WiFi Password Hacker Online

WiFi Password Hacker Online

I thought for a long time how best to teach the need to protect your home Wi-Fi, but not from the standpoint of theoretical settings and checkboxes in them, but the standpoint of an attacker, what it will do with your router, and how to avoid it. This motivates me to run much faster and make the necessary changes to the settings. In this article, we will give you a complete guide about wifi password hacker online.

Below are considered both standard methods of hacking wireless networks, as well as detailed instructions for improving the security and protection of your home network from possible evil neighbors and other intruders. I hope this article will be helpful to all readers. For others, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the proposed material in more detail and leave your comments.

Wifi password hacker online: Hacking methods

Wireless networks combine many technologies. And where there are many technologies, there are also many security technologies. And at the bottom of this “duck in an egg,” holes in the security system emerge. In this section, I would like to show all possible ways how to hack Wi-Fi and penetrate a wireless network. But which of these options will work depends entirely on the specific situation.

The main ways to hack someone else’s Wi-Fi

  • Unsecured networks.
  • Manual password selection.
  • Brute force the password.
  • Selection of the WPS code.
  • Database of passwords.
  • Bypassing filters.
  • Interception of the “handshake” and its decryption.
  • Hacking a router and pulling out an open wifi password hacker online.

Let’s try to look at all these methods briefly. I will not go into details – remember that this article is not about that. Those who want to master the issues of information security can use this article as the MINIMUM checklist for protecting their network – and the specific details of the execution of threats are easily found on the Internet. We will not risk their placement here.

Is it possible to hack?

  • Is it possible to hack? – Yes, it is possible.
  • Is it possible to protect yourself completely? – No, you can not. Because the technology is initially open for user connection.
  • Is it possible to greatly complicate the possibility of hacking? – Yes, that’s what we’ll do.

Unsecured networks

Usually, nowadays, all networks are encrypted and protected with a key. Something like the following picture:

But there are still access points that are not protected in any way. And you can connect to them completely freely – without a password. An example of such a point is public places, the subway.

The fix: Always protect your home network with a wifi password hacker online. Yes, what kind of protection are we talking about if you do not have a password. How to do it? On the vastness of our site, there are many instructions for almost every model of a home router, but if you suddenly have any difficulties, do not hesitate to ask your questions in the comments here.

Wifi password hacker online: Manual selection

These first two methods show that sometimes it is not worth resorting to complex technical actions because usually everything is in plain sight. You have to think a little for your attacker.

The average user usually sets himself a simple password – is your password also associated with something? And it’s good if this is something difficult to guess. Can your neighbor find out your Wi-Fi password using this brute-force method? And if someone knows your other password (for example, from a mailbox or social networks), will he be able to recover the password from Wi-Fi based on it? People are very fond of repeating themselves, and they usually enter the same thing. Works rarely, but neatly. 

As an addition, I recall that many providers (Rostelecom, ByFly, Yota, and others) sometimes use “default” passwords on their models. A silly example is InternetByfly32, where 32 is the apartment number. And based on these dependencies, neighbors can calculate your password.

Fix: We do not use straightforward and brightly associative passwords. We do not use passwords from the list above. Always use YOUR password, avoiding default passwords. When it comes to passwords, don’t trust third parties to generate them. 

Interception of the “handshake.”

One of the most working methods of the day is intercepting a handshake. What is it? It is also a kind of pure brute, only with a preliminary interception of the cipher and its further attempt to decrypt it. Here’s a quick outline:

  • You sit quietly on the net.
  • The network is breaking.
  • Your computer reconnects again.

What happens at the moment of reconnection: your computer re-sends the password to the router, accepts it, and establishes the connection if entered successfully. But with a strong desire, this cipher can still be disassembled into parts (there are even services) and open the password-protected data. And it will take no more time than direct brute force. This is the whole basis of the method. Aircrack, already familiar to us, can shoot handshake, and HashCat (a brute-force and password generator) can brute-force a password. But it’s better to watch any video on YouTube (I’m already afraid to post them here. Otherwise, our good security material will be misunderstood). 

Those. Differences from the past:

  • With classic brute-force, the program tries to connect to the router every time with a new password until it connects.
  • When intercepting a handshake, the program intercepts encrypted data with the correct password. And after that, the hacker tries to restore it on his powerful video card or using external services. As a result, you don’t need time to connect. You don’t need to be afraid of filtering by a router. Everything happens much faster.

Wifi password hacker online: WPS code

Some routers have that very useless button – WPS, which allows you to connect devices in a simplified model. By default, many routers still have WPS enabled. And the connection to such a network is carried out just by entering this PIN-code, which consists only of numbers.

The PIN code has only eight digits. Above, I already talked about a full brute-force WEP brute-force admissibility, but here it is even simpler – only numbers. All this dramatically speeds up the search, and a point with an open WPS can be broken in a few hours. Someone might argue that modern routers filter such attacks and introduce delays in picks, but I would not trust a vulnerable technology from the outset.

Another attack option is to use default codes. YES! Some devices come from the factory with the same PIN-code turned on) And the proposed programs already know these passwords so that everything can be much easier.

