3 Types of Printed Flags Businesses are Using to Promote their Products and Services

Printed Flags Businesses

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, many businesses (especially small-scale companies) have had to make severe budget cuts. In most printed flags businesses, the marketing budget is widely considered to be “non-essential.” Hence, many companies across the world had their marketing budgets slashed to shreds in 2020 and 2021.

Thankfully, many small business owners turned to the most cost-effective marketing tools during this period. Unlike digital ads or billboard ads, these promotional tools are very cheap and easily affordable. Custom promotional flags have become indispensable marketing props for many businesses.

Attractive, custom-printed flags never fail to generate interest among onlookers and passers-by. These flags can also be used in various settings or occasions. For instance, companies attending major tradeshows can promote their brands by using custom flags. Flags printed with their brand logos enhance their brand appeal at these events.

Similarly, small-scale business owners can install custom-printed marketing flags outside their stores. Anyone passing by their stores will read about their brands, discount offers, and other details printed on the flags. Overall, marketing flags are amazing promotional tools that allow small businesses to cost-effectively promote their brands in different locations.

So, what types of promotional flags are the leading printed flags businesses using?

Custom flags are relatively cheap and easy to design. They’re available in countless sizes and shapes. Business leaders can even create custom-shaped flags to make their brands stand out at crowded events. However, three types of custom flags are the most popular among small-scale brands.

  • Feather Flags: Also known as “wave flags,” feather flags are extremely popular because of their unique shape. These flags have a sleek and smooth shape that almost resembles a bird’s feather. They can be frequently seen at farmer’s markets, car repair centers, and other local businesses. These flags are uniquely shaped so they can instantly inject a degree of sophistication to the places they’re installed in. For instance, if you install a well-designed feather flag outside your store, it will immediately make your store appear appealing. Feather flags also give users large surface areas for printing. Business owners can print all types of details (e.g., discount offers, contact numbers, etc.) on these space-efficient flags.
  • Teardrop Flags: As the name suggests, these promotional flags are shaped like teardrops. You can find these flags at almost every exhibition or marketing trade show. The teardrop shape of these flags makes them wind-resilient. Any wind that strikes these flags immediately whizzes past. That’s why teardrop flags are ideal for outdoor promotions. Even on windy days, these flags maintain their structural integrity. If you install a teardrop flag made of synthetic materials outside your store, it will promote your brand 24×7.
  • Standard Flags: If your brand is not about quirky, attention-grabbing promotional tools, you should opt for standard rectangular-shaped flags. These flags are always easy to spot. They appear professional and can serve as high-quality brand ambassadors for your next marketing event.

Marketing flags are typically made of vinyl or PVC polyester. Both these materials are highly durable. They offer smaller companies cost-effective marketing solutions. That’s why they’re so popular!

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