6 Ways to Get Free NFTs in 2023

Free NFTs

To become the owner of a non-fungible token, it is not necessary to spend money. Together with buidlbee, we tell you how to get free NFTs in 2023.

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Non-fungible tokens are increasingly used in the game and secure the right to certain objects. Popular games for making money include:


The internal token is TLM. To receive NFT for free, you need to register, after which you will have access to the WAX Cloud Wallet. (www.lakegenevaadventures.com) The essence of earnings is mining on different planets. Daily earnings range from 1 to 3 dollars. Additional methods of extraction – participation in battles, completing quests, etc.


The essence of the game is to explore the city within the metaverse and search for valuable things. If you play simple tasks every day, you can really earn up to 40-50 dollars a month. The game periodically distributes coins to players. On certain days, users are given tokens that can be exchanged for items in the game or sold.


In Gods Unchained, players gain ownership of items with the ability to resell them. The amount of reward for a certain action is from 2.3 to 139 dollars.

All the methods discussed above allow you to get NFT for free. The amount of earnings in this case depends on the activity of the user, as well as his desire to increase capital. In the future, the received coins can be used in the game or saved, and later sold after the price increase.

Participation in Airdrops

There are many ways to access airdrops and get free NFTs for you, but all airdrops come in the following three types:

Default giveaway: This is where a certain number of cryptocurrencies are sent to your wallet to be exchanged on social networks (or) when buying NFTs. With these giveaways, you will most know it’s a giveaway, and you can follow the instructions to get a free limited edition NFTs.

Exclusive Airdrop: These airdrops are exclusive to NFT holders (or) active members of the community, and often these exclusive airdrops are created to thank, appreciate, and their dedicated fan base.

NFT Airdrop: Bored Ape Yacht Club is known for its buzz-generating airdrops. Recently, the owners of Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT launched variants of Mutant Serum NFT, a free NFT.

Create content

One of the most exciting ways to get free NFTs is through content creation.

There are many blockchain projects that allow users to create and publish their own content.

Some examples include blogging platforms like Steemit, video streaming sites like DTube and social media like Minds.

By publishing content on these platforms, you can receive free tokens from the sale of project tokens.


You can take part in obtaining NFT tokens in various projects: on the websites of trading platforms and platforms that require simple conditions to be met in order to receive a token. For example, NFT giveaways are often hosted by Discord communities, including CryptomonKeys and Alien Worlds.

On some Discord channels, authors of popular publications receive free NFTs; users who actively participate in the life of the community; commentators who promote NFT products in social networks, and write reviews about them.


There is another way to get your favorite NFTs for free: the official Freecash website. Here you can earn by completing various tasks, answering questions in the survey, and, of course, playing games.

It takes not much time and effort for the average user to earn around $20 an hour. This is a fantastic way to accumulate NFTs by doing something for free. NFTs can also be acquired by taking out earned money with cryptocurrency and buying NFTs on OpenSea.

Own NFTs

Many users want to create their own NFT, but are put off by the gas fee, i.e. the cost of creating new tokens. However, there are solutions to this problem. First, sometimes the price can be reduced to a minimum due to supply and demand. Second, some platforms allow you to create, buy, or transfer ownership of NFTs for free. For example, under certain conditions, the Polygon blockchain works this way, which also makes it possible to exchange tokens for ETH.


Getting free NFTs is one way to start participating in the NFT market. But remember that there are a lot of scammers who will try to make things difficult for you, so stay tuned and make sure that the accounts and channels offering NFT are indeed official.

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