Fix: Turn off WPS in your router! It’s mostly useless. And even if you are sure that your router is not susceptible to such attacks.


Another exciting method consists of displaying his page from the web user … Ie. You sit quietly in your Odnoklassniki, and here once – a window on the whole browser with a proposal for an urgent browser update. Where you need to enter the password for Wi-Fi.

Also, this can be done without a network connection. But the substitution can be noticed. The most valid option:

  • An access point with the same name as the compromised network is created.
  • A good signal and name will force your devices to connect to it sooner or later.
  • After entering, the password is entered, which successfully comes to the hacker.

The method is working, but here you cannot do without luck. The situation is complicated because there are available software implementation methods, for example, the same Wifiphisher, which makes it possible to use such attacks, not for intelligent guys. But even for schoolchildren who have watched the videos on YouTube (you can also search by the name of the program).

Fix: Be wary if the network to which the device was previously automatically connected without problems asked for a password – especially on a third-party page (software update, password on VKontakte, etc. – this does not happen). Pay attention to duplicate networks at home.

Wifi password hacker online: Password databases

Some programs and services store databases of passwords for public access points. This is especially true for all kinds of cafes in large cities. Do you want to sit in a cafe but do not know the password? Usually, someone already connected to Wi-Fi in it. This means there is a possibility that the password has floated to the databases. The same can be with your home network (unlikely, but home points also come across in these programs).

An example of such a service application is Wi-Fi Map or Router Scan. And the map will show, and the available points, and will connect itself. And most importantly, they are freely available on the same Play Market.

Fix: If you are an organization – periodically check yourself in such database programs. It’s even easier – change the wifi password hacker online every couple of months, then in those databases, you will be under the old passwords.

Hacking a router

Not all attacks on your router can happen over Wi-Fi. In some cases, an attacker can connect to your router directly via a wire (as examples – you have a shared network with the visibility of all clients, or the villain climbed into the shield at night and crashed directly). Or it may be easier – if you have a white IP and an unenclosed router, someone could find your router directly from the Internet.

What’s the worst that could happen? A hacker can try to guess the password to enter the control panel of the router. Many people leave it by default admin/admin (username/password). Another option – if the router is old, open vulnerabilities can be applied (I will not give the names of these open programs here, although they are already known). 

Fix: We close the router for access from the Internet, leaving only our local network. We constantly change the password from the router configurator (do not confuse it with the Wi-Fi password) – no admin-admin bindings and other default passwords. Constantly update the firmware of routers – old ones may have vulnerabilities (I do not panic, but I follow this area and see leaks of holes). If you do not want to understand and look for vulnerabilities for your router model, it is better to change the router to a new one at least once every five years.

Bypass filters

Some hotspots may keep baddies out simply because the bottom has the wrong … MAC address. You can customize that too. Those. A hacker won’t even be able to launch an attack, let alone try to reproduce it. Parents’ Note – Using Parental Controls correctly will not only protect your children but the entire network in general.

True, for a competent hacker, the task is not so difficult (for an example of his attack, when standard white and blacklists for filtering a router or parental control are used for filtering):

  • Blacklist. Then you need to change the address to one that is not on this list. Universal program – Macchanger.
  • White list. Only the devices specified in it are connected. Then you first need to look at these devices and their addresses (Airodump-ng will do), and only after that, adjust for them with the same mac changer.

Fix: In practice, the above protection methods will provide you with adequate security. Of course, it will be problematic for visiting friends and relatives (each time, you have to add the MAC address for their access). Still, on edge, especially for guests, you can organize a guest Wi-Fi network that does not have access to your local network and turn it on only if there are guests. It will not save you from experienced hackers, but all the neighbor’s children will be surprised at your thoughtfulness.

Hacking from your phone

If someone thinks that they break you for one or two from the phone, I reassure you – hacking from phones is mostly a MYTH. Your attackers use a PC for these purposes. Kali Linux is still the optimal environment for hacking – everything is already provided there. The last option is Windows. Phones are much more complicated. While preparing the article, I read “neighboring publications” with recommendations to stick Kali on Apple or launch free Aircrack-ng on them directly in Android or iOS. A bonus with a sprinkle of strange keywords – in short, this does not happen in life. So if you saw Kali at your neighbor (google how it looks), you know who you can ask a question to. Once again, if you only have a phone, there will be no excellent solution.

But sincere schoolchildren continue to believe in the power of their phones (in the extreme phase – iPhones). My recommendation is to enter something like “wi-fi hacking” into Google Play or the App store, and you will get a whole collection of programs. Lot? Most of them are outright deception of these failed crackers. And even if you find something good there according to reviews, the main categories of software are here:

  • Bringing the default WPS password.
  • Base points.

There will be no brute force or brute force here – it requires computing power, which phones (and some computers) do not have. So once again, neighbors don’t hack you from your phone. But I doubt the professional suitability of your neighbors, and the hardware is specific there.

Fixing: Methods of protection against “telephone” hacking remain the same – turn off WPS, sometimes change the password so as not to get into the databases.

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