzles to verify transactions on the blockchain. The address can only be changed after a certain period – usually 24 hours – once it has been published on the blockchain. Since Ethereum is relatively new, its worth and rate are still unpredictable, making it among the big fishes in cryptocurrencies.

Avalanche (AVAX):

Avalanche is a new cryptocurrency that uses a proof-of-work mining algorithm. It is primarily designed for mining – verifying transactions and adding blocks to the blockchain – but can be used as a medium of exchange. 

The Avalanche network was initially implemented as a decentralized exchange to trade BitShares (a popular cryptocurrency at the time). After two years of development, the network was opened to the public, and anyone could trade in this cryptocurrency.

Binance Coin (BNB):

Binance Coin was created to incentivize users to join the Binance platform. As of April 2018, BNB trades at $9.27 with a market capitalization of $1,180,658,291; this makes it the 7th largest cryptocurrency in market capitalization.

Facilitates low trading fees on the Binance exchange (0.1%). The discount for using BNB will increase with usage. Users are incentivized to hold BNB since it generates a significant passive income from dividends and price appreciation. Binance is looking forward to launching a decentralized exchange in the second quarter of 2018 and partnering with other projects that share the same values.


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