Al Roker Reveals Prostate Cancer Diagnosis, to Undergo Surgery

al roker reveals prostate cancer

Al Roker reveals prostate cancer diagnosis and is in a severe condition. He announced this on Friday, November 6, and is going through surgery this week. The man is renowned face as the weatherman in NBC’s Today. He has been on TV for more than two decades and is currently 66 years old.

Al Roker reveals Prostate Cancer on show

During the morning broadcast of his show, Al revealed that he had cancer. He said he found out about the illness during a routine checkup during September. The doctor told him that he found an elevated PSA or prostate-specific antigen in his blood. The host was asked to go through an MRI and biopsy that further confirmed his diagnosis.

Al Roker wanted to reveal the details publicly to remind people that prostate cancer is common. He said one out of seven African American men goes through this diagnosis once in their life.

The optimistic man said that the news is both good and bad for him. The good part is that he caught it early, but it is not great because it is aggressive. He said he needs to take some time to take care of it.

Roker further said that if the disease is caught early, it is treatable. He also said that he wanted to educate people and protect the lives of men who might go through the condition. Also, he would be going through surgery this week and get his prostate removed. The doctor he appointed is Dr. Vincent Laudone.

Prostate Cancer treatment

The doctor informed that Roker’s cancer is limited to the prostate and will not spread. However, as the condition is aggressive, it is best to get it removed. The host said he should be alright within the next two weeks and get back on the show.

People who have followed Al Roker’s reports start their mornings with amiable banters since 1996. They might also remember how he has publicly shared his previous illnesses and treatments. Roker had a shoulder, knee, and hip injury across the last four years.

Al Roker has been a familiar face in many homes across the US. His updates on the daily weather, natural calamities, Olympics, writing books, and co-hosting special holiday episodes have made him a regular face to most Americans.

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