A Guide To Choosing Power Generators 

Choosing Power Generators 

A generator is becoming an essential part of one’s life in a time where power cuts and electricity outages are becoming more and more common. Without continuous supply of electricity, your house would not be able to remain warm in winters or cold in summers. Your food in the refrigerators and freezer can go bad and all your work that you do on any electronic device like a laptop or a tablet can be disrupted. Thus, it is essential that there is some sort of power backup in your home so that your life can move on as smoothly as possible. A generator is the wisest choice of power backup in Singapore.  You can choose a professional generator rental company to rent a generator according to your needs and requirements. They will carry out the complete process of installation to its functioning as well as maintenance. But before reaching out to a rental company, you should have an idea of how to choose a generator according to your requirements. There are several factors that need to be considered before choosing power generators and these are discussed below:

Power Requirements

The first thing to consider is your power requirement. Generators are sold by the amount of output power they generate. You can calculate roughly how much power each of those appliances take which you want to function on the generator. For example, a refrigerator normally needs 600 watts of power, light bulbs usually take 5 to 80 watts, and an air conditioner can take around 1000 watts. You can make a list of the things which you want to run on the generator, calculate the total power requirement, and then you can choose a generator with at least that much power output. 

Types Of Generators

The next thing to consider is what kind of generator you want. There are many different types of generators available. Standby generators can be installed permanently in your house and they can run on diesel, petrol, or natural gas. Each type of gas has its own pros and cons which you need to weigh out and then choose a particular one which best suits you. Apart from standby generators, you have the option of portable generators which are not installed permanently but rather can be moved around easily. It is a good option to consider if you want to take the generator outdoors to power some gatherings, parties, or when you want to take it along with you during camping. 

Features To Consider

Some important features of choosing power generators also need to be considered to see if they meet your preferences. These include:

  • If a generator has an automatic start feature, it allows for much more convenience since it starts up automatically when it senses a power cut. In the absence of such a feature, the generator needs to be started manually which can become difficult to manage especially when you are busy or sleeping at night, you have to get up and go all the way to the generator and start it.
  • Some generators have a pull-start mechanism which is a bit of a hassle whereas others have an electric start mechanism which consists of just a button that needs to be pushed to start the generator. An electric start generator should be preferred for convenience.
  • Another feature which you can look for in a generator is whether it can work on an alternative fuel. Normally, generators that work on natural gas can also use petrol as its input fuel. A petrol generator can be converted to work on natural gas as well by installing converter kits.
  • You should also look for the feature of the fuel gauge which shows how much fuel you have left in the tank so you can arrange it accordingly.
  • You should also consider a generator that has a low-oil shutoff feature. In this feature, if the oil falls below a certain level, the generator automatically shuts off to prevent the engine from getting damaged.
  • Some newer generators also have an automatic CO shut-off option through which the generator automatically shuts off if it detects a deadly CO gas build up above a certain level. This can help to prevent dangerous accidents and disasters. 

Generator Brands

The brand of a generator should also be considered before choosing power generators a particular one. Generator brands that have built their reputation as reliable providers should be considered so that there are less chances of the generator breaking down and creating problems for you. If you’d like to check out more information about power generators, check out Active Generator Rental at https://activegenrental.com/power-generator/ for more information on the different specs, powers and availability for rent today.

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