An overview of CIPM Certified Information Privacy Manager Exam


The Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) designation is an international registered and vendor-neutral certification set for the development and administration by IAPP for technology professionals in cyber security and information privacy management who develop and implement technical information and privacy management (IAPP) solutions.

The changing cyber security and IAPP threat landscape requires this kind of plans IAPP technology solutions which helps the evolution of information and privacy risks of cyber crime. To become the information privacy professionals which is technical and based on the guidelines of the industries for the management of the digital identities and their expertise of management of IAPP technology also validates. This all is done for the candidates with the help of the Certified Information Privacy Managers. Supporting the IAPP processes and developing controls, and implementing the solution for a system that breaches the requirements and needs of the business is all demonstrated by the technical ability of Certified Information Privacy Manager experts.

By passing or acquiring the online examination, the Certified Information Privacy Manager credential can be gained by the interested members/ candidates.

The information privacy management institute developed some of the critical risk domain CRDs that organize and represent the study guide for Certified Information Privacy Manager CIPM. The risks domains those are critical are like management of threat, management of the project, selection of product and implementation, security of software, security of cloud, architecture protocols and standards of API, security of IoT and API, intelligence that is artificial and machine learning, assurance of the compliances and guidelines of information privacy.

Threat Management: the knowledge of modeling of threat, identification of gaps, and analysis is very essential for the information privacy management and the management of access which is the duty of Certified Information Privacy Managers. For becoming the experts in threat management, the certification of CIPM Certified Information Privacy Manager is very helpful.

Project Management: The best practices of project management should be in the knowledge of the Certified Information Privacy Managers. He should have the ability to propose the strategy of the project and define the business requirements and should have the skills of technical writing, management of team, communication etc.

Project selection and implementation: when the evaluation of the third party IAPP software products and are selected for the implementation. To solve the unique challenges of IAPP the CIPM Certified Information Privacy Manager should have the honor to select the right one product.

Software security: Many critical areas should be under consideration when the new product is developed by IAPP or the modification of the features of applications that are existing.

Cloud security: All the data and applications of an organization are moved in the environment of cloud computing. CIPM Certified Information Privacy Managers must have the knowledge about the capabilities of IAPP and the providers of cloud etc. he should have the knowledge of cloud access security broker CASB leverages for the security of enterprise expansion in the policies of cloud.

Architecture, protocols and standards of IAPP: The Certified Information Privacy Manager should have the knowledge of architectures, protocols and standards of IAPP. IAPP policies are strongly supported by the international IAPP protocols that are formalized.

 IoT security: In the IoT internet of things there are many access risks and connectivities with the other devices and all businesses and household devices are deployed, so the CIPM Certified Information Privacy Manager should be aware of all threats and risks. He should ensure the integrity of data and the proper identification.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning: The product and processes of Certified Information Privacy Managers can be enhanced by the advanced knowledge through the automated machine learning to achieve the goals effectively and quickly. It is an effective and quick result given to CIPM when they are analyzing the behavior of the user and the threats are being detected. For detecting these kinds of violations and unauthorized access the automated monitor is very essential.

Compliance assurance: For the IAPP, there are many regulatory requirements; certain companies comply with the identification of the users and the tracking of activities. Certified Information Privacy Managers must check that the other standards are also being followed, not only that the company complies with the regular audit procedures.

Guidelines for Information privacy: For Government agencies and organizations, the technical requirements are provided by these guidelines, which implement information privacy services. In every area like authentication, registration, management processes, proofing of information privacy, assertions, affiliated federations, and the protocols of authentication, etc., these guidelines provide the technical requirements.

Jobs For The CIPM Experts:

Certified Information Privacy Manager CIPM exam certification is highly recommended to settle out jobs and professional careers. 

Jobs for the CIPM include the following major roles:                                                                             

The engineer of the system, programmer of the system, specialist of access control, manager or director of project, technical consultant, technical information privacy professionals, architect of the system, etc. Along with these job opportunities, CIPM certification also provides an option to upgrade your current job, and this certification can lead to your position and salary also. CIPM certification is also beneficial for a strong resume to enhance your skills, knowledge, and status. 

You can also cancel your old job and launch into the highly competitive field of project management. 

Exam Summary:

The examination of the CIPM Certified Information Privacy Managers contains 100 multiple choice questions. Candidates of the examination must appear the 70 percent correctly to get certified and 70 percent is essential for passing it. 3 trials are there for the registered candidates and with no additional charges. Exams can be taken on any day and can appear from anything like desktop, mobile and laptop etc with having the internet access. You can achieve CIPM certification after passing the fifth exam. In order to meet CIPM requirements, you have to complete MDM fundamentals and Best Practice at least two other core courses. You may have 24 months of time to complete your education.


CIPM is a great opportunity to use your skills and knowledge and jump into a management role. In this article, I have shared a detailed overview of CIPM certification to be helpful for your next step. 

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