11 Global Trends That Will Affect Essay Writing in 2022

Essay Writing in 2022

One of the mayhems that caused division among people is economic disparity. As inflation and fluctuating economic changes have taken place in the market, the economic divide has become more apparent in Essay Writing in 2022.

Economic Disparities, War, and Globalization

In the education sector, students who came from financially-challenged homes face the brunt of these disparities. The world economy shapes how quality education can be accessed by all students – regardless of their economic status. As such, it is vital that the education sector implements programs that can cater to all students around the world.

More than this, the war between Russia and Ukraine continues to surge, the world has witnessed how war can wreak havoc on peoples’ lives – especially the young minds of those children caught in the middle of the conflict. This violent fragmentation causes children to miss school and lose the simple joys of living and playing with friends and family.

In today’s educational system, globalization plays an integral trend in influencing the quality of education administered around the world. The global market has directed the flow of goods and services in many countries. With the faster rate of globalization, it is expected that improvements for the betterment of education would be achieved in the near future.

Robotics, Politics, and Depleting Resources

With the integration of AI (artificial intelligence) in the educational sector, students are now exposed to the utilization of robotics and other technological advancements in school. And, this scope of global trend has been the center of attention in students’ essays or the main theme of the professionals from Last Minute Essay writing service

 Also, recent news revolving around politics has caught the people’s attention. As politicians faced dividing votes from the masses, it seems that politics has been entering a challenging era. 

On a similar global trend, public servants are called upon to take action in depleting resources worldwide. Now, it is evident that people are in competition to get a hold of scarce resources. Even the United Nations warned that imminent conflict may arise from the scarcity of natural resources people needed to survive.

Climate Change, Racism, Gender Issues

 Some of the major global trends affecting the educational sector are climate change, racism, and gender issues. Many experts have warned about the increasing sea levels, the rampant cases of racism and violence, and the discrimination and rise of gender issues.

In a way, these trends have shaped how education is fostered in learners. Children should be made aware of the issues concerning climate change, racism, and gender disparities. As these students are part of the society we also live in, it should be vital that they are involved in the pressing issues our world faces today.

Final Thoughts on Essay Writing in 2022

It is also worth mentioning that the trends present in the demography and education systems of nations around the world are interdependent in facilitating the teaching and learning process. Institutions are influenced by how these trends change the educational landscape. Indeed, we can say that education is a definitive part of societal growth.

These global trends highlight that education is a core part of our society. It shapes the future citizens of the world who can be the catalysts of change and pioneers of good leadership and governance. Now more than ever, all of us play a crucial role in fostering quality education for our children. We are the school’s stakeholders that affect how sustainability and effectiveness in education are maintained.

All of these global trends are interrelated. In one way or another, these affect how we live our day-to-day lives. On top of this, education can shift even when one of these trends goes off the course. As such, it is integral that quality education is prioritized across countries. Education should be viewed as the heart that pumps life and sustenance to the people. Indeed, when we raise educated minds, we pave the way for a bright and hopeful future.  


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