6 Ways To Improve B2B Sales Lead Generation

Finding the prospects for a business consistently is most important for its success. Especially in B2B, identifying qualified leads and building a strong sales pipeline will stabilize the sales process. Every company will have a strategic plan for increasing leads via various marketing and sales techniques. First, you need to educate people about your products and services and create interest. This could be achieved by running ad campaigns, events, etc. Shall we learn 6 ways to improve your B2B sales lead generation process and how to implement them? Let’s start…

What Is B2B Sales Lead generation?

B2B sales lead generation is the combined output of the efforts put in by marketing and sales teams to generate high-quality leads that convert into paying customers. However, generating leads is not an easy task that can be achieved in one particular way. It involves creating multiple channels that function towards attracting the right customers to your product or service. Examples of those channels include,

  • Email marketing – Creating personalized emails
  • Websites and landing pages
  • Content Marketing – Blogs, Case studies, etc
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Events – offline or virtual
  • Paid search/ads etc. 

Initially, you have to experiment with all these above-mentioned strategies to find out which one turns out to be the most effective and successful one for your business. Start with this trial and error technique and slowly you will get hold of the best ones to generate more revenue for your business.

Best 6 Ways To Improve B2B Sales Lead Generation

We have listed below some of the best, proven methods to generate more leads for a business. Have a look:

  • Develop multiple, strong landing pages

Creating strong, SEO-optimized landing pages with strong content and a Call to action (CTA) is a lead magnet to attract more customers organically. The important elements that should be included in the landing page are:

  • A killer headline
  • A precise description of your product (in words/video formats)
  • Features highlights
  • Customer testimonials
  • Live chat window
  • Relevant photos/illustrations

Research the most searched keywords related to your product and use them on your landing pages. By creating an SEO-optimized website with strong content, your business website gets more traffic and gets noticed by your customers.

  • Make use of email marketing

Email marketing is the most effective among the B2B tactics for lead generation with success rates of around 48%. Make the most use of it for your business. Create personalized email campaigns. Reach the right people with clear, actionable content. Even in outbound emails, make sure to add some simple, relatable words. This will increase the engagement rates further. Apart from cold emails, the marketing and sales leads can attach the product promotion to their email signatures. Finally, don’t forget to catch your customers’ attention with a concise, effective subject line.

  • Social selling

Today, social media is one of the fastest ways to reach more customers. From top business people to key decision-makers of a company, you can reach everyone through platforms like LinkedIn. So, spend on social media marketing. Also, try to reach more key people by sending cold messages and inmails with the right content. Don’t pitch your product at the very first conversation. Build a casual conversation with them to understand their role and explain the ways you can help their business. The right approach is the key to unlocking opportunities while selling on social media.

  • Add live chatbots to your website

Live chats are a great way to engage people on your landing pages. Interacting with the website visitors will make them stay longer so that you can understand their needs and also reduce the bounce rate. Enhancing the user experience of your website is a combined effort of SEO optimization, reducing the page loading time, user-friendly interface (both web and mobile), etc.

  • Get more customer reviews

Reports say that 92% of buyers are likely to buy after reading a review from a genuine source. Customer reviews and ratings are the best way to create a positive impression among people. For every product we buy online, we tend to check the reviews before we buy. The same happens in B2B sales also. Next time you think about how to increase sales in B2B businesses, try to highlight your customer reviews in every way you can – be it in words, video testimonials, etc. 

  • Promote your product through PRs

Creating and maintaining a positive online reputation for your brand will elevate your business significantly. Distribute your product-related content in various forms through channels such as guest blogging, press releases, software listings, case studies, comparisons, etc. This will indirectly give a boost to your website through high-quality backlinks. Be careful about selecting the websites you publish. Target genuine websites with good domain authority to safeguard them from spam links.


There is no one best way to generate B2B sales leads. As we discussed earlier, it is a combined effort of your marketing and sales teams. They should work together to build a robust sales pipeline for your business. Try and analyze the performance of each way mentioned above to find which one works best and generates more revenue for your business. So, next time when you feel like struggling to generate leads, try implementing any of the above techniques. Remember, there are no shortcuts. Creating effective, long-term strategies is the only way to stabilize B2B sales lead generation.

